Sunsilk Press Conference

At a recently held Sunsilk press conference, I had the opportunity of sharing my “Life Can’t Wait” ( moment with some very good people. It included my story with Mical (some of you might remember him from my entry last year) as well as my solo graduation trip to Cape Town. Shareen Wong, Assistant VP of Programming at Safra Radio was also there and she gave the most inspiring account of her travels and how she spent her 6-month sabbatical, which included cooking lessons! Hmm…that’s food for thought!

That’s me with my cut-out! This was specially made in UK. You might have seen this on grass patches…haha!

The wonderful people from Unilever took me up the flyer! It was my maiden ride!

Yay, I managed to step inside before the capsule took off!

Still in progress, I can imagine how pretty it’s going to look!

The Esplanade gleaming in the distance…

The future IR…

On the other side is the Marina Bay Golf Course!

The ride coming to an end. It felt a bit quick though, maybe because we were all busy taking pictures up there!

25 responses to “Sunsilk Press Conference

  1. hiyee
    how was the ride on the singapore flyer? i tink it would be lovely to tale the ride at night whr u can c the lights of the suntec n pother buildings..haha..

  2. hello joanne jie, hope euu are having fun there!:D

  3. anotherjollyreader

    hello.. that’s you on the cut-out? I always thought that was Stefanie Sun! Heh =P Anyway I love the Singapore Flyer too!

  4. your Spore Flyer photos are so well taken.. *envy*

  5. hihi Joanne,
    U finally sat the Singapore Flyer..Heard tat the queue is much better now than the time i went.Hahas,hope u had fun.

  6. i’ve been to the singapore flyer once . it didnt turn out to be as fun as i imagined though. the view was nice

  7. hi
    do u still remember ur 1st drama?
    wat was the title of the show n wat year it debuted

  8. Hello Joanne again =) last time my friend say newspaper have shown that have one time use the shampoo sunsilk then the hair like keep dropping is real mahh ? Its because my cousin also like that day de. sorry like that say , i am just asking only hahah =) sorry arhs !!

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  10. Wow.. Joanne, u go take Singapore flyer.. haha.. never bring me.. Haha… just kidding.. see u next time..

  11. Hey Joanne jie , how was the ride on the singapore flyer? v nice ba? i want to go sit it leh but doubt i got time to… haiz muz w8 till aft PSLE than can sit i tink….zzz…
    erm… wads your religion ar?

  12. Hey RinA,
    I sat the Singapore Flyer at night the other time i went,i think the day view is better as u cannot see much at night!

  13. JOANNE! You look so tan wors! I am glad u r doing great! Hope to see you soon! =) Stay happy always!!!!

  14. Wahhh I wanna go to try out the Singapore Flyer!! IProblem is, I don’t have the time at all, sniff…

    P.S. beware of Mr Xu Zhi Cheng!! The meer mention of this immature camera whore is enough to make me wanna become the HULK!

  15. Hey Joanne,

    Wow it is made in UK,so cool!!
    the spore flyer surrounding is nice.i took it before in the day too but i think at night is more nicer according to some people!

    do take care!!

  16. 嘿嘿黑 纜車纜車… 這次去新加坡 我也要去座!

  17. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i know that you are also inside the Sunsilk Shampoo advertisements.

    by the way do you likes Drawings.

  18. hey nice pics 😀
    can see that euu had fun up there =)

  19. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i know that u are inside the SunSilk Shampoo advertisements

  20. Your last pic gives me the “air stewardess” look. =)

  21. Hi Joanne, here’s wishing you ~端午节快乐!~

  22. oh my. joanne. u r marvelous. u managed to mantain ur blog and update so regularly. rly happy to see ur updates. hahas. though i am not always here so frequently. =x
    but.. one thing tt i must say is u like wonderful in the pics! :] hope to hear more from u! :]

    take cares!

  23. Hi Joanne, was surfing by and saw ur blog….cool…you are really a friendly and happy gal! btw we both share the same surname “peh” and people keep questioning me if we are relatives.. Lol.. of coz it is no-no…. u look very pretty in all your photo shots.

    anyway recently i went to singapore flyer too, i do agree with you that the ride was pretty short coz i am busy taking pictures too. anyway i hope you have a great weekend! Cheers!

  24. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i know is that you inside the SunSilk Shampoo Advertisements. what about the other 2 ladies also inside the Sunsilk Shampoo Advertisements.

  25. To O-zaki, the other 2 ladies in the Sunsilk shampoo ads are well-known celebs, from the US that is. Unfortunately, one of them is no longer here. The 2 ladies are 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe (died in 1962) and Madonna the Queen of Pop. 🙂

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