郑斌辉 vs 吴彦祖



86 responses to “郑斌辉 vs 吴彦祖

  1. hahaa.. so in love with TPH liao ah?? =x

  2. both of them looks fit 吧..

  3. Hi Joanne,

    Who is taller huh? 郑斌辉 or 吴彦祖?

    Is 郑斌辉 the tallest artist in mediacorp? I found that he’s 186cm!

    How about female artist? Is Huang Biren (175cm?) the tallest?

    Happy wedding yesterday! (in the drama)

  4. 他们两个的气质有点像。吴彦祖的五官更精致,郑斌辉更man,更有“内容”,似笑非笑的时候很帅!

  5. they really look alike leh…haha..
    both also veri handsome rite….
    haha 😀
    all the best.. and May God Bless You

  6. haha wat a cute entry..maybe in a different angle they look alike..btw wat is ur nxt show after mi tu ?

  7. Hi Joanne,

    Pardon my noobness in the overseas 娱乐圈. BTW, who is the 神秘 吴彦祖? ;)

    Yoke Peng

  8. ping hui looks so much older.

  9. pls lei. how can u compare daniel wu to tay pinghui? mind u la. one is a international celebrity while the other is just a actor which is only recognized by singaporeans and malaysians.

  10. Hi Joanne!
    Just wanted to ask you if you had taken any pictures with Tay Ping Hui?If you did,do you mind if you could send it to me at ruienrocks_azl@hotmail.com .Thanks:)Oh ya,do you still remember that day when you, Tay Ping Hui and Reecca Lim were filming a few scenes of ‘The Truth’ at Marina Square?i came up to you with my sis to ask for your autogragh and a picture with you..and then the pen got no ink and all that..hope you still remember!pls reply asap:)
    Thanks-A Lot,
    Zheng Li:)

  11. hihi Joanne,
    U noe the necklace u got in Happily Ever After,do u still keep it or it is not with u already.The necklace look nice with the harp:)

  12. Hi Germaine,

    No la, these are props, we cannot keep! All returned. 🙂


  13. Hi Zheng Li,

    Yes I remember you. 🙂 As for the photos, I realised I didn’t really take any pictures with him, haha!


  14. Hi Porkchopking,

    Oops, it was out of fun i did the looks match, no other meaning intended, sorry if you feel offended.


  15. Hey Rina,

    I have yet to find out yet! 🙂


  16. Hi Ah Pek Ken,

    It seems like Ping Hui is taller than Daniel Wu, according to figures from their biodata. I’ll tell you when I get to act with Daniel Wu if he is la! 😉

    So far, I think Ping Hui is the tallest guy and Biren is the tallest lady in MediaCorp.

    Hee hee, thanks!


  17. Hi Joanne,

    Hi, Im sophia…im from sabah, malaysia…hehe…surprise so far also got fan of u? hehe….even im not your super fan but i quite like u….u very pretty…haha…so sad that here cannot watch singapore drama as fast as there ……
    I wan ask, if u feel free to answer…how u feel with Rui En? Hope getting your reply…

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Hav a great day….

  18. i dun like kaijie … lol

    i prefer lee nanxing aka jinlong

    li nanxing charm on tv had never fail to impress us even after so many years …

    – your number 1 woodlands fan

  19. hi joanne!
    i think they have the same kind of disposition, especially when you juxtapose the 2 pics =)
    both have that 帅气! yea but 他们走的路线不太一样 O~

  20. You rock [:

  21. Hi Joanne,

    Btw, do you also catch the 9pm show everyday?

    These few episodes are so touching.. tears are massaging my eyes every now and then. Really find your da ge Kaida’s plight very pitiful..

    Is Daniel Wu your idol? Hope you’ll get to act with him soon. 🙂

    Gd nite!

