昨天拍了个8DAYS封面之后,我和朋友竟然去大吃了一顿!太丰富了,我吃的还有 1 plain roti prata, 1 cheese prata, 1 teh tarik and 1 teh-o. 今天跑不动了,嘿嘿!

Sambal Stingray

Tom Yum Soup


Kang Kong Belacan


52 responses to “吃大餐!

  1. u really eat so much? or u just eat abit from each item? hi nice to meet you.. come across your blogger lately. not bad!!

  2. Hey Joanne!!
    how are you??
    woww!!the dishes looks really nice..
    isit at Lau Pa Sat?

  3. woah! yummyyummy! (:
    hope t see u some day…
    cause i wanna take picture with youuu! (:

  4. 哈哈…

    PS:哼哼~ you still owed me a dvd,哈哈…

  5. omg! it looked so yummy-licious sia 😀
    haha! guess tat you should be happy eating yesterdae!
    those pics made me hungry now ):
    haha! oh, so next year you will be 8 daes cover girl?
    tat’s so so so GREAT!

  6. hello! yippie joanne is finally on cover!!! (: you on 8days cover alone?? and when will be published?

  7. Hey Joanne 🙂 When will the 8 days with you on the front cover come out? I gotta get one of those! 😀

  8. hihi Joanne,
    Whoa,wat a big feast!!U are on ‘Ask The Stars’ now i tink u know that:)U are born in the year of the pig right if yes,u are the same like me!!Joanne,u prefer teh,or teh-o and the sambal stingray looks so nice:)fell like eating yummy

  9. yay 1st look delicious

  10. hello joanne! wah, i first tag.. yay! anw, the food looks del.. muahahhas.

  11. I feel like eating spicy food now!
    But have cough & flu. =(
    Wa.. nice & great food u had! =)


  12. shucks you just made me hungry. though it’s nearly time for dinner. lol.

    does this mean we can expect to see an interview with you on 8Days soon? yayyyyy it’s about time!

  13. woot… all hot stuffs! your eyes ok already jo? thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  14. waa.. so FENG FU AH !! haha..

  15. wAH?hungry le altough i dont eat this stuff!
    how much is 8 days!

  16. 哇!!

    嗯嗯… 我吃不了辣的食物呢~


  17. Hi Joanne! May I noe where do u get or buy all this food from? I want to give my parents a surprise on my birthday!! Can u pls tell me?

  18. hmmmmm wa yummy yummy….my fren was telling me when u in temasek sec always go complain teacher about him smoking or they do wrong thing i was like laughing through out lor…u last time is head prefect or something like that right? anyway i still remember seeing you when in secondary school lor as i frequent ur school to meet my frens ….good la see ur career life getting better happy for u also…scary think again is u same hall as my fren in Uni …Singapore just so small…lately u in our topic sia lol…i hear u and Tay P.H together le ah? real de ma? =X ssssssshhhhhhhh

  19. Hi Joanne! Will u be appearing in the CNY Eve nite to host the CNY COuntdown? Can u tell me who are going to be there too?

  20. wow.. Joanne. eat so much foods.. wait u get fat, not nice.. how? Then, i had to pull u when walking.. hahaha… I oso like Sambal Stingray.. Next time, u treat me.. ok? Haha…

  21. 孤单小精灵


  22. Yah, my mouth is watering, I like Sting Ray meat, yummy especially with sambal chilli…and lime juice!

    Where is the place? Got chance and if within my budget, one day I will go and try out. 🙂

    Yoke Peng

  23. yo ! joanne , long long longggg time didn’t come to visit here . Down with studies and ccas … Wish you all the best !

  24. Dear Joanne

    Where did you go for makan?
    The foods made my saliva come out…hehe 😛
    I love the sambal stingray~ 😛

    So when will the “8 Days” magazine release?
    I mean the one with you on cover~

    I will look forward to it….. 🙂

    By the way, have you been to this restaurant to try their chinese foods before?
    The name of the restaurant is called

    Metropole Herbal Restaurant
    3B River Valley Road, #01-12
    Clarke Quay
    Singapore 179021

    The foods are delicious and the restaurant is always packed with many peoples during weekends~

    I was told that some mediacorp artists also have been there before~ One of them was 王愛玲~


  25. 哇~看到 Sambal Stingray…
    好懷念去新加坡的四天 這個我在新加坡有吃到
    超好吃 害我好懷念 下次在去熟食中心 我還要吃!!!

  26. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, may i know how to be come an mediacorp artisite.

    Do you have any event at the moment of this 2008.

    who is your Favourite Singer.

