Tokyo Disneyland 之“我爱头饰”

啊!!!终于来到我的最爱 -- 迪斯尼乐园!!!我将会分几段来谈,所以首先是和大家分享可爱的头饰。








17 responses to “Tokyo Disneyland 之“我爱头饰”

  1. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, you pictures very nice, this pictures is it from

    japan cities of tokyo.

  2. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, you pictures very nice, this pictures is it from

    japan cities of tokyo.

  3. So long did”t seen u on tv

  4. hey joanne,
    you look so cute in the pics..

  5. 你好可爱啊~

  6. Hi Joanne,

    Cute Headdresses from Disneyland! I like the 1st one.

    Yoke Peng

  7. hi joanne
    u looked v cute w the minnie mouse ears..hehe..take care..

  8. Haha its really cold i think…i just came back from Korea the weather damn cold lor….i remember got one night i wanna act cool ma wanna style hair then never put on any headgear….THEN….i regret LoL….
    Anyway i really looking forward to japan…must go see see look look…
    Anyway Stay cool and pretty Joanne! Cheers!

  9. Hi Joanne Jie ,

    How Are U?……U look very pretty with the Minnie mouse Ear N U look Cute too.Long Time never come your wordpress le N long TIME never see u on Tv…..mISS u…. GtGm le….


  10. whew 🙂 Japan’s Disneyland ought to be more interesting!
    i went to Hong Kong’s before.
    their souvenirs centrals are not that varies choices.

    hmm, CUTE HATS! *grab one from you*
    i guess you did enjoy very much in Disneyland! =)

    keep uploading more to us. thanks loads!

  11. hihi Joanne,
    U look cute in the first pic,when is ur next show comin out??

  12. hi joanne… i was wondering if you could come support my school in rasing school building fund through a funfair… you don’t have to come… but could you please consider? i’ll email you the details so please read okay? thanks so much! your email is right? will you read the email or meiling?

  13. HA! so cute 😀

    but i still prefer… donald duck xD.

  14. haha! you are so kawaii there 😀
    you should buy one back here and
    wear it when you go shopping, surely you
    will catch a lot of ppl’s attention 😀 haha!
    how i wan to go there, all your posts make me
    feel like going there.haha! post more more (:

  15. nice pictures! ur smile very pretty!! 😀
    i agree that Japanese is very considerate to the public and aware of their own surrounding! if only SG have more considerate pple. 😛

    hahaha. u can buy one just to collect. if i were u, i wun be able to resist em! 🙂

  16. Joannejie~~

    you super cute larhh =DD

    btw did u recieve our letter;D?? from me n nicole =DDD

  17. H Joanne!

    Oh mine…
    You looked so cute(((:

    Jermaine 😛

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