Language of thought

I just want to say a big thank you to all the avid readers of my blog. I have been receiving quite a number of requests to write in English, and I feel bad for those whose computer can’t display Chinese characters, and non-Chinese readers. But as I’ve replied to some fans in private, I just want to say, I love sharing my thoughts, views and feelings openly with everyone. Sometimes I think in Chinese, sometimes in English, and I end up expressing them in whichever language the thoughts were formed. To translate one to the other is possible, but it loses the emotional subtlety that is most precious to me. It’s my emotional world I want to invite you into, to share with you my intimate thoughts and present who I really am, apart from my on-screen persona(s). 🙂

Recently, I bought 《红楼梦》because I love literature, although not necessarily acing it during my JC years. *oops* (I bordered on failing throughout the two years). I love the period, the stage, the characters and most importantly, the language of literature, both English and Chinese. With every book, regardless of its genre, I find myself teleported into that time, watching the characters, feeling the emotional nuances they do and walking through the era they existed in. It’s always a very deep and thought-provoking experience and it is this, I like to share with all.

I can’t read Chinese fluently, more so if it is in traditional characters, but I try, because I’m intrigued and curious and never want to stop learning.

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  1. hey at last you blog in english..haha..
    really miss u blog in english.. 😉
    but even though you blog in chinese and i dun understand seeing the pics u share can help a bit.
    do keep blogging
    take care..

  2. hihi Joanne,
    Wan to ask u something frm the volleyball post,why does ur fingers look like is being bandage up with the white thing covering ur fingers..

  3. hi 勤劳的joanne

    《红楼梦》是中国古代4大名著之一,如果你读的原著版本的话,语言上应该是挺难的,不单单对你而言,对很多中国人也是一样,因为毕竟作者曹雪芹生活的年代离我们太久远了。你的这份学习精神是很令人钦佩的。中国在好多年前(应该是我很小的时候),把《红楼梦》拍成了电视剧,挺成功的,也很忠于原著。你看书的过程中,如果遇到瓶颈,你可以看看电视剧,也许语言比文字的表达要直接一点,容易理解一点。 这个网址是看电视剧《红楼梦》的,你可以参考。祝你读书顺利!

  4. It’s just like reading the same book that’s translated into chinese and english. That special feeling the chinese version has might not be conveyed to the person that’s reading the english version.

    that’s why I always read chinese versions more than english though I tend to read english faster. Heh~

  5. where did you bought that book from?

  6. hi joanne,


    All the best.

  7. hiyee…
    it’s been a long time since we laz r u…more tanned, more, finally ur entry is in english..haha..
    oh my, i love lit..i hate it is tt y u took ur journalism course in uni ?
    take care =)

  8. Hi Joanne! I read ur blog frequently and am glad that you blog pretty frequently! Totally could understand why sometimes u blog in chinese and sometimes in english..cos certain are jus better expressed in a particular lang (“,) and Im like wow you are really bilingual! *claps claps* haha! jiayou wor!It’s great reading ur blog, certain issues that u blogged about really set me thinking! inspired me alot at the same time =)


  9. melissa miss j0anne

    hehheh joanne jie!
    thanks posting ur entry in english..but u dun have to feeel bad abt posting in chinese wad you said,wad comes in ur it eng or chi u will post dun need feel bad..looking forward to seeing u so0n yahx? hais,results for SA! is out..i was shocked when i flunk my maths by 0.5 lyk for sad over could i fail my maths paper 1..dunno how to tell my parents abt me.. is there a better solution or wad to deal with this?? and another thing is im having relati0nship many to cope..the prob is that..i break up with this guy a yr ago and recently he have been looking me up and asking for patch recently..but i dun really love him now ready told him abt it..but he kept pestering me to patch with there another way to deal with it..oops!! sry worx..tell u abt my exams grades and now relationship prob..psps..looking forward to yahx reply yeahx-=))

    Love You!

  10. Hi Germaine,

    It’s supposedly to look pro! Haha, it helps to keep the fingers in place, so that it strengthens the spike or set. 🙂


  11. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the link!

    🙂 Joanne

  12. Hi Lodestar,

    it’s from kinokuniya!


  13. Hey Rina,

    Frankly, I can’t quite remember what went through my head when I decided to pursue journalism. I guess being an Arts student, my choices were limited, and I just wasn’t very keen on going to Arts and Social Sciences in NUS. Not that I have anything against the course or the institution, it’s more like I wanted something more versatile, more hands-on.

