Beary Happy

When I got back from a shoot today, I was feeling a little groggy and down with my swollen eye, which was a little itchy and painful.

Then I saw this teddy bear lying out of place on my bed and decided to grab it for a picture moment.


*snap snap* I’m happy already!




Aren’t they cute?
Love them to death!


56 responses to “Beary Happy


  2. Kim :]] aka kimberlyy

    omg~ joanne jie i just miss u again. i noe i havent been faithfully sending u emails.. just that have a hetic schedule in school hahaha.


  3. Kim :]] aka kimberlyy

    yeah, sleep well eat well rest well! Rmb? that’s what u wrote for me haha. lols. i love my school! yeah, u look great in huangjinlu. i love huangjin lu! so sad its coming to an end..


  4. haha i love soft toys too. i’ve many teddis=x and other soft toys.. haha.. not alot but not too little

  5. haha i love soft toys too. i’ve many teddis=x and other soft toys.. haha.. not alot but not too little

  6. Dear Joanne,

    it seems to be a long time for me to view your blog and post comments still remember me? haha :X
    i have been busying doing my homework & im stress over my studies.:'(


  7. hi joanne!

    you still look so good despite the swollen eye!

    how do you achieve such flawless skin!!!

  8. Wow, cute cute Bear. And if I m not observant enuff, I didn’t knoe there are 2 bears: Mama Bear, and Kiddy Bear. 🙂

    Take care Joanne, and be happy always.

    Yoke Peng

  9. haha..i realised tt u loved cute cuddly soft toys..haha..take care.. =)

  10. aiyooo joanne ahh. eye sty still wear make up. lol.

  11. If that beary can sing , this will be the song 🙂

    Baby let me be,
    your lovin’ Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck,
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.
    I don’t wanna be a tiger
    Cause tigers play too rough
    I don’t wanna be a lion
    ‘Cause lions ain’t the kind
    you love enough.
    Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.
    Baby let me be, around you every night
    Run your fingers through my hair,
    And cuddle me real tight

    see performance :

  12. joanne pls tag my blog n others too all welcome
    u rock gal
    hope u get on n media corp lyk no eyes lorh..
    coz dhey nv5r let u bi best female actor or 10 most famous actors lol gotta go bb

  13. Joanne hahas i know u like soft toys!!! XD I don’t really like soft toy because it take up space and collect dust hahas! XP

  14. hello joanne!
    omg, you look damn pretty in these few pics.

    ahh. soft toys are always cute!(:


  15. hi joanne!
    i like your eye makeup in this post. how did you do it? thanks!

  16. hi joanne 🙂
    work’s very stressing rite?
    very nice to see you though…
    keep up the great acting cos my family n i just love watching ur shows (esp. the rather recent bao bei fu nv bing)…
    ur acting was simply excellent!
    jiayou 🙂

  17. oh ya joanne.
    by the way,i realy like viewing the pictures you upload…they’re very natural n u look very pretty in them!great makeup you’ve got too.hmm…i really do get problems in that area(makeup)…any tipsy tips??? 😀

  18. hihi Joanne,
    The bear is so cute,hope u feel much better now:)will carry on praying for u .

  19. Hi Shi Hui,

    Yes I still remember you! 🙂


  20. Hi Dappy,

    Haha, thank you so much for the compliments, I think Kenneth (my makeup artiste) will be so happy to hear that. Face flawless because of make-up la. But I don’t really like to put on make-up when I’m not working because it’s not good for the skin. Plenty of water and an early bedtime does give u good skin too! 🙂


  21. Hi Rina,

    Yah, I love soft toys! But hey, don’t buy any for me ok? Cos’ no space liao~! Hee hee…


  22. Hey Vern,

    Ya, no choice, had a shoot which cannot be postponed. But Kenneth was very careful with my eye…it’s getting better today cos’ I have faithfully been taking my medicine and applying the cream. 🙂


  23. Hey Junie and Sasha,

    I can’t help you also, cos’ I’m not an expert at such make-up. Kenneth was my make-up artiste and I leave such stuff to him la!
    I probably know a bit of theory, but the practical bit is still very experimental for me.

    Eye make-up for regular days is best to keep it neutral, I like browns. Lighter, shimmer colours tend to make ur eye area puffy, so keep to darker hues on the eye lids. The lighter hues are kept for the brow bone, the area just below the eye brow. The thing to note is not to overdo it.

    As for actual application, I also learning from magazines 🙂

    Hope it helps dearies!


  24. Hi Joanne,

    Hope your eye sty can recover soon….n do rest more for your eyes….the bear u took was very cute!!! too cute!! hehehe….izit u had interview by one of malaysia’s chinese magazine? i saw your article!! it seperate wit two issue….its on LifeTV chinese magazine….when izit u get interview wit them? juz wonder to know….hehe….

    Do rest of your eyes…take k…

  25. Joanne, wow.. ur eyes was so swollen.. 你知道我心疼吗? Let me pray for u in the power of Jesus. “Dear Father of Son Jesus, I like to pray for Joanne. Pls heal up her swollen eyes, let all the pain fall on me. Let me cover for her…Thanks for the son of in Jesus name. Amen..

  26. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, hope your eye not so painful now AND U STUDY WHICH COURSES AT POLYTECHNIC.

