Tokyo Disneyland 完结篇


好了,我差不多该介绍下个地点了 (Disneysea),哈哈,期待吗?嘿嘿,我已经开始在写了,大家耐心点哦。在这里先给大家一些关于 Disneyland/sea 的小贴示:

How To Get to Disneyland

  • Nearest train station: Maihama Station (JR Keiyo Line)


  • Turn right after you exit the train station and just follow the crowd!

These people are waiting to enter the park.

Look at the eager park goers!
不是走,而是冲哦! 这是shopping street。

Things to Note (Disneyland/Disneysea)

  • Don’t miss the parade that takes place throughout the entire park, but do take note of the timing and grab a good spot.
  • There’re fireworks at night too, although on the day we went (which was incidentally Valentine’s Day), the fireworks were cancelled.
  • Do read the show schedule and special programs leaflet carefully for information on shows, venues, show times and how to get tickets if they are required.
  • Do make use of Fast Pass to minimise waiting time.
  • Don’t be shy when approaching mascots for photographs. If there’s a queue, join the queue, otherwise, just make sure you get your camera ready and give the mascots a big hug!
  • Do your shopping last so you don’t have to lug the things around. The shops remain open till the park closes, except for some selling specialised jewellry or crystal ornaments.
  • Don’t bring too big a bag. Most bags should fit under the seat or nets provided in the cars.
  • Remove your headgear when taking the rides or watching the shows.
  • Check the opening hours of the park from the website ( as they may vary. Make sure you’re there early!
  • One day passport costs about ¥5,800. If you’re visiting both Disneyland and Disneysea, it makes more sense to get a two-day passport at ¥10,000, but you have to specify which land is for which day when you purchase it.

9 responses to “Tokyo Disneyland 完结篇

  1. chocolateoreo

    wow! seems so fun! 😀

  2. joanne….
    euu go alot of places…so envy euu lehx…
    when are euu comin back spore and shootin too…
    miss euu
    – Jessica –

  3. hii Joanne,
    So gd,been wishing to go disneyland…

  4. Good advises and guide!

  5. The passport seems to be increased as previously i went in Year 2006 was Y5500. Wow…

  6. Joannejie~~

    hahaz xD just came back frm camp ;DD so like didnt managed to see ur blog for .. 1 wk?! can die derhh lorhz. hehehehehe xD im crazy.. just bored ;D cant wait to see mi tu! ~~~~~~


  7. melissa miss j0anne

    haas..yah lohs..joanne jiiex..cant wait to see mi tu l0rx..hehhehs..iss yahx lotsl0ts..h0pe to see you so0n..hope i cant make it on 16th march worx.haas..alright bahx..remembeer to check yahx mails..hehhehs..uaiix loves ya ♥

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  9. when u travel 2 other countries, i guess you are not known right? do you prefer this type of life better?

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