东京之旅 (三):”Kawaii” 的东东


平日的我对nail art 不是很感兴趣,可是到了东京,不难被环境影响。看到店里卖那么多 nail art 的玩意儿,我情不自禁也买回酒店玩一玩。我的朋友还帮我画右手,结果搞到她自己也想留长指甲。看看完成的作品如何?

There are just too many “kawaii” stuff in Tokyo, which is very much to my liking. Although I’m not a very nail art sort of person, seeing all the nail polish and nail stickers in the shops make it so hard for me to not want to do something to my own. Besides, it’s quite rare that I actually manage to keep such long nails, so I bought some nail colour, nail stickers and did a little DIY in the hotel room, with my friend’s help. Check it out!


We’re both pretty proud of what we did!



A stall at Narita Airport selling snacks and drinks.



Medication from the local pharmacy for my nose/throat infection. I like the packaging because it doesn’t look like some boring pill.



我们秋葉原 (Akihabara)的 Yodobashi Camera 逛,发现一台小型的 label maker。它所有的指示都是日文,可是我的朋友似模似样的乱按,竟然还能印出这个label!

Akihabara is best known for the Electric Town, which we didn’t visit. Instead, we went to this place called Yodobashi Camera, which is about 7 floors of goods ranging from mobile phones, to PCs, to cameras, to audio visual equipment and gaming devices. I came across a Disney label maker and was completely fascinated by it. The display set is actually in working order, but because everything was in Japanese, it wasn’t that easy to do a print-out, but my friend was very good at guessing and managed to make a sample of it with English words!




We had no idea what this was when we bought it from the Tokyo station, just cos’ it looks pretty! The taste, umm…let’s just say we’re not used to it.



你们一定要去LOFT。朋友解释它有点象MUJI的概念。我们去的是池袋 (Ikebukuro)的那间。它是两层楼的,在Seibu百货公司的九和十楼。我们只逛九楼,没时间上十楼(卖家具用品),真可惜。单单九楼那一层就很多东西买,应有尽有,而且价钱好像便宜些。除了吃的,用的,还有小狗宠物。

These puppies were being sold at LOFT which is located on the 9th and 10th floor of Seibu shopping centre at Ikebukuro station. There’re also plenty of make-up, toiletries, stationary, food etc etc sold at LOFT. We didn’t have time to shop at the 10th floor, which is where you can purchase household items, pretty much like MUJI I heard. Aren’t these puppies cute?

cute8.jpg cute7.jpg



Taken at Yodobashi Camera, Akihabara.
cute3.jpg tok1.jpg

8. DS LITE!!

浅蓝色的DS Lite!!在 Yodobashi Camera,我还看到红色的!

DS Lite seemed more popular in Tokyo than PSP, no proven statistics, except that I spotted more train commuters, both men and women, playing on it. Kawaii neh!


23 responses to “东京之旅 (三):”Kawaii” 的东东

  1. whew 🙂 what a nice DIY nail arting. ( no lies )

    frankly, i love that FAKE PUPPY. but i love that RED JACKET of his MORE~ =D

    hi Joanne, i’m xian from Malaysia, and this is the first time i drop a comment in your blog..
    well, i’ll be going to Japan in the coming April and August if my schedule is comfirmed.
    so, do introduce more about Japan! please~ ( begging )

    *by the way, i’m a fans of yours too, love your acting much, and also your smiling* =D

    last but not least, it’s 1am now.
    sleep earlier and sweet dreams!

  2. appreciate your uploading VERY MUCHIES~

  3. Hi Joanne!

    Oh mine!
    I love your nail arts!
    It looked so beautiful(:

    The puppies there are simply so cute.
    They just looked like some soft toys.

    Jermaine 😀

  4. Disney label maker!! @ 7th floor?? how come i have never seen it before despite going to Ikebukuro’s Yodobashi so often!!

    how much does it cost?!?

  5. I’m thinking to be on a trip to Japan but dunno when.

    Please blog more on your trip to Japan. It’s interesting and try to make it informative, okie? Thks a lot.

    I wonder if there is anything in english version in Japan? Is it safe there? Thanks a lot.

    Have you read about Tatsuya Fujiwara, a well-known actor in Japan and his theatre works?

  6. 哈哈…

  7. Hello Joanne,
    Great Description and Pictures. You made me feel like going on a trip too. The Puppies are really cute. I love to read your blog loads. Joanne Jiayou=)

  8. hihi Joanne,
    The puppy looks so cute,it looks like my dog but colour different only,light,gold brown..hahas.And my mother find the pedicure very nice and asked how much does it cost??looks like u had lots of fun..:)

  9. Hi Joanne!

    I agree that Medication from the local pharmacy look cool unlike others. I love your nail art so nice… Plus great food! I started to feel jealous…
    Btw, I hope you’re getting better from your nose/throat infection…

    Methods to recover faster:
    1. Drink more water & vitamin C
    2. Breathe in the steam from the hot water
    3. Add in peppermind oil in a bowl of hot water(which you use to breathe in the steam)
    4. Try not to breathe through your mouth as it’ll bring in more germs into your throat.

