Taking a Break


I hope those of who celebrate Chinese New Year had a great time doing the things you don’t do at any other time of the year. I have been feeling a little under the weather. Must have been eating too much fried chicken! Haha, everywhere I go, it’s chicken wings galore, so I just can’t resist all the good food. I’m probably going to be semi-vegetarian for a week, just seafood, no meat. :p Speaking of which, I thought in case some of you wonder where I’ve disappeared to, I’d be taking a week’s holiday to somewhere…..hmm, I’ll keep it a secret for now! Hee hee…But it won’t be long before you find out, because my 8DAYS cover should be coming out this Valentine’s Day week, so look out for it and remember to grab a copy!

Meantime, I hope to come back with lots of wonderful pictures and pleasant encounters to share.

Have a romantic week ahead filled with everything sweet and lovely!

51 responses to “Taking a Break

  1. hi agaiN! i am the first tag! the picture is nice. =)

  2. hihi Joanne,
    Yah,i have been eating lots of chicken wings too,even my aunts said i gained weight,hahas,Happy Chinese New Year gal…:)

  3. Take care and enjoy your break! =D

  4. wow.a week holiday sounds fun. i hope to go on a holiday too but no money..hehe..
    anyway hope you enjoy ur holiday and do take care!!

  5. Hey gal,

    Do enjoy ur holiday and remember to drink more water ok. Take care and have fun! =)

  6. eh..i wanna hurry to grab 1

  7. lol today the giant show..wow ur team is so fast..XD

  8. wow. going on holidays. haha can i ask for a present? hehe. hmm.. will definitely miss ya =)) miss me k? haha

  9. Hi Miss White, i like your show very much. You show me that a beautiful lady is not only by looks but also by her personality and great smile. You have a wonderful smile! Cheers! Whenever i am down feeling, watch your show and i will be uplift again. I am waiting for your 8days cover to be out. By the way you can visit my site at http://samdisk23.spaces.live.com/ Also today my video was feature in Strait Times Stomp. You can watch them at http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/viewContent.jsp?id=13669 Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers!

  10. Enjoy your one week’s holiday, Joanne!
    Guess you deserved it, working so hard for that past year.
    Take care and come back all right!

  11. Wow this picture is very nice wor…Especially the line that is across the sky.I think u must be really have a good time there…Wa I remembered once u told me before that it has been long time u never go on holiday haha So ur wish has came true although it may be a business trip!!!!Any way Looking very forward to see the pictures u took…..

    Haha Happy Valentine’s Day to u….

    Enjoy ur self !!!

  12. haha! you are taking a break? no wonder (:
    happy taking break, don worry i will grab a copy of 8 daes with you on the cover page! bye! come back with more pics! bye! loves!


    I AM SO GOING TO BUY the 8days next week with you as cover!!!! GLAD TO HEAR THIS!!!!!!

    can’t wait for the pics ur are posting for next post regarding ur trip!

  14. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, May i know which country are you going.

    By the way when are you coming back to singapore.

    i will miss 🙂 you very much.

    From: Zhi Wei

    Chinese New Year is Very fun because these year have 4 day to celebrate rather than the last year that only have 3 days.

    By the way try not to eat too much during this Chinese New Year.

  15. hahaa okayy:D
    i will definately buy it =D


  16. you’re going tokyo right? or are you already there? i bought the mag already…after reading that interview… i realise that you speak quite abit of teo chew ( or was that hokkien =P) are you teo chew/hokkien? do you know when you’re i-weekly issue is coming out? tks… bye! for now…

  17. aiyahhs.

    you know that GIANT show horhhs;

    wakao ehhs. i miss your ep nehs -.-”

    i 9.45 on tv, see wenyong down there


    then switch back that time, see they giving out prize, then saw you.

