I Love Desserts

Thanks so much for all the caring suggestions for my sty, I went to the doctor again and he popped it for me! It was sooo painful, but now it’s a lot better. And because all of you were so sweet, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s post on desserts! Love ya all! *hugs+kisses*


Absolutely yummee-licious-looking! I have a weakness for dessert, or anything sweet after dinner. If I’m eating out, it’ll be a brownie with vanilla ice-cream, cheesecake or apple crumble. Either that, or plain old ice-cream. If I’m home, I’ll sometimes look for chocolate, or fruits.


I’m going to try and make this one of these days. Raspberry Rhubarb Yoghurt Ice-Pops. Except I’d probably do without the rhubarb, since I’m not sure where to get them here. If any of you do, please please let me know!


32 responses to “I Love Desserts

  1. wah the desserts are so tempting!!! (:

    anw take care on your sty! (:

  2. HaHa joanne always so sweet ah…good la good to hear tat u feeling better le…=) cheers!!!!

  3. 哇!很香很好吃的样子!!光看就知道很美味了。好有心思哦。可是我吃不到!哈哈,我喜欢ice pop!

  4. haha can i order one?? i want to eat desserts that u make. hee

  5. joanne sister I made a website to give you! Hoped you like!

  6. Well , Happy to hear that u feel much better but plz continue to drink more herb tea and rest more.U can try cold storage and carrefour for Rhubarn….Will try to ask around..Aiyo whatever it is the most important is ur eyes girl…..

  7. I love sweet sweet stuff too! However, whenever I eat them, I get breakouts! =( How do you prevent that? What with CNY coming and me already starting to eat the goodies *yum yum* because I can’t enjoy them much after CNY (overseas studies hmmph)…I’m eating them pretty regularly. How how? =)

    I’m so glad you’re much better now. Bet you feel loads better with the sty out. =D

  8. hi joanne, not sure where you can get it, but you can probably try those high-end supermarkets?

    i know Medi-ya supermarket has lots of japanese vegetables not available anywhere else.

    good luck finding! 😀

  9. I am glad to know that the sty situation is under control , as the festive season is dawning upon us once again ,

    its prudent to exercise moderation in all that we do and more so what we eat and drink, some people might have this thinking that there is no tomorrow but let me assure everyone here that there is actually 🙂

    The weather in fact plays a big part in the body’s cooling system and if the weather is blazing with heat and steam , its no brainer that we need to get help from something to cool us down

    Singaporean weather is either wet, hot or humid , many of us have no complains on wet or hot weather but its actually the humid kind of weather that is driving everyone crazy

    Medication can only help so much and I for one does not really believe totally in medication but rather to compliment the body and sustain it thru natural means by staying hydrated and moderately nourished

    why I say moderate ? cos moderation is a word that will save many lives

    To have a long and healthy life , its wise not to eat too much and get sick due to body system’s failure , a person won’t die from slight and moderate hunger but he or she will die if they stuff their food so much that it is oozing out from the ears and nostrills , folks that eat without biting , they simply just swallow their food whole just to save time even if its just a couple of minuites 😦

    Always remember , there is always tomorrow

    Happy Lunar New Year , Joanne

    The Physcian logging out 🙂

  10. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, May i know what kind of desserts would u enjoying most of the times.

    May i know that you prefer yoghurt or ice-cream.

    Did you have any advertisement at now moments.

    Hope you will become more pretty and Sweet.

    Best Regard

    O-zaki Simizutoro.

  11. Hi there,

    Anybody know how to make ice-cream? And also chocolates? Is it possible to make them at the luxury of your own home kitchen? I think that it is possible, becos I have seen my neighbor do this. 🙂 🙂

    Yoke Peng

  12. OMG!This looks so nice!!!!I love dessert too!Joanne in the meanwhile enjoy ur carefree time,from now to march.Spend more time with friends and ur family members!Its good to have a long break at time hehe.Remember to blog more about ur everyday life also!!!!Eat more good and nice food to pamper urself wors!!! =)

  13. [g][R][4][c][3]

    hII3 Joanne Jie Jie,

    I love desserts too.. ^_^

    my favourite is chocolate ice-cream [ I just can’t resist it]

    So sorry I do not knoe where to get the Raspberry Rhubarb Yogurt.. Jia You in finding it..