    Journalism is very different from literature though. Journalism is very real, and factual, so you can’t quite make things up, or use fancy words and description. It’s writing, less the creative bit, since the point of the article is to inform, not conjure imagery. 🙂 So that’s why I’m a little bit more into photojournalism, because there is a more room for interpretation and presentation.


  14. Hi Melissa,

    Oh you remind me of those teenage years, where grades and boys are always the troubles! Haha…

    Have you thought about why you didn’t do so well for your Math paper? Was it because you were careless, over-confident, or genuinely stumped by the questions? I guess you can only find a solution when you identify the problem and this applies for both math questions and your trouble at the moment.

    If you don’t have feelings anymore for a guy, then you should just be frank and firm with him, despite his plead for reconciliation. First, you are still young, and I assume he is too, so commitment is more than just saying “I want to patch back with you”. The last thing you want is to be tied down to someone you don’t really love. Don’t give him the wrong impression that you are willing to compromise or that you still love him. Maybe it’s not too wise to be friendly with him for the time being, in case he misunderstands and thinks that you don’t mean it when you say you don’t love him anymore. That includes not chatting with him on the phone, or sms-ing to and fro. If you give him the cold treatment, I think he should get the idea after a while that you are not keen to patch.

    Your adolescent years are the most precious, so be happy and don’t be too bogged down by problems!


  15. 雖然在台灣,但很喜歡看新加坡劇,自從新加坡電視台從台灣撤離後隔了好久沒有辦法看到新加坡電視劇,所以對很多新生代的演員不太認識,最近我開始上土豆網,沉迷在裡面看完一部又一部….之前最喜歡的演員是范文芳….最近 我發現了你..非常亮眼出色的演出!看完了奇跡 又看謎圖..都很好看!幸運的讓我發現了你的blog,又幸運的發現你真的很認真的在更新,英文也好、中文也好,我會常來看..就像認識了新朋友一樣….語言不是隔閡..我也在新加坡劇的英文字幕中偷背更多英文單字,當然..若你的blog裡面有我不認識的字 我也會查查字典的!

  16. badmeaninggood

    despite not knowing u personally, u seem like a really nice person. really cute too. water margin is my fav of all the chinese classics.

  17. Hihi Joanne,
    Oooo ok,i used to play volleyball with my mum and her friends at Sentosa siloso beach during the weekends and picnic too,its usually a very hot weather but we were lucky as we had shades from the tress,hahas:)

  18. O-zaki Simizutroro

    Hi Joanne, What kinds of language do you often speak. i think you blog should create English and chinese, because my com did not have a chinese words.

    By the way what is your next shows in channel8 beside the truth.

    Can you please tell me who is your lover and enemy inside the shows called: THE TRUTH. i still can’t guess who is your enemy.

  19. hey joanne 🙂 i love reading your posts everytime! you really write beautifully you know 🙂

    but i reckon you must be very busy! so how did you cough up your time to actually blog and update to us about your day? 🙂

    and i scored very,very badly for pure physics and amaths! failed by a whooping 20 over marks, i can’t even believe it myself. i’ve always done well, if not, i wld have at least managed a pass. this is really distressing 😦 all my friends, including myself, tried to encourage me and i know i should move on and buck up, but it’s really hard to forget about all these.afterall, i really did study very hard. and for these few days, all i could do was to think about my poor results and i feel really horrible!

    very,very sad 😦

  20. anyway joanne, enjoy filming your new show cos i believe we’ll enjoy watching it!


  21. Dear O-zaki Simizutroro

    I speak both languages. My next show on Channel 8 would be “Beach.Ball. Babes” due to air in July.

    My lover was Lu Zhiwei, my enemy was Su Zhenyuan, whom I later forgave and then we were no longer enemies. I was angry with Uncle Ray but it wasn’t like I viewed him as an enemy.

    🙂 Joanne

  22. Dear Joy,

    I guess you are feeling the way you do because you’ve always done well, so you had a natural expectation of yourself.

    Perhaps if you focus less on the end result and more on the learning process, you might shift the attention from self-reproach and your so-called failure to what you can learn from your mistakes. Did you not do well because the questions were beyond your knowledge? Were you careless? Were you over-confident? Knowing what went wrong this time can help you modify your study methods, or perhaps examination tactics, depending on what you’ve identified as the problem(s), and prevent the same thing from happening again.

