65 responses to “我是漫画

  1. OOPS!!!!comics very cute loh especially the last pic haha….
    So sweet ur friend……

  2. Wow… So Cute!
    Hi… I got a question 2 ask hope u r free to help…
    Mmm.. Have you tried La Mer products before? I heard it’s the best. IS it true? But it’s very expensive thus asking you if is it worth 2 buy? By the way, which product r u using 2 keep your face so clear and heathy?

  3. hahahah the comic really very funny and cute.=)

  4. hahahah the comic really very funny and cute.=)

    oh, and u seldom check “that” email one huh?

  5. Joanne, haha.. 这个漫画很可爱, 看了我也笑。。 really like u, so 38.. opps.. haha.. help.. joanne going to kill me, when she saw me…:x

    Always Love U;

  6. Joanne

    好開心耶~ 明天不用上班


    哈哈~ 漫畫很搞笑~
    謝謝你的分享哦﹗~~ 🙂


  7. hey joanne,
    i’m not a fan of mediacorp actors but i seriously find that you’re rather talented and its amazing how you can be eloquent and fluent in both mandarin and english– which is something i cannot ever establish cos my mandarin is down is the dumps.

    i’m a media comms undergrad, and i know you did an attachment with 8 days while u were in WKWSCI right? am wondering if there are other good publications to intern with that you know of? Singapore Press Holdings seems a little too stringent in their criteria, I’m only year one and they’re looking for year 3s and 4s.

  8. dear joanne. was watching Destiny again, the first drama you debuted as main actress. so happy to see you still thriving so well in the industry. will continue supporting you so stay strong no matter what kay(: lovesss<3333

  9. Hiloo…
    Thanks for posting it up. Really happy to know that it can make a person smile till 合不拢嘴. It makes my day too.
    Mission accomplished. Another person on planet earth is happy 😀
    What I do? Erm…. I illustrate and animate. That’s abt it :p

    Have a nice weekend ahead!

  10. melissa miss j0anne

    wahz…soooo cute siia..hei joey..u said ’38’? haha..wont lar she wont kill u lar..poverall ur just j0king..ll0lx..kk lahs..g0tta g0 w0rd lerx..shall c0me back later..buaiix every1..j0anne jiiex..tc!!

    always l0ving and missing y0u!

  11. what a cute comic…
    so nice 🙂

  12. hellos! here to tag agin. the comics are really nice!!!!!so cute

  13. Hohoho,

    Nice comic drawings, and jokes. Actually, we can learn one thing from this comic joke: that you can infer many meanings from what others communicate to you. It is up to your common sense and EQ to decide and infer which meaning he/she intends to tell you. The secrets of good communication, if not mastered subtlely, would usually lead to misunderstandings.

    Yoke Peng

  14. Hi Amelia,

    Thank you so much for your compliments, haha, you make me blush! *hee*

    Yes, I was interning at MediaCorp Publishing for a while. Have you tried MediaCorp Publishing? There are quite a number of magazines under the family, but I’m not sure what’s the criteria you need to meet. Since you’re in year 1 and have less experience, I presume you’re looking more at a part-time opening?

    You ask which are the good publications, I can’t really answer that because it depends on what sort of writing you want to do, whether you want to dabble in business news, ST-style news, fashion, lifestyle, IT, sports, automobile topics etc etc. Right now, it seems to me you might not really have a choice where you want to go, so perhaps after you decide which area of interest you’d like to pursue, then you can start looking from there. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  15. hi joanne jie jie the comics is very cute leh which 1 is you the long hair or short hair ??? v confused haha and you me ask about the thing i ask you already??? thanks anyways

  16. Hi sweety Joanne,

    你好~ 看来你的粉丝不止是不分年龄,不分种族,而且还是不分国籍的噢。。 呵呵。。 因为我来自马来西亚啦。。 不过再过不久很可能就会来到新加坡念书,如果成绩如愿以偿的好的话啦。。 嘻。

    很喜欢纯纯,羡慕她的敢怒敢言,敢爱敢恨。 羡慕她可以路见不平,拔刀相助。 古灵精怪+ 一副天不怕地不怕的样子。。 呵呵。

    后来也喜欢凯琪,尤其喜欢她和金龙打打闹闹的情景。。 特别是她被金龙欺负时,扁起嘴来一副快要哭的表情,真的超可爱的,逗得电视机前的我们一家人笑得好开心。 =) 我想凯琪可能蛮像你的吧,毕竟她也是念传播系的,也是志愿当记者的。

    当然也喜欢真正的你。里的你,应该最接近真实的你吧。 呵呵,你好像很容易被人作弄也。。 看到你被禄江作弄得脸都红了,好好笑噢。。 还有,穿起短裙的你很漂亮呢。。 不过,穿短裙上街不会有点危险吗?嘻。