  22. both are handsome!haha

  23. are congratulations in order? 🙂

  24. Hello Joanne…

    both to me look macho macho type of guy with bods that can kill? hahah.. their looks and the look that they give look similar to me.. HAHAHA… but anyway how much they really look the alike depends on individual..

    was watching The Golden Path earlier on TV where they showed TPH interrogating Lee Nan Xing.. simply awesome these 2 guys.. been a while since we see 2 ah ge face off in a drama 🙂

    keep going Joanne.. u are doing well.. Chinese New Year is coming… will you be involve in the annual count down program to CNY Joanne? hope to see u on tv !!!

    regards jacks0n

  25. hmm, i think Daniel wu looks much better than Ping Hui. …

  26. Hii Joanne,

    You and felicia are great in Huangjinlu..
    Hope u act more shows.. Really like the father n Daughter show.U were so cool.
    I tot u will win the hongxindajiang.. Hate kaijie his role so bad one…

    Jia You,

  27. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, your show at channel8 called Huang Jin Nu on

    the 10/01/2008. shows you married with a guy. what is the

    name of the guy.

    and 1 more question is may i know how you mantain your

    face very pretty and clean at all times.

    May i know what is your CCA and Your Course at polytechnic.

    and what age you becomes actress.

    i really want to know more about you.
    please reply me……:)…..:)

  28. hey care to tell us why felicia chin married tay ping hui in the end? hehe. just curious about it. she is like hm so eccentric. she likes jin long and were like deluding herself to like TPH? hm. if u’re not in a postion to tell, its ok. anyway i like ur role. innocent and sweet. but such role doesent have much potential to show to the audience. as in like its so easy to manage. do u agree? anyway take care! =)

  29. i am starting to detest TPH already after watching golden path. lol. it may sound ironic to many but i just cant stand him thought many would say ” c’mon lah its just acting, he isnt so cocky in real life” but try to refresh ur mind. few years back, he was criticized of being cocky. he ought to change his ego. just cant stand him!!!! hm joanne i am great that u were involve in the acting of golden path. you’ve improved ur acting skill. just keep doing so ok? but you doesent get in the scene that much. sad. =( hopefully in the nxt few episode i could get to see you more. stay happy always!!!!!! =)

  30. My god, it must a joke if PH look like Daniel!! Doesnt mean he is interested in you then they are lookalike hahaaaa

  31. alike meh….???

  32. Haha,

    I think I finally know who is the 吴彦祖. He is Daniel Wu, except I dunno his full chinese name, that is why. Haiyah, the photos should have told me the answer :):):)

    Yoke Peng

  33. your blogskin just changed a sec ago. i find the template a little confusing. this is better 🙂

  34. since your working with PH..do you know if he has any plans to get married? even fann and chris are going the tie the knot soon =P

  35. Joannes NO.1 #####

    hi joanne!

    i want to be an actress like u when i grow up..=]
    and are u frm temasek sec?? i am in tat sku too.. i saw ur name on the head prefect board =]


  36. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, May i Know that who is thatguy in your Front Cover Page, i really like to know and what is your latest show at Channel8 Beside Huang Jin Nu. Please tell me lar.

  37. Hey Zhiwei,

    Which guy on what front cover page? Hmm…other than “Golden Path” my next drama “The Truth” will air in April. 🙂


  38. Hi Waikei,

    Yes, I am from TMS! 🙂


  39. Hi Tessa,

    That is a very personal question which I’m afraid I can’t help you with. 🙂


  40. Hi Isabella,

    The first part of your question…hmmm…well every actor or actress interpret the role they’re given differently, as with the storyline as well, so they will design their own character motivations. So sorry I can’t give you an appropriate answer with regard to what the other actors think.

    From what I’ve learnt so far, the difficulty level of a role is not dependent on the number of scenes given, look at “Ah Lin” played by Wang Yu Qing. He doesn’t appear that much but it’s a tough role.

    Also, the way the lines in the script are delivered can change the personality of the character too. It’s like there are so many ways to say “I Love You” and the meaning differs.

    And lastly, a veteran once shared with me, that sometimes the most difficult role is one that is the most ordinary. 🙂

    Hope it helps!


  41. Hi Ah Pek Ken,

    My no. 1 idol is Kwong Sang Woo! Haha~ but given the opportunity to work with good-lookers, whether local or overseas, I will definitely jump at it! *oops* Haha…


  42. Hi Sophia,

    Thanks so much for your support! Hope someday I can go to M’sia for filming or promotional events too. 🙂


  43. hey may i know who extended ur hair in golden path. eh its kinda nice hmmm but the side view of you in golden path, its obvious that its extended hair. cuz of the side burn.