    The milk has been split, don’t cry over it. Think about how to keep it in the jar the next time.

    🙂 Good luck dear!


  23. Dear Joya,


  24. yups i cant agree more. the beauty of a particular language willl be lost once it’s translated into another language. the meaning may be the same but the feeling’s different.

    so you took lit in JC too? i took both chinese and english lit in JC. (^.^)V weird combi huh? i didn’t do very well too, but i think for me it’s more of passion over aptitude? its so sad that sometimes one’s interests and strengths don’t go hand in hand.

    红楼梦 is nice but there are many many characters in it, which makes it a tad confusing. anyway, do enjoy it! 🙂

  25. melissa miss j0anne

    heyys joanne jiiex! thanks for ahx advice! i have also though of giving him the cold shoulder but its pointless cos he waits for me everyday out my no leterally outside my hse but cos i live in condo so he will wait for me liek at the guard hse there..lyk almost everyday lor..or wait for me outside my scho0l..and i find it really to avoid him or sho him away..until some of my fren would lyk get kinda pissed off with him..and cos of dat a big prob was created..had a big arguement with my frieds and a little with him..hais..yeapps he kinda young it hink this yr gg NS..haha…like today,fri,he came to my scho0l to wait for me to come out..and the min i came out he just simply followed me whever i go man! hais…when this kind of things occur any ways to deal with it..?

    Oh yah,looking forward to ur new drama..hope to cya so0n k?? its okay to share my problems with you,right? hope i’m n0t giving u any pressure or wad!! hehe..take care horh!! looking forward to yahx reply.cheers..Love You! Miss You Too!

  26. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i saw you in the SunSilk Shampoo Advertisement. Do you have published yourself inside any magazine. Eg: 8-days or i-weekly.

  27. hihi Joanne,
    I went through some of the photos i collected and i saw some of the pictures u were playing volleyball oso,i tink its with Elvin,what show is tat??Is it A Life of Hope??

  28. Dear Joanne jie,

    wondering whether you would still remember me or not.. I’ve left a comment here few months ago telling you that i’m keen on studying communication studies in WKWSCI and i asked for your opinion. In the month of March, my result was released (oh ya i’m from Malaysia, remember? ). i did pretty well and was chosen to be one of the best scorers in the nation. i went for the prize-giving ceremony and was being interviewed by some journalists from different newspapers, i told them about my decision which is to pursue communication studies. everyone was shocked by my decision as most people would think i would probably go for law or accountancy courses which appeared to be more “professional” in their eyes. some of my teachers even tried their best to persuade me to think properly and change my mind. they must have think i’m crazy! lol.. anyhow i stood firm to my decision and finally, i got the offer from NTU with ASEAN scholarship! hehe.. so glad that i don’t need to worry about my tuition fee and living expenses anymore. hey joanne, i’m going to be your junior soon. hehe =)

  29. Hey Joanne:D

    I play volleyball too! I’ve been really excited and am really anticipating your volleyball show. I can’t wait to see how you play. My school team’s not exactly good, so I hope we’ll be able to learn something from you all.

    Is 《球爱大战》and Beach.Ball.Babes the same show?

    Cheers! 😀

  30. 我喜欢看中文的blog!!!

  31. Joanne, love ur skin, what skincare pdts u used?
    Mayb u can do a post for ur fans on ur skin care regimes =)
    looking forward !!!!!!!

  32. 欣瑜^^,

    Yes I remember you, I am so sorry I meant to reply your email, but I took too long! I’m glad you are able to pursue what you like, because like I wrote in my other blog, passion is very important in getting better at what you do.

    Welcome welcome!

    Please do write to me even though I didn’t manage to reply u the last time.

    Take care!


  33. melissa miss j0anne

    hey joanne jiiex..did u managed to read my previous reply? hmms..hope to hearform you so0n..anyway i will be at mdc on mon!! hope to see you yahx!! and miss yahx..muackzz…


  34. Yup, it would be better to read ur blog in english version…hehe, i am chinese illiterate. 😛
    In fact, i enjoy reading your blog though we don’t know each other personally. Keep blogging! 🙂
    I sometimes think that you seem to lose some weight?