    DIAOS. angry leas!

    tsk tsk.

    anyways, get well soon ahhs! i also got sore throat tiahs. D: sadly no fever, if not no need go sch lerhs! l:

  18. have a good trip okies?? but muz take care don’t take too many fried chicken it is bad.. haha … dunno wad to say leh =) juz enjoy your trip and when you come beck must post about you trip kays?? see yas!!=)

  19. hihi Joanne,
    Saw u on ‘Ai Shang Giant Guo Fei Nian’ last night,saw u holding a camera,no photos..??:)

  20. hi,Joanne~
    介不介意给我full size的啊?

  21. Dear Joanne,

    Enjoy your well deserved break! Awaiting your sharings……;)

  22. Hi Joanne:

    Hope you’ll fare well in the new year 🙂

    Saw you on the cover on this week’s 8 Days.

    Nice attempt on the “27 Dresses” concept. lol


  23. Hi Joanne,

    Enjoy ur holiday!! And hope ur well earn rest will let us see a brand new Joanne when u back!! Awaiting ur Mi Tu!!

  24. haha! you went to to tokyo to shop for shoes!
    wahahah! grab a copy of your 8 daes yesterdae and you look prettaye there! enjoy 😀

  25. CNY is normal, same every year. Relatives coming to your house, and catch up. Asking so many questions about each other’s life and wahsoever. It is OK if you are very successful in life, at least you can boast about it. If you didn’t achieve much last year, like me, you just have to learn how to taiqi your way through, and change topic.

    Fortunately, I am still single, and can still collect lots of ang pows, lol. Yah, that is the chinese tradition, for wahtever reason am not sure. So I realize in order to collect more angpow money, if you have kids, bring them along; if you are young adult, try to be single (not married), and angpow keep flying in. Hahaha, please don’t misunderstand, I am not money-minded, just joking.

    Valentine’s Day is coming, which keeps reminding me that I am still single. I still haven’t achieved much in expressing my love to the woman that I love, wonder how she is doing right now. If she has found a bf, I will just have to silently wish her all her best and be happy always in her new life. Sometimes, I wonder what is “blocking” me all these years to tell her how much I love her, it has been 6 years, 6 long years…Being single makes you envy others when you attend wedding parties, see loving couples lovey dovey on the streets etc, seeing flowers sending in Orchard Road on Valentine’s Day itself, and you just could’t enjoy all these moment…..How much I “hated” Valentine’s day….. 😦

  26. 我想你还在假期吧!其实新年是个很好的假期,很多人选择在这个时候出国小息,因为不用拿太多假期也有至少5-6天了!嘻嘻,假期愉快,我已开工咯!再见2009新年!

  27. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, By the way which Country are you going to, and when are you coming back to singapore

  28. Hi, I saw you two times. One time in China town and one in arboretum. You are so beautiful!

  29. I am fond of you, wei xiu. You are a nice girl. 🙂

  30. Hi Joanne!

    I have been eating too much junk food too.
    Having such a painful throat now.
    Oh mine!

    Oops! Holiday?
    I want holiday too(:
    My examination is just round the corner.
    A 3-day examination covering all my 8 subjects.

    Take CAre of yourself when you’re away as well ya(((:
    Happy Valentine’s Day(((:


  31. hi joanne
    happy valentines day to u =)..
    enjoy ur break =)

  32. Happy valentine’s day Joanne! 🙂 and u look great in the 8 days magazine! 😀

  33. Dear Joanne,
    Enjoy your trip! 🙂
    With smiles and cheers,
    Jo ( now I’ve registered a account)

  34. Hi!I’m a fan of you!Please go to my blog!

  35. hey.. hows tokyo? we miss you..

