Tokyo Disneyland 之“玩的不亦乐乎”

As I list out the rides we took, I realised it’s not that many. This time round, the queues were much shorter but so was daylight. By about 5 pm, the sky started to turn dark and the temperatures fell. That’s when I just want to snuggle in bed with a cuppa hot chocolate.

1. Space Mountain

2. Star Tours

3. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

5. Gadget’s Go-Coaster

6. Minnie House

7. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt


When we joined the queue, it’s like walking into a huge story book. We had no idea what the ride was about except that it was very popular because there was Fast Pass available. Fast Pass just allows us to cut the waiting time by taking a special ticket which will indicate a time frame that you are allowed to return for the ride without having to join the regular queue. So meanwhile, we could take other rides and then return to this one when the time is up. I really like this ride! Maybe because when we took it, it was already dark (5.45 pm), and it was getting quite cold outside, but inside it’s all bright and warm. The cars are Pooh’s honey pots, andwe followed the blur-looking Pooh into his world. It’s very fantastical, and I was completely fascinated!



8. Chip & Dale Treehouse

9. Mickey House
Mickey is a mega-celebrity, because we need to queue to visit his “house” and finally meet the mascot himself for photo-taking. All the other houses didn’t have live mascots! 😦





10. Donald’s Boat


11. Snow White’s Adventures

有机会真的很想看看香港,美国,和法国的迪斯尼乐园。大人来这儿让自己买回了一点童真, 小孩则是梦寐以求。我是幸福的大小孩!

25 responses to “Tokyo Disneyland 之“玩的不亦乐乎”

  1. heyy joanne! (:

    it’s so great to see you updating all about your trips! thanks LOADS for doing so! very much appreciated! 😀

    neway, i’ve got the latest issue of i weekly & u look FAB girl! [=

    so take LOADS of care of yourself yuhh??


  2. hihi Joanne,
    Mickey mouse,cute!!Juz bought the i-weekly magazine with u and Dawn on the interesting,many things u like in Tokyo..!!:)kisses

  3. Ooh, I don’t know it’s out already!! cool, thanks!

  4. O-zaki simizutoro

    The Disneyland is a very cute cartoon and by the way you and mickey mouse pictures look nicer liao

  5. O-zaki simizutoro

    The Disneyland is a very cute cartoon and by the way you and mickey mouse pictures look nicer liao

  6. Hi Joanne
    Wow how great if i am able to go and bring some kiddy thoughts it has been long time back when i last seen disney’s cartoon characters..

    Hey how did ur Marina Square event went? Had fun there?
    Any pic s to share …Hee hee…I think u did mention that in April u r starting to film again …Do u have any idea what show u r filming….
    I am rather excited to see” The Truth” In april 7…..

  7. Yes, fantatic trip… sure, u enJoy much more.. have a Nice Day…^^ happy weekday…when i seeing your smile being so sweet…keeP It…

  8. Joanne,ur so cute…….

  9. joanne…
    when are euu coming back spore…
    how is ur trip…u when there for hw long…miss u lots..

  10. hi joanne
    most of teh rides u played r thrill rides ? haha

  11. =) hmm, the FAST PASS really useful when there’s a long long Q.

    ps : HongKong’s Disneyland ain’t too big. =(

  12. Hey Joanne,

    I visited your blog after reading i-weekly.

    I am so interested to know what prompted you to travel to africa alone.

    I will be graduating this coming May and somehow friends around me either have already planned for their trip or are already busy working.

    I am considering travelling alone but as a girl, my parents are sure to be worried.

    Any tips?? =P


  13. melissa miss j0anne

    hehhehs..joanne jiiex..sooo sry wo..din managed to go to marina sq on march 1st..had to g0 church worx..psps..i shure try make it for ya next event or wad kays..simply missed and luv you o..hmmm..bought iweekly lia0x..saw u and dawn on cover page nvr hesitate straight away grab 3 copies and bouqht it worx..hmm..anyway wahz..lo0k like y0u enjoyed urself in tokyo yeahx??? anyway joanne jiie do remember to check ur emails okays..?? cant wait for your reply…take care my dearie joanne jiiex!! MUACKS♥

    P.S do reply =]

    melissa meiix

  14. hey joanne, i just bought the i weekly with u and dawn on the frontcover! 🙂

  15. Wow,hi Joanne,can you pls add me to your account?

  16. wow, you should have bought alot of things from tokyo!

  17. did you go to tokyo by yourself or with your family?

  18. sorry joanne jie, i forgot that u would go to marina square atrium.i really SO forgetful.sry, i’ve disappoint you.*piti me*

  19. why when i submit comment then will appear whatever moderation?

  20. aiyoh! i nvr get sms leas. didnt know you go marina sq. i xie blurs luh. D:

    ehh ehh btw, pooh bear is NOT blur.

    at least he’s better than me luh.

    pooh is kawaii leis,

    although i prefer tigger. AHAHAHAHA.

  21. hey joanne,when i see the pics,i feel like this is a must place if ever i travel.i wish i had the chance to go there!! =))

  22. Hi Joanne, I happen to have a Pooh bear. Dunno if I still have it… I thought of giving it to u someday?
    Oh, u abd Dawn look really pretty on i-weekly! 😉

  23. Africa alone? Oh yes I recall Joanne saying on some interviews and was mentioned sometime back. When did she went Africa.

    Joanne, did you put your Africa pics on this blog? My next target trip after Hokkaido in July is Africa!!!!!!! and Egypt!!! whichever I can afford to go first. Also like to go Morocco, Russia and Tibet. So many places to explore… before we leave this world.

    Mauritius is a memorable place to go and NOBODY will know you and you will know NOBODY there! So relaxing and carefree….. At the beautiful resorts and beaches, the rich and famous can be spotted there but well you won’t notice them there unless you really take a few looks. Mostly are expats, hardly much chinese.. does feel a little alien but who cares! You can be in all shape and sizes and nude on the beach, is so natural and people are so well mannered , they don’t give you that look. Is a place to unwind and forget all your worries.

  24. Yes, u and dawn in iWEEKLY in front of the cover page..^^ Nice, i already bought it.. dun worry.. and also this morning (4.3.08)..”Zao An Ni Hao” also had promoted iWEEKLY…
    take care, Joanne jiejie..*o*

  25. when will u come back? miss u deeply….

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