Weekend Run

Last weekend, I did some running:

Distance: 6km (+/-)

Venue: East Coast Park

Time: 40mins+

I’m gearing up for a 10km race at the end of August. Anyone keen to join me in the Nike+ 10K Human Race can log on to http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/ to register.

37 responses to “Weekend Run

  1. (; still can participate?? how much is the registration fee? :D:D

  2. hi! i wanna join u! can email me meredithgohsiokhuey@hotmail.com for the details? thanks a bunch!

  3. i love your new tan. sun kissed sporty look.

  4. Wah, 10km is super longgg! Were you from a sports CCA when you were in Sec School? 😀

  5. hihi! What run is that? My friends and I are interested. Can give more info =) Thanks!!

  6. 一万米?!你要参加奥运会吗?呵呵!

  7. dreamsearcher


  8. nike human race!~

    i wanna join too! 🙂

  9. Oh no!

    I am sure you will surely attract unwanted attention.

    (Remember my earlier warning to you via email).

    I should write to your company to assign you a few bodyguards to jog with you.

    I love to join you but I cannot due to my body problem.

    Hope you take care of yourself.

  10. wow…. 10km. Interesting, is it for some kind of charity?

  11. Hi Joanne,

    Which run is that?? I’m always busy with work so I don’t know if I can catch up with you if I join you =P

    The last run I did was the JP Morgan run, 48 minutes for 5km.. so I’m slower than you.. and I didn’t have time to train for that run at all.

    Will you be running competitive?


  12. Hi all who are keen to run,

    I think there’s no registration fee. It’s open to 10 000 runners only, u can register http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/humanrace/index.jsp
    and then u’d be informed when u can come down to get the goody bag. Apparently all runners will have a tshirt with an exclusive number on it! How cool it that!


  13. Hi Qing Hui,

    I was from VJC volleyball team. I used to hate running, but recently I’ve come to love running, especially at night when I run along a route. I can’t stand treadmill runs unless it’s in the day and I don’t want to get under the sun, otherwise, running at night is a real enjoyment!

    Try it!


  14. Hey Dawn,

    No, I won’t be running competitive! It’s just for fun and fitness, I’m not out to win anything because health still comes first.


  15. Okay, thanks for the advice! 😀

  16. can i still register for the run!i have problem registering for the 10 km run!!


  17. hihi Joanne,
    I went to east coast for my picnic last weekend oso,did u ran on sat or sun??

  18. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, beside you who are going for the Run. May i

    know when is the Ending Points if it is start at east coast

    park. i have register already. how to meet you once i

    reached East Coast park.

  19. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, beside you which artises are going for the Run.

    May i

    know when is the Ending Points if it is start at east coast

    park. i have register already. how to meet you once i

    reached East Coast park.

  20. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, may i know choose which charities to process.

  21. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, by the latest when will i know that i have selected for the Running

  22. Hi Zhiwei,

    I think there’s some misunderstanding. I was talking about my own run last weekend in this entry. If u sign up at Nike Plus for the Human Race 10km, it is a very very big event that will take place on 31 August in City hall area, and details will be provided to you if you successfully make it into the 10000 slots available.


  23. Hi germaine,

    I can’t rememeber, I ran at night btw! 🙂

  24. whaa 10km.
    far distance.
    good luck, jys (:

  25. hihi Joanne,
    Oooo,ok it quite cooling to run at night,hahas..

  26. I ran 3.6km in 20 min during camp last week .

    So if I were to calculate, I would take 40min+ to run 6km too.

    Take care and safety comes first alright !:D

  27. hope i can be there to join u! 😦 i’m from Cambodia.

  28. Hi, all!

    Here is the link containing articles on Nike Race.

    You can see a pic of Joanne.


  29. i have join the nike ten k run..hope to see u there!!

  30. ha, i’ll join the nike race in shanghai.

  31. hi Joanne, i’m interested in this Nike Human Race. is there a time limit to complete the race?

  32. hi joanne! i am from VJC too! so you were from volleyball.. is that why you’re acting in the beach ball babes? 🙂 i am going for the nikeplus human race too! yay. so fun 🙂

  33. Hi,joanne jie,,
    ur stamina quite good..i run in 10km 55 min..
    haha..hope got chance can challenge wif u..
    may i noe u once a week run how many times?

  34. HAPPY NEW YEAR Joanne jie..!!=)

  35. joanne,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
    cheers..2nite go 2 count down liao..=)

  36. joanne jie,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
    cheers..2nite go 2 count down liao..=)

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