    我目前正在等待成绩放榜,过后就会申请进入NTU。 可是还在懊恼着该选择什么科系。 喜欢的东西太多了,传播,心理学,中文,商学。。 让我无从选择。 很担心会选错科,然后不开心的度过几年的大学生涯。 不过我还蛮喜欢阅读和涂涂写写的,也许我会选择大众传播吧。。 Joanne 以前是选 Journalism 吗? 可以分享你在那里的生活吗? 比如说,是不是必须写很多很多的 essays? 会不会很压力呢?希望可以从你的分享中得到一点启发。。 谢谢你啦。。 =)

    最后,希望你继续加油噢。 期待看到你更精彩的作品噢。 =)

    ~ 欣瑜 ^^

  17. u noe… i did the celebrity collage… i put ur picture to see which artise you look like… to my surprise… not only did you not look like yourself… ur other celebrity look alikes where mostly korean… one of them was britney spears also… *keke* i dun think u look like any of them… you look like… well you! hahaha
    bye! hope you stay healthy all year round…

  18. hi joanne

    the comic is cute n hilarious..haha..misinterpretations, suppose to draw a protrait bt end up drawing on the face..erm is tt cartoon suppose to represent u ? haha

  19. heyy joanne!!

    hahas. the comic is sooo cute! it looks really like you. hahas. and the storyline is so funny!! =DD

    *hugs & takecares!

  20. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, Yiu Prefer which Magazines and what kind/type of gentleman would you likes.

    From: O-zaki Simizutoro

  21. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, Yiu Prefer which Magazines and what kind/type of gentleman would you likes.

    From: O-zaki Simizutoro

  22. is the big girl you?:X
    i love it when u act with felicia chin. 2 pretty woman!:)

  23. Hello Joanne Peh..thanks for replying me at my blog yesterday!=D
    That’s comic of yours is very nice,funny and also cute!

  24. hi joanne!
    i read this evenings wan bao… got the article about people posing you on felicia… so stupid lar… i went to that friendster… apparently ‘you’ got 1600+ friends on friendster… the people very lame… haha…anyways…hope this stops…

  25. hihi Joanne,
    Nice comic,hahas funny,any new book reflections to share??

  26. hi joanne.. i am here to friends with u. i am wenyu.. you are cute and pretty

  27. lols…will hab baobeifunubing no.2 lols.. coz i lyk u as chunchun so cute

  28. u rox! i love yr show a lot! anyway, u look pretty too! hehe! im karabell. i hope u in tv again. i like yr show a lot! but i very busy. if i nv reply, that means im busy can u give me yr e mail address?

  29. hey!joanne.. sorry for the late reply..im doing fine too.well.this my final year in my design course..currently study digital media design,more on web,photography and etc…quite busy.and training of X-country and track and field and badminton all coming up..yea!haha.take care.i have watch the golden path of you.it was sooooooooooooooo great.you always acted very bubbly..jia you!yea.


  30. oh!yr beauty tips..mind to share with me…i love yr dressing..my mum did talking abt you too..cos you’re my idol!=)yea.haha.


  31. did you drew the comic!it look cute and funny!!haha.

  32. haha! so kawaii neh!
    the person who drew this is so so talented sia 😀

  33. hi..can we be fren?

  34. hellos! tag at my blog again k? hahas.. i love the comics.. they r so cute!

  35. Hello 欣瑜,



    我是 NTU-WKWSCI (Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information) 的学生。去年刚改了名字,所以现在很长。Wee Kim Wee 是我们以前其中的一位总统。Essays 是肯定要写的,尤其是一年级的时候。不过当你开始选主修后 (三年级),情况就不一样了,就要看你选那一门,如过是 Electronic Broadcast Media 就比较多 practical work and projects 吧!

    压力到处都有的,所以别让这成为你选科的其中一个顾虑。就算你不念书也会面对压力,不是吗?大学的生涯我很怀念,因为可以学的是无穷无尽。虽然功课多,但是玩的机会也很多,而且也是学会独立,了解社会的点滴的成长过程。我现在多想出国留学,因为大学不时会电邮一些外国 Masters Program 的申请表格,让我心痒痒。不过有个好朋友告诉我要专心把戏演好,不要分心!你说好不好笑,想读书也被教训, 哈哈!



  36. Hello everyone,

    I must clarify, that the comic was drawn by a very talented blogger “7”! Not by me!


  37. Hi karabell and c.h.

    U can email me ajollyaffair@yahoo.com.sg


    Lotsa love,

  38. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, your comic are very nice decorated and may i know the Comic title for the pictur.

    The comic pictures is it you draw 1 or you self research from the net.

    may i have your hotmail or msn…..

    🙂 🙂 :)….

  39. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, your comic are very nice decorated and may i know the Comic title for the pictur.

    The comic pictures is it you draw 1 or you self research from the net.

    may i have your hotmail or msn…..

    🙂 🙂 :)….

  40. eek. i posted comment in ur another blog but it dint appear in the Recent Comments stated that i posted. hahaha

  41. 那你在黄金路的演出呢?

  42. Wow, its the first of the few artiste’s blog that i have seen, that the blog owner replied comments. (sorry for poor english).

    Very nice of you to share your email contacts too.

    Have a very happy Chinese New Year.

    take care till i drop comment again.

  43. O-zaki simizutoro

    May i know when is your next show @ channel 8 after the truth.