  27. O-zaki Simizutoro

    May I know what is your Favourite food?

    mines is Laksa, what about you le.

  28. Hi Joanna jiejie!!!
    I am Clara.
    I am now 10 yrs old.(Primary 4)
    I love yor acting Especially you Golden Palf!!
    I will surport you furever!!

    ~~~~~~~To Joanna JieJie~~~~~~~

  29. Hi Joanne!
    Mmm… They look delicious… Are they delicious? Where is it?

    Mmm… U musy be busy hor? Didnt get your reply… Well… I would like to ask which cream you use? I’m still finding the prefect cream to balance my skin tone & to brighten up my face… But cant find… Did you use La Mer cream? I heard is good… Is it? Any Secret in keepimg your face looking good? Thanks.

  30. wah… you really like spicy food… dont even have a pimple~

  31. Evening!

    Great pictures! Good for looking at when hunger pangs set in… Haha! Can’t wait for the 8 Days magazine now! Any idea when it’s appearing on newstands? 🙂

  32. Hi sweet(:
    looks like you’re a really good “spicy food” eater.
    &wow, you sure can eat quite a bit. ((:

    ohyes, &you’re pretty:D
    stay pretty yes. ((:

  33. ahha indeed good food. i love those too. slurps. making me hungry.

    but then.. its all HEATY FOOD!!! weather been really bad. drink more water n eat more fruits k.. =))

    refrain from more heaty food ah girl..

  34. yummy yummy ^Q^

  35. 我发现,你好象很喜欢吃辣的>.<

  36. eating supper n yet still so slim n pretty.. *envy* lookin fwd to ur new tv show.. =D


  37. haha..you are a big eater but you are so slim.
    take care.. =))

  38. Hi all~~

    Yesss, I’m on the cover alone, hee hee! It’s been some time, I feel like it’s my first cover all over again. So happy to hear that all of you are excited about it, so am I!! It’d be out Valentine’s week I heard. 🙂

    Must buy when it’s out!! Thank you alll~~

    Lotsa love,

  39. Hi Princess Thailand,

    Oops, sorry for not replying…I don’t use La Mer now, although they gave me products once. Actually there are plenty of good skincare products out there, because a lot of companies spend lotsa money doing research and development, but what will be effective for you depends on your skin type. For example, young skin often need to combat problems like acne and older skin will require products that provide anti-ageing or whitening. I’m really not in the position to give you advice on what products to use, because I also experiment a lot with different products in the market. Maybe one of these days you can go and have a skin analysis done, at one of those custom-blend skincare centres, and then u’ll know your skin type better?

    Sorry can’t quite help u here!


  40. Since all of you were asking, we were eating at Jalan Kayu! 🙂

  41. Hi Zhiwei,

    I don’t have one favourite singer, but I do listen to various artistes of different genres. At the moment, there isn’t any upcoming events for me except for a drama that will commence filming in April. I spend my free time exercising, especially now because I need to prepare myself physically for April’s drama. Otherwise, I read, blog, write and just chill! 🙂 Haha, my favourite food? Well, see me so greedy, no particular favourites either, cos’ I eat too much! Heh heh!


  42. Hey Jackson,

    My eyes ok le…:) Heh!

    Thanks for asking!!


  43. hey joanne,did you study mass com in poly?

  44. Hi Atiqah,

    I studied mass comm in uni. I was from VjC. 🙂

    Joanne 🙂

  45. Hi Joanne Jiejie!!
    I also got wan fred same school as me her name is Joanne!!

  46. Wow You like to eat spicy food??
    I don really like it…..

  47. 薇秀姐,

  48. long time no tag! psps D:

    eerhhs, what was you CCA in sec sch arhs?

    sorry ahhs; very KPO de :X

  49. what’s the interview about in 8 days? can give some hint first? haha. can hardly wait. 😀

  50. hi joanne…
    looks delicious…
    my favourite hawker foods are sambal stingray n kangkong belacan too!
    especially from serangoon chomp chomp.
    wonder if you’ve been there.
    heh heh.
    do check your email yea?

  51. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, may i asked you that the Chinese new year do you have which is show on 06/02/2008.

    may i know do you have any magazine from now on and only you are on the infront of the cover page.

    i choose Serangoon Junior Colleage, my CCa is: Soccer (Goalkeeper).

    May i know what is your Character inside the shows called: THE TRUTH.

    From: Zhi Wei (My Real Name)
    O-zaki Simizutoro (nick Name)

  52. Joanne you very jialat de lor always never reply to me =(

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