  35. Hi Joanne,
    Can i say that ou, Fiona and Fel look very hot in the latest (super-szied) edition of 8 days!! I really can’t wait to see you again this coming Sunday at Ngee Ann City!! I gonna pass to you something… confirm you will love it!! Just treat it as a belated birthday gift (even though I already gave you one during the gathering) and a way to show my appreciation for your hard work in Mediacorp… til then, see ya!! 😉

    Lots of love,

  36. Oh er Jopeh, may I know which is your favorite Sesame Street character? 🙂

  37. why haven’t you change your blog

  38. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, What language do you speak beside english and Chinese.

    My Dad is a Japanese Born in Tokyo, while my Mum is Singaporean.

    My japanese name is:O-zaki Simizutoro while my English name is: Zhi Wei.

    that why i everytimes wrote to you using my name as Japanese Name.

  39. hi Joanne,
    Remember me??My sis and i goin to the event on sun,we both can’t wait to see u!!My sis will be bringing the magazine for u to sign again,hahas..see u there!!

  40. heyys actually i would prefer that you would type in english. but well, you are right. sometimes it just the feeling. ohh well, i didnt score that well in my exams too T.T
    but oh well, think positively =)
    anyways, good luck in your acting =)

  41. I know that you come my sch film today 21/11
    haha i still watch u film leh
    too bad cant talk you busy filming im oso busy doin my presentation
    ok later then talk to u

  42. actualli it’s ok for whtever language u wanna write in ur blog..
    cos it’s ur thought.. =)
    i realli like ur actin skill and hope to c u on e tv again! *
    u rocks! * =D

  43. Its ok de Joanne, we can always use Google Translator if we do not understand Chinese. Even Sharon Au’s blog is not in English but in French or dunno what language, I will use the translator, and it works just so well!

  44. 我很佩服你的学习精神,像我,读一本英文小说多要翻烂字典也不大看得懂,新加坡人说华语难,我说英文难,在马来西亚读中学我要学华语,英文还有马来文。。。。不过,只有华语能听,讲,说,写。。。。。。。

  45. hi all!!

  46. Hey Joanne,
    How come you don’t blog in your circusofjoy blog anymore?
    I like to read them. 😀

  47. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, is that you inside the Sunsilk Advertisement.

    By the way this front cover page of the drawing is that you draw.

  48. haha no matter what you write, i can read and view that clear lolz.. 🙂 but then i sometimes prefer chinese than English cuz my chinese is very bad indeed, i wanna improve, lolz 🙂 that’s good, keep it up with the two versions. 🙂

  49. hi joanne! :]
    long tym not here already. missed quite a lot of posts. =p sorry!!

  50. Hi Qing Hui,

    Haha, I’m glad you miss it, I miss it too, but no inspiration, so didn’t blog. That blog needs the spark of light, so till then…


  51. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for your compliments, my skin is not perfect la, but I try to maintain it as best as I can.

    I’m a beauty junkie, always trying out new products, and it really varies for people. I don’t want to sound like I’m endorsing any brand, but i believe in organic skincare. But i guess u first need to know ur skin type…get the professionals to help you find out. 🙂


  52. Hi Tanat,

    I know why u ask me le…haha! I like Elmo actually, cos’ she’s so girlish! heehee…thanks for coming today and the big bird, it’s very cute! I like BB too, cos’ he’s wise!


  53. hello

  54. hello joanne i came from indonesia tg balai karimun

  55. melissa miss j0anne

    hey joanne jie!
    sry eh i c0uld n0t make it f0r y0ur event on sun..had s0methinq on that day..s0rry s0rry! but i will definitely n0t miss it the next wr0ng..till then..L0L..l0ves~

    melissa mei

  56. hello.. me again.. =X Ya.. english is easier to read.. oops.. chinese take me a bit more time.. *paiseh*

  57. Hello Joanne

    First time reading your blog and came across ur 《红楼梦》.. I’ve been trying to look for a suitable one but what i’ve found is either very-simplified or it is in the form of 文言文.. May I know how is yours? and where do u find it?? haha.. thanks thanks =)

  58. Hi Wei,

    U can try the “友谊“ booth at World Book Fair at Suntec City now. I bought another 简体version the other day for $9. The ones you see in the picture is bought from Kino, probably Taiwan printed, that’s why the words are in 繁体.


  59. hey you said you can’t read chinese fluently? the way you expressed yourself in chinese makes me feel that ur chinese is very good! 😀 and i enjoy reading ur blog too. haha

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