  27. Hey Sophia,

    I think tt was done long time ago le! was done over the phone, if we’re talking abt the same interview. 🙂


  28. Thanks Joey dear 🙂

  29. Hi Zhi Wei,

    I studied in junior college, so not familiar with courses at polytechnic. 🙂 Yep, my eyes healing very well, thanks a lot!


  30. Dear Joanne,

    it seems to be a long time for me to view your blog.FINALLY i have e time!:D do you still remember me?haha 😡
    i have been busying doing my homework and im stress over my studies.
    Im in sec 4 now,preparing my N level & O level chinese 😥


  31. Joanne,u reply all of them,never reply mine…..XP

  32. you did one project after another so you deserved a good break lah 🙂 maybe a short one though since you got activities and jobs coming up…:)

    as for me.. hmm I think i’m still surviving there for now 😛 my group will start shoot slightly later because my boss is still currently on her current project. gotta wait for her to finish shooting this one before we embark on the new project together.

  33. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, For the time being try not to wear contact lens or put makeup near your eyes as it may cause your eye pain.

    what kind of teddy bears do you want, i bring or send the bear to your hhouse

    You think Junior Colleage or Polytechnic better.

    i am a Express student, but don’t know which way to go.

    please help me to choose a way to go.

    From: O-zaki Simizutoro

  34. hi joanne,
    i like ur role in the drama”the golden path”.. so when is ur upcoming drama? btw.. u study which polytechnic de?

  35. *poke poke ur sty* =x hehehe im so evil hahahaha.
    eh love teddy bears right, love me love me. haha im teddi =x

  36. Hello Joanne….

    hope you are doing very well and recovering very well.. i am currently having a very very bad sun burnt.. practically out everyday training for dragon boat lately.. from morning 9am till late noon 4pm.. the sun really can kill and i did not apply any sun block.. sigh~ on top of that, my back muscle got injured during training lately.. so I guess that sums up my current condition..

    you take care man..

    regards, jacks0n

  37. hey!joanne,rmb me?the tall girl extra work with you and tay ping hui and felicia chin one..we were working at vivocity during the shot of the golden guys were asking me y?i so tall the you been?i watch the golden path yr guys acted..sooo sad la..i din expect kaijie in the show will that bad, cunning… will always so sweet in the show where you act!yea.must jia you you always,joanne.


  38. Hi Joanne,

    Your attire tomorrow in the final episode very sexy hor.. Haha.. i got insider news.. 🙂

    No wonder u pick this bear which also has a baby.


  39. joanne … do youxx.. hab any mroe show comin out.. i miss youer shows dhey are totally fantastic n tag my blog all !!

  40. Hi Stefies,

    Yes I remember you! 🙂 I’m good, doing the things I enjoy doing, reading, chilling…it’s all wonderful! What about you girl?


  41. hihi Joanne,
    Wat is ur e-mail,Hope ur eyes is much better now,will keep praying for u,in Jesus name AMEN!!:)

  42. joanne jie jie, tt bear iis so cute =) where did u get them from? i used to have many cute soft tos but m mum trew them away cos some were v old and 1 had a hole which i like to poke my finger in it and go to sleep hahaz

  43. hihi the end of the golden path is how

  44. joanne u r my idol wish u reply hehe

  45. [quote]Hi Joanne, hope your eye not so painful now AND U STUDY WHICH COURSES AT POLYTECHNIC.[quote]

    she is from NUS and vjc…..i fainted

  46. i leave MCS forum already

  47. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, hope u are well again. May i asked you a question.

    What do you do during your free times.

    From: O-zaki Simizutoro

  48. I adopted a lion

  49. heh heh.
    its ok joanne.
    dont feel was just a casual question.
    glad to know you’re well taken care of 🙂
    加油 in everything that you do.
    and hope that you stay happy n continue to produce great shows for us k?
    hope to see you on tv soon!

  50. Wow…. the bear is so cute and lovely!
    No wonder you love it so much~ keke 😛

    Can I ask you a question?
    Among all the medialcorp male artists, who do you like to work with the most?
    Can name a few of them?

  51. very nice of you to reply everyone who commented.
    i guess practice makes perfect. heh.


  52. Dear Joanne,
    Me also a lot of stuffed toys!!! Those I left lying around my mum didn’t see and didn’t throw!! But those I keep my mum throw away all my favourites. Haiz. I love teddies too . 🙂 We throw away a lot of things!!!!! So my stuff toys collections was disbanded. Some my mum wash for me, but still very black. And she threw my favourite macdonalds dog( I had 2 and 1 went missing ) I got it during the dog year! So antique. Think so. I got from KK hospital one so never mind I can wash away my sad memories at KK…. By the way , my real name is Joey and my friends call me MoJoJoJo… But I didn’t ever been to Townsville ( I think it’s in Australia) But I will next time. 🙂 Have a nice day, you are my idol.
    From your idol,

  53. the pic dun look like u!

  54. Hi Joanne!

    You just look so gorgeous & awesome even with the swollen eye.

    But don’t worry,it’s not very obvious.
    Looking forward for more of your actings.

    Take Care of yourself(:
    *LOVE YOU*


  55. Hello Joanne jiejie,
    hope you reply my email.
    ~take cares=)~

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