  44. YAY~
    i juz missed u being online. gah~ lols! Enjoy working!! and i’ll enjoy schooling! Okay that is lame. -.- So long nvr tag le. Hope to see ur new show soon!!

    Happy New year!~
    LALALA. 0.0


  45. Kwong Sang Woo? Is he the che cheng jun guy in that show where there is this han jing shu gal?

    Oh he’s cool. And tall also. That show’s touching though can be quite slow at times. I like the song too!

    Do u know korean? Must learn abit then can arrange to shoot in korean film. Hehe

  46. A link of Kwong Sang Woo for your enjoyment.

    Happy wkend!!

  47. i almost thought both pics were the same person initially.. till i got a closer look 😛

  48. Dear Joanne…………………………

    will you be involve in the annual count down program to CNY Joanne?

    3 more weeks to CNY, hope you start shopping for new year cloths and stuffs and SPRING CLEANING!~


  49. helloo!
    i love your acting for ages! hope to see you more on tv!
    may i ask you, besides ‘The Truth’ are you still filming other shows?
    JIAYOU JIAYOU! 七公主你最棒!
    loves, irene 😀

  50. O-zaki simizutoro

    Your upcoming shows in April Called: The Truth.Who are the Actress and Actor inside the Show.

    May i know your Age.

    From: O-zaki Shimizutoro

  51. thanks for replying 🙂

    you seem to be updating your blog quite frequently now. has your filming ended that’s why you have more time to spare?

  52. O-zaki simizutoro

    In The Golden Path, i don’t like Ping Hui, i prefer Lee Nan Xin.

    What Time your next show called: The Truth. and who is inside the show.

  53. i chanced upon your earlier posts and felt that your PA looks so much like 715 ~~~


    715 vs PA haha

  54. Haiz,nowonder i didn’t manage to see u inside mediacorp,u have finish ‘mi tu’ and will be resting for sometime, which mean you won’t go mediacorp.Hope to see u there soon!!!!I always look out for white car but don’t have hahas!Stay happy always!

  55. Yr blog is cool man… yr acting is quite gd too… pls reply 2 me by e-mail! tks

  56. Yr blog is cool.. i like it… pls reply

  57. Hellos!

    Haha. do you still rmb in 2005, at heeren, you were having a photoshoot with Pierre Png and you helped my friends and i move the table away.
    i was the girl who asked for ur autograph and you also took a photograph with my friends too.
    When you were signing, you asked for my name and when i replied “joanne”, you shot a weird look at me.
    hope you still remember!

    pls reply asap!!
    Thx. =D

  58. quote:( hi joanne!

    i want to be an actress like u when i grow up..=]
    and are u frm temasek sec?? i am in tat sku too.. i saw ur name on the head prefect board =]


    i want to see can post the pic here

  59. seriously i rarely come here…

  60. i weekly says that you are going to film a volleyball show with Jessica Liu and Christopher Lee

  61. hihi O-zaki simizutoro,
    His name is Nat,i do not know how to spell his full name!!:)

  62. hihi Joanne,
    Oooo,ok i know now..thanks:)

  63. 可能是你的浅意思将他们归类于同类型


  64. melissa miss j0anne

    hey..j0anne jiiex..paiiseii i now adays come come online lerx..even if online i might even be @ c0mp ehhx..advance studies for ‘N’ lvls..haiis..why now then turn sec 4..should turn earlier..haiis…im miss u nehx..got miss me mahx??? oops…(dun have to answer,but h0pe to kn0w it if i see u aqain..BLEAH!!) uh hurmmmmm…kk llahs..anyway i like ur character as kaiqi..u have impr0ved lerx w0rx..havent been any epis0de..im alwas h0me if n0t will rec0rd it..hai..so sad my tuiti0n starting so0n lerx…jiiex..u have any tips for passing N level?? im really scared i cant do well…if results nt good dunno if can come out lehx..really lo0king f0rward to seeing u again!!! i need to study hard but dunno lehx always cant rememebr facts lehx..jiu jiu wo!! jiiex…i going slp lerx…rememeber reply w0rx…waiting…MISS YAHX=))


  65. hii Joanne,

    i am new fan of yours,

    love your acting n act more shows k??