  36. hi! i want to say that i love the ‘ when i see you smile ‘ song !!!! It rocks, but i cant download it ! ):
    I am so addicted to the song, thanks for putting it in your blog (:

  37. Hi Joanne!

    Oh mine!
    I saw this week 8days.
    The cover is a girl who’s so sexy.
    It’s none other than you.
    Wow,really have a nice figure ya(((:

    *LOVE YOU*

  38. Hi Joanne!

    When wii you be back from your holidays?
    Take Care ya(:


  39. hey JOANNE! xDD

    hope you are having a nice break there! really miss you girl!!takecares! -hugs-

    LOVES <333

  40. Hello darlings~~

    I’m back!! 🙂
    I just got in early this morning and quickly read all your messages, thanks so much for remembering me even though I’ve been gone for a week. Sorry if I can’t reply all your messages. Although I’ve only been gone for a week, there’s so much to settle now that I’m back. Give me some time to put things away, see to some financial matters and I’ll be back in action soon. Lots of pictures and thoughts to note, so till then, do check back okie!

    Hope ya all like the 8DAYS cover story! 🙂

    Lotsa love,

  41. YO!Lurbb ur pic lor~~So NICE~~~

  42. *yOuR LoVeR fAn* ;;

    When is your i weekly cover issue coming out/up? i soooo need to buy. its not this week de correct?

  43. well have grabbed the 8 days copy but just felt u look abot different dun really know what is the difference but i guess is the smile ba…U just look different seems like very tired loh…Any way looking forward for the I weekly…Any way u still look nice la…Btw will also look forward for the pic that u r going to post…..
    Hope u dun mind me from telling u how i felt about the cover….Enjoy ur self k…

  44. Wow.. My dear Joanne,

    Welcome back.. Miss u so much… got buy anything things for me? Haha.. think don’t have… Cos u busy taking picture when oversea.. Haha.. Hope u enjoy urself & valentine’s day also got something happen… Haha…

  45. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, by the way you when to which country and u have go the country took pictures a nor.

  46. hi,hi,Joanne,I am victoria I love to be your friend can I

  47. Welcome back! Looking forward to the pics and updates on ur trip… =)

  48. Hi Joanne

    This is my first time to drop in your blog and also my first year to start hopping into my favourite artises blog… not done that before. Not that I don’t have my idol(s) but perhaps we belongs to the group that is too busy struggling the corporate ladder or maintaining our responsibilities in work, love and home.

    Guess when u grew older each year, when you see things more in life, you then to realise we missed out alot of simple, fun and probably enjoyable things in life.

    Well I was glad your blog has some allowance for English text that at least I do not need to struggle to read. Yes I can speak very well chinese but cant write or read well… is a major problem now in the industry! I had tough time reading emails or contracts from China!!!! Not that we chose to be English educated but our time government & our parents are trying get us to speak fluent English so we can survice in the future… hahaha looks what happened now… we are struggling! So sometimes is a good thing not to set forecast too far or high, things changes, human changes, weather and nature are changing now… global warming!

    OK i guess you on vacation for 7 days, my first guess is some exotic place Cambodia or most likely like the others says Japan. Hmmm but your personality will go to exotic places I think… Bali, Australia? Have you been to Tasmania Cradle Mountain, cruise the wine glass bay, is very nice. Went on summer but due to the global warming, turns up so cold like winter and we fighting with the strong winds and coldness because Tas is near Antartic! The next is Uluru.. not sure if i got the correct spelling… will wait for you to share with us your splendour trip!

  49. melissa miss j0anne

    wah..j0anne jiiex…WELC0ME BACK!!
    really missed u jiiex.did y0u enj0y urself?? hmmmm..cant wait for ur pics pics..haha..t0day sick din g0 t0 scho0l w0rx…s0bs0b..anyway h0pe t0 see y0u real so0n yeahx…miss yeah and love yahx..

    melissa meiix..

  50. Hello Dearest!

    Wow,you gonna be so busy.
    Poor girl!
    Gonna setter lot of things once you are back from your holiday.
    But don’t tire out yourself ya?
    Will be awaiting for all your pictures & thoughts.


  51. dun support anione^^

    enjoy ur trip ya?!

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