    Hope it’ll helping you to recover 🙂
    These methods help to clear up the block nose & breathe better.
    If these methods, do not work. Email me i’ve last method(my secret method).
    At the meantime, i’ll pray 4 u.

    Ps: Is it possible to help me check if Changi Airport got sell this alcohol called Absinthe, the green fairy. Thanks. If have, can help me purchase? Pls. Email me, then I’ll email u my contact. Thanks. Don’t worry i’m above 20 yrs old. I saw it @ vivo but very expensive, overprice, cant buy.

    Take care
    Princessthailand 🙂

  10. Hi Joanne

    First thanks for the English text edition and sorry for the trouble you had to write both languages which will take double of your time.

    Wow nice pictures. The nails looks great and the lacy stuff reminds me of belly dancing with a lacy skirt. The huge hotdog looks delicious makes me hungry again.

    The good looking food you bought from Tokyo station are they edible or you assumed edible thats why taste weird! I love dogs and the poddle looks cute.

    I had won a PSP in company d&d but PSP games are tougher to play for ladies and I have been wanting to get a DS Lite but well is actually money spent on not necessary stuff. But today before I went out for Sat maken feast and window shopping, I read your blog and convinced me DS Lite is more popular then PSP. And know what, I just bought my new Nintendo DS Lite and few games! Nintendo Dogs, Cooking Mama 2 and Big Brain Academy! Hehe!

    Sounds crazy for an adult to play children’s game but well sometimes is good to stressout and just do what we want to do or what we missed out in childhood. Nowadays kids are so fortunate, they get what they want. During my time, I play soccer with my boys, marbles games, and catching tapoles and spider behind those bushes and muddy waters.

    Before I wrapped up this evening, hope you can share with us more of your journey. I am planning a trip in July likely Japan not sure if I will go Hokkaido or Uluru or Moscow!

    Look forward to more of your shows on Channel 8 or better also Channel 5!

    Got to go enjoy play a little my DS lite and watch DVD foreign show – Williow Tree! Is a touching movie. Have you watch “Away from her”? Good nite!

  11. hihi Joanne,
    Juz bought ‘The Golden Path’ DVD,so excited..

  12. ur nails look really nice.
    can see that you enjoy ur trip!!

  13. nice lacy nails Joanne!
    Nail art is super DUPER popular in Japan,
    and Jpop artise Ayumi Hamasaki has rally nice nail arts too!

    The good-looking apple looks good looking..not use to the taste? is it too sweet? the hot dog looks funny. XD

    I love to play nintendo ds lite too! its more interactive than PSP. 😀

  14. melissa miss j0anne

    wag…joanne jiie..the weather must be soooo cold..look @ ur nails..its sooooo RED…omgoodness..anyway..miss yahx a lot mans..hmm..tc!! ♥♥♥
    rememebr reply and check your mails yahx..

    melissa mei

  15. HIHI!!! You went to AKIHABARA???
    The short term for 「AKIHABARA」 is 「AKIBA」

    But please dont go out there alone…
    エッチの男から・・ ecchi guys >.<

    The rice is nice to eat..

    You like NAIL ART (ネル・アート♪Neru Aato)?

    You will love http://shibuya109.jp/

    please take care!!

    so warm weather!!

  16. you went to japan with your friends? or famiy?

  17. Hi

    I like to read your japan trip. But is it possible to sharer with us in more detail of the places that you went. Because it seems interesting to shop and eat with any tour guide around…more relaxing

  18. Hi joanne! were you in band during your secondary school days? if you were… what instrument were you playing?

  19. hi nat,

    yes, I was from the band, and I used to play the Tenor Saxophone!


  20. Dear Jiajia,

    Thanks for reading my posts! I do inject certain details of the trip in my entries in the photo captions, like where I went and what are the must-visit places. I have different topics each time so that it won’t be a long daily journal entry, which will also make it very difficult to put all the pictures up. I will probably have an English summary of my trip up on my other blog some time later, but for now, I still have a couple more topics relating to the Tokyo trip unposted! Stay tuned okie?


  21. ooo… so you were from band… was it like your first choice or something? i’m in band too… i play the cornet (mini trumpet) when i’m sec 3 will upgrade to normal trumpet… haha…band is like so fun… just started and no SYF this year so not much stress…yet…

  22. thank Joanne..i will continue to read more on your topics

  23. It is splendid blog. I am studied.
    Please link to this site.

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