Maple Sugar Cookies

谢谢阿七从日本送来的礼物,还有我最喜欢的Maple 口味!!

8 responses to “Maple Sugar Cookies

  1. lol…. really felt good to see this post 🙂

  2. Hi Joanne. It’s been long since I posted the last comment. Was just wonder what are you busy with these days(: I realised that you are looking healthier these days and I’m wondering what’s your secret to such a great body and exuding such immense radiance from the inside out? anyway, thanks for updating so frequently. we love reading your blog!

  3. oh yes ur fav maple flavour and i know it bring u home feeling! hurhur (;

  4. ice is sleep of the water

    hihi… the pic on the post card very cute..

  5. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, will you be going to the east coast park on that

    day, i have register already, but i am good in running, 25

    dollars i can effort but you have go on that day on 10km

    run @ east coast park. i really want to join the run if you

    have go and run in the park.

    please help me to get into the event 🙂

  6. yo!hi joanne peh1u look very pretty..u act quite well in qiu ai da zan..well,aniway,all the best in ur actings..a small little request,cn u reply in ur blog tht u hv read my comment in english in ur blog??so that i will know tht u have read my comment..thks a lot..jia yous oh..

  7. joanne peh rox..

  8. remeber to reply in ur blog hoh..

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