谢谢所有到Far East Plaza 支持我的朋友!看到你们真开心!很可惜不能和你们聚太久,请多多原谅。因为是新店DUSTY的开张,所以我们也得为他们的营业着想。当晚保卫也管的比较严。。。所以真的不好意思!可以的话,记得把照片电邮给我哦,要不然也可以upload 在我的Facebook page. 🙂 谢谢,love ya all!




我的Blackcurrant & Apple juice。


18 responses to “DUSTY DINNER

  1. Wow, Joanne.. Go & eat after the event.. Never asked we to join u.. Haha.. We also hungry leh..It’s ok lah.. u can’t spare some time for us.. Cos we “regular” , we know & understand & get use lah.. Hey girl, I had email u the picture to u @ ajollyaffair@yahoo.com.sg. Pls go & check.. If dun hv, u let me know..Ok.. thanks..

  2. Nice pic of you , Joanne.

    You look very cute.
    I wish that you and Fiona take pic together and post the photo here.

    Too bad, my family had to host dinner for overseas relatives on that day..

  3. How’s the food at organic cafe?

    Had always wanted to try since I’ve never dined in such a cafe before…

  4. hi joanne
    it’s great to c u at far east for Dusty’s opening..n you’re always so hyper whn u spotted us..lol

  5. hello joanne jiejie… wa the food looks delicions=)eh.. you got recieve the email tt i sent you ?? if dun have can tell me then i resend it k? thanks yea=)

  6. when qiu ai have press conference?

  7. hurhur.. joanne.. u r pretty..

  8. hi! joanne
    You’re lucky to have a twin pretty sister from top pic! hee…
    Blackcurrant & Apple juice are healthy!

    Smile, angeline

  9. Oh, you have a Facebook account? After a quick search, it looks like you have a personal account as well as an account for your fans! Cool!

  10. Hey Joanne Jie!

    Didn’t manage to have the time to go down and support
    you and the rest of the celebs.

    You & Belinda looked so gorgeous (:

    Oh ya,happened to shop at Far East Plaza yesterday but
    I just can’t find the exact location of the shop.
    Any ideas?

    With Lots Of Love,

  11. melissa miss j0anne

    Hey Joanne Jie!
    Its been so long since i last comented.How you? Hope everything is fine yea? hmmmm..i just wanna tell you how much i miss you and wish to see you!! but unfortunately.i am having my CA2 now..h0pe by having ur tips and advice the other time i would be able to do well this time..chheeeZ..kk..its redii 6.50am..and i id to zao to school already..see you soon! and miss yah..do reply me k?


  12. A nice movie to recommend – “10 Promises to My Dog” 🙂

  13. Hi Joanne,

    Truly, I must say, you are really pretty yet not displaying the slightest “vain” attitude at all!

    Wish you all the best in your career! 😉


  14. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, you haven’t reply me about the Nike Competition.

  15. Sweety! XD Glad to see that you are doing great! You look good now. =) Stay happy always alright!

  16. IF i were there, i would have gone to support u! 🙂

  17. hi i my your supporter n nice 2 meet u. SEE U SOON

  18. 你跟Belinda有什么节目?哇Belinda在照片中看起来好hot啊~

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