Bangkok (一): 不停的吃


飞机上的食物还蛮好吃的。Seafood pasta, 面好吃,虾就逊色了!








吃完正餐吃甜品。。。竟然有Baskin Robbins!!

Mangosteen Sherbert。这口味这里好像没有喔!

还有Dunkin‘ Donuts!好吃!!!


晚餐就随便在街边解决了。。。这样好像大概 S$5 ,这么便宜的晚餐哪儿找啊?

Fishballs, fish cake and chicken balls…

这是最好吃的。。。fried chicken. 它不会油,而且炸的很脆。当然你看到摆摊的小贩可能会觉得不卫生,不过我不管。。。哈哈!

Prawn tempura, 也非常好吃!




26 responses to “Bangkok (一): 不停的吃

  1. haha..looks like u’ve been eating a lot..whereas i’ve been walking a lot..haha

  2. 嗨! Joanne, 第一次看到你的blog 🙂
    我是因为正在看(爱特别的你)而认识到你的演技,Malaysia 现在才播这部戏。

    最后送你四个点,你就会happy一点了 😛

  3. wow.. Joanne, u so enjoy ah? Go Bangkok.. Never ask me to join u。。 haha.. I can bring u all the shopping of Bangkok。 u got go MBK? And a shopping got alot import & export things.. there sell very cheap stuffs also..

  4. dreamsearcher


  5. HI~!

    If u still rmb a weird looking girl staring at u at MBK… you were carrying super bulky bags of wadever…

    I was thinking “WAH! This thailand girl looks like joanne peh.. PRETTY WOR!”

    Then, I bumped into you at the train station again.. and I’m pretty sure it was you!

    (^_^)v nice hair color you’ve got~!

  6. Nice tan and pics. looks like lots of fun too! You should come to Canada some time for a vist.. I can be a tour guide… that’s IF you can stand the long plane ride. Cheers!

    Your Canadian Fan

  7. 新鮮 ‘榨’ 的果汁的 ‘zha4’ 不是 ‘扎’, 是 ‘榨’. 呵呵呵~~~
    妳新買的電子辭典沒有在用哦… hahaa okay 我看你可能很累吧, 不挑剔妳了.


  8. The orange juice is POWER~!!! I love it too. Hahahas… 🙂

    I regret…
    – I never get to take their MRT
    – I never get to take Tuk-Tuk taxi
    – I never get to eat nice Tom Yum Soup
    – I never go Temple
    – I never eat Baskin Robin!!!
    – I never bring enough cash for shopping (luckily got credit card, but not all places accept credit card mah~!!!)
    – I should have buy more clothes for my doggie

    I wan go Bangkok again 😦

  9. 哈咯你好…
    加油… 😛

    p/s: Bangkok真的很不错… XD

  10. Can post more on yr BKK trip?

  11. melissa miss j0anne

    eh joanne jiiex.paisay..soo long nvr comment here liaox..wa busy pacing my bag! im leaving today 12 june to go Gold Coast..will be back on 22nd june.haiis..and sch re-open on 23rd june,,abd guess wad my CA2 startes on 23rd June..STRESSED!!! haissshh..paisay worx.din manage to go your event..=((

    nvmnvm,will go after my N LVLS..ok? till then miss yahx lots…stay in touch okay?? do reply..

    Love melissa~

  12. wa so good~ so much food nia! but.. u good leh~ wun get fat. normally ppl eat a bit too much will grow sideways de. :[
    how i wish tt i wun ever grow fat though i am kinda now. :[


  13. Hi Joanne!

    wah… u were carrying big big bags lar…
    haha…i jz came back from BKK.
    went to the most popular four-faced buddha..
    really enjoyed there!

    btw, wanna wish u all the best!
    looking forward to ur new drama..

  14. hi,那組合的確是很有名,是韓國團體[東方神起]

  15. Wow… the holiday that you were talking about was to Bangkok? Haha.. but it’s a nice place to go for a short getaway. Things are cheap there and the flights to and fro are short.

    Next time you go there, must try the chicken from Chester’s ok? I know there’s a branch at the top floor of MBK (Mah Boon Krong..) shopping centre. It’s like fast food but the BBQ chicken there is EXCELLENT!! I miss it so much…. Think someone should bring it here to Singapore.

    Did you go on a holiday yourself? Your parents must be the very fang xin kind. I’m already 25 and even in Spore when I come home late, parents will worry lor haha… Brought up the subject about going on a holiday by myself and my mum reacted so strongly.. so better not lah *sigh…*

  16. 海报中的组合是东方神起!

  17. Wah…
    You go Bangkok?
    Nice to play?
    Hope u have a nice trip!

  18. 是东方神起,你怎么可以不知道~

  19. ayeeeee. tsk.

    that band on the poster’s DBSK. omg they’re hot kay. 😀
    and you don’t know them ):


  20. 发掘你很会享受“美食”,但,为何都是“美美”的呢?!太幸运了!!

  21. Hi Joanne, i wonder who help me take all these pics? did u have bodyguards going shopping with u or u have ” bao mu”. lol

  22. sorry i mean “you” not me. haha

  23. heys there!(:
    the photo that you took of the 5 guys?
    thats the korean boyband,tohoshinki,also known as DBSK,TVXQ!
    they are real famous!(: you shud check on youtube about them.they really rock!!!,like you do!:D
    if you want to like them,pls like YUNHO!
    wish you all the best in whatever you do!

  24. Hi Susie,

    Hahaha, I just realised I actually know DBSK, but I didn’t know they were DBSK! Oh dear!

    I only saw their mtv once on youtube, and I couldn’t make out the name of the group over there…they have a thai name too?

    I actually like the blond hair guy…is that Yunho?

    Heh heh!


  25. haha. the blond hair guy is hero jaejoong. he’s the pretty guy in dbsk^^ i think they should have a thai name. not really sure. but they are really famous in asia!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  26. yeah,most likely is jaejoong(:
    HAHA.cause yunho always have brown hair.
    yunho,jaejoong,and micky are HOT.
    AHHH! HAHAHA. the other 2,so-so to me luh.
    o,thai name not sure also.
    shud be have.HAHA:D different countries they have diff name. tohoshinki is used in japan.
    dong fang shen qi for chinese.
    dong bang shin ki for korean. yeah.

    p.s. yunho’ dances better than jaejoong.HAHA.

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