  44. O-zaki simizutoro

    May i know when is your next show @ channel 8 after the truth.

  45. Dear Joanne,
    很可愛的漫畫 這位可愛的朋友 阿七 有沒有更多可以分享給大家看阿…

    演藝圈是不是都這樣 常會被人盜用肖像…
    最近看什麼燕姿.林峰 被盜用…

    最近這幾天也有點不開心 看到大陸有網友在
    斌輝影迷設的空間 說藝人的不是…

    真是怪了 為何就是有人會這樣
    不喜歡 有必要這樣去批評嗎…
    到底人們該民主 還是 不該民主
    又怎樣去設限這個範圍 怎樣才算不超過呢?

  46. hey!joanne,

    so up coming nw do you have any work going on..especially new year day programme..yea.yr bloggie song its nice~!

  47. hahaa very cute.
    especially the hua wo leh hua wo leh.


  48. hey dhere! update with ur pics!

  49. 白薇秀,
    This is my first time coming to your blog and i saw your Picture you are so pretty leh!

  50. Mm…Joanne Jie. Can you help me ask 阿七 draw one spongebob one? Please??

  51. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, may i know what is your CCA in junior colleage.

  52. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, may i know what is your CCA in junior colleage.

  53. hi joanne!

    some celebrities always say there’s this cream or something which one uses to dab on our eyebag area, then miraculously, the eyebags will disappear. or our eyes will not be so puffy. do you know where to get it? they always dont list the product… could you check it out? when you’re free that’s it. cos ive got serious sinus and my eyes are always looking puffy-ish. so was looking at ways to get them reduced. tried the netti pot but it doesnt really work.

    really appreciate this.. thanks!!

  54. 你们只要 “click“ 那张图就会到阿七的各人博客!Just click on the picture and you’d be directed to “7”‘s blog. 🙂


  55. Hi Zhi wei,

    i was from volleyball and civics tutorial council in JC. 😉


  56. Hi Junie,

    I’m not sure about the miracle creams you’re referring to, but puffy eyes are due to many different reasons, so I guess unless you know what’s causing it, then you can attack the root of the problem. Sounds to me that with sinus, your puffy eyes are due to the internal congestion, so I’m not sure if external application might not effective. I’ve heard that sleeping on high pillows and not drinking too much water before you sleep can help to reduce water retention.


  57. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, May i know what normally you do during you current time

  58. hi joanne!

    thanks!! i’ve cut down on water at night. guess ive to try the high pillows method. thanks! appreciate it!

  59. melissa miss j0anne

    weiis jiiex..i think i die lia0x..my maths test on fri i still havent study siia..think shure fail siia..i die lia0x..sobsob** jiiex..miss euu w0rx..ahh…im so mind blank and stress and frustrated

  60. Hi Joanne!

    今天特别开心,看到你为我写下的那篇长长的留言,原本堆积在心中的烦恼都被你赶走了,哈。 好窝心的感觉,毕竟有那么多人给你写信,实在不敢奢望你会给我回信呢。呵呵。谢谢你噢 =)

    不会吧?怎么看你都不像是性格野蛮的女生。。哈。 不过纯纯真的太可爱了,像她也很不错啊。 嘻。 别怀疑,当然是因为你演得棒啊,所以才会演什么像什么。

    谢谢你给我的鼓励和劝告。 真的希望可以赶快理清头绪,决定好未来的方向。 可是自己却像站在十字路口般,读过 “The Road Not Taken” 这首诗吧? 我就像诗中的主角,眺望每一条在眼前的路,每一条看起来都有各自的精彩,让我不知该何去何从。 世俗的眼光总认为,最好就是当专业人士,像医生/律师/工程师,未来才有保障。 可是我偏偏不喜欢这些啊,难道不当这些就没有前途吗? 很怕自己被这样的想法拘束,而影响心中的决定。 我想如果自己真的随波逐流,做自己不喜欢的事,以后的自己一定也不会快乐的。 你说是吗?

    对啦,不管做什么都会有压力的,只是看自己怎么去面对而已。 现在在打工存钱中,也常面对无理取闹的客户而挨骂,真的好期待开学噢。 开始想念读书的日子了, 呵呵。

    出国留学,我也好羡慕啊。 可以体验不一样的生活,可是真的要花一大笔钱咯。 如果你真的想继续深造,其实可以多等几年才去。 毕竟现在演艺圈中有大好的机会在等着你,可不是人人想要就会有的,当然不可错过啊。 要是有一天,你觉得这不再是你想追求的生活,再选择离开也不迟啊。 不过不是现在啦,我们会舍不得你的噢。 呵呵。

    我好像很罗嗦噢,一留言就写得那么长。。 你不会嫌我罗嗦吧?嘻。

    祝 新年快乐。 =)

    ~欣瑜 ^^

  61. hi joanne peh could i have your handphone number?

  62. hi joanne peh.. i would like you to tag at my blog….please please……..

  63. hello! love reading your blog! 😀 not only cos of the pics but the thought-provoking stuffs that you write. continue shining like a star* (:

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