    What is your favourite dessert??

    Jia You Jie Jie

  14. HELLO!!! YES it’s super great to know that the sty’s getting better now(: oh man i have a soft spot for desserts too, oh no they’re wayyy too tempting! someone help me! haha! SO SWEET.

    cheers! & loves!

  15. ahh!
    u made me feel like eating..
    oops, i’m hungry xD


  16. joanne jie jie, wad the doctor say???? the sty is much better now rite? happy to hear tt your sty is better


    i love desserts and sweet stuffs …i also have a weakness for desserts or sweet things too…=) ater my meal, i must have dessert=) ppl say tt i have sweet tooth=)haha

  17. hey joanne,
    hope your eyes is getting betta..
    anyway the dessert looks really nice..

  18. woah the desserts look so tempting and I feel so hungry now leh..(I haven’t taken my dinner) hahaa.. hope you have a good rest now before your next project starts.

    planning to go for any short trips? (:

  19. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, why not you create a new Raseberry yoghurt ice-cream, that could be very nice also. but you need to buy the Raseberry and mix with some yoghurt + ice. surely 100% very nice.

  20. O-zaki Simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, hope your face have recovered and Do you have any event at the moment.

    may i know that a actress, everytimes scared of what things.

    From: O-zaki Simizutoro (zhi wei)

  21. ermx… it’s quite weird my mum also gave me the name Kaiqi.

    full name is Denise Low Kaiqi. my friends call me Kaiqi.

    😦 200 for PSLE 😦 nice song

  22. hi joanne 🙂
    yup.by the way rhubarbs are plants that ‘dyes’ anything sort of pinkish-red just like raspberries do…
    i’ve heard of them but have not seen them anywhere in singapore so far.my friend who’s really into such stuff says that maybe you could try your luck ordering it online?not very practical though 🙂 maybe just replace with raspberries n it will do the job.
    keep up your great acting skills k cos i love ur performance in the golden path 🙂

  23. Hey soyamilkgirl,

    Long time no see! I’m planning to get away in Feb, after Chinese New Year. But haven’t booked yet, so not sure!
    Don’t have that much time to go also…somehow I’ve got to be back for some job or other.

    🙂 Hope u’re doing well girl!


  24. Hi Yoke Peng,

    Ice-cream machine makes it a lot easier to make ice-cream. Otherwise, must freeze then take out and stir and freeze a couple of times. At least that’s wat I read in recipe books. Too much hassle for me, haha! I haven’t tried to make ice-cream before though~ Haha, if this succeeds, I’ll let everyone know. 🙂


  25. Hi Zhi Wei,

    Thanks for ur concern, I haven’t got any upcoming events that I know of. And as for the things I’m scared of, well, there’s plenty, I don’t know where to start. Cockroaches and lizards!

    I will try to make Raspberry Yoghurt Ice pops since I think rhubarbs are not available in Singapore.


  26. 孤单小精灵


  27. Oh Joanne,

    What you say widens my insight on the knowledge of ice-creams. For example, if we want to make hand-make chocolate ice-cream, we need to use crushed/blended ice with “cream” ingredients plus cocoa powder; freeze them in the freezer compartment; take out, let it settle (for dunno what reason), and put back in the freezer again. Repeat the process for couple of times.

    Icre-cream machines somehow “automate” this hazzle process.

    At least, now I know what I am eating, when I am savoring the taste and enjoyment of yummilicious flavored ice-cream. 🙂

    Yoke Peng

  28. Joanne, i did a search on rhubarbs, found that there’re people selling them at ebay.. 🙂

  29. hihi Joanne,
    Do u like chocalates,i luv them so much,different pattern and tastes:) always eat them,hahasnice desserts feel like eating espically the ice-pops!!

  30. You can easily get rhubarbs in supermarkets. I have seen them in NTUC even. Good luck searching! =)

  31. i found ur blog from google images…

    question: how do you make the yoghurt ice pops? it sounds pretty self-explanatory though..

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