  66. Hi Joanne,

    Dion here, I loved the Golden Path & yr scenes with Li nanxing. Are u estatic when you noe that u will be working with him & after the working partnership what’s yr view on him.

    Lastly wish u all the best in this yr star awards. Keep on working hard, u have the potential to be an “ah-jie”.

    God Bless…


  67. no matter what angle i see also dun hv the calibre of wu yan zhu …lol

  68. Hey Helena,

    Evande and eddie from Shunji Matsuo did the extensions for me. She spent a lot time, but very good. U can go and look for her if u’re interested. They’re located behind Heeren. 🙂 I know it’s still obvious, but no choice, didn’t have time for my hair to grow. :p


  69. Dear bumperbee,

    U’re going to make him so happy! 🙂


  70. Hey Amanda,

    Thanks! 🙂 I’m trying to work on a new template for a new blog which will contain musings that are slightly more serious or maybe even my stories…not too sure yet, still at the planning stage. But don’t worry, this blog will definitely still be in place.


  71. Hey Jackson,

    I’m not sure yet, I might be, haven’t received any notice leh…
    Haha, no more shopping! I’ve been trying to declutter my life remember? Hope u’ve done yours!


  72. Hey Joanne,

    I’m so sorry, that was so long ago, but I think I remember. 🙂 But if you do see me again next time, must come and tell me u’re that Joanne ok?


  73. Hi Dion,

    I was more apprehensive than ecstatic. Haha, he is after all the “Ah Ge”, and I didn’t really know him, so I’m not sure what it’d be like. But after working together, I realised he’s a very serious actor, but jovial and has his fun side too. He does tease me sometimes, so after a while, the chemistry started to work. 🙂 Thanks so much for having faith in me, I really appreciate your support.


  74. wyz look more young leh=) hoho =X

  75. O-zaki simizutoro

    Hi Joanne, Please tell me your Secondary School CCA and you like which Subject in your Sec. Sch

  76. 哇! 我只能說 薇秀 妳真是厲害
    這肯定是戲劇拍攝時 拍下的斌輝吧…

    妳能找到一張吳彥祖的臉 的方向 與斌輝的一樣…

    斌輝的更MAN摟… 但他對我來說 也是個很Funny的好笑先生…
    更是個 很NICE的藝人朋友… 🙂

  77. Hi joanne!

    finally see ur reply! hahaah.. saw on your previous posts regarding that decluttering issue.. however… Chinese New Year you still need some new clothings.. always remember my mama told me when young.. First day of CNY, a must to wear new shirt, new pants, new socks and new shoes.. with 2 brand new mandarin oranges, you’re ready to go house visiting and welcome the new year…

    hope no matter how you declutter, you still can squeeze out some time and space to buy new clothes? hee.. personally i feel that something new to welcome a brand new year is always good.. hope that you will be involve in the CNY countdown ya? love seeing you in real and reel 🙂

    keep us posted if you do! hahaha

    love jackson

  78. Hi Melody,

    其实当时斌辉在摆一些搞笑的姿势,我是一边在拍一边在笑,所以才会摇晃。哈哈!但是我答应他不把其他照片放在博客上,(因为他说那些不够帅,哈哈!)所以只好用这张。你说的没错,他是个好笑先生,不过坦白说,这部剧的男演员,厚任大哥,谦益大哥,还有泓宇都很爱开玩笑,常把我和Rebecca 逗的哭笑不得。

  79. Hey Jackson,

    No need buy, I got new clothes already. Haha, found them while decluttering…haha…but u’re right, my mom also make me wear new clothes on the first day of CNY. 🙂 Noooo…don’t give me a reason to shop! Haha 😀


  80. Hey Melody,



  81. Hi Joanne,
    Everyone said Li nan xing acting is very good especially his eyes expression,do u agree with this?

  82. Dear Joanne,
    午安! 哈~一堆好笑先生…哈!感覺你們就算辛苦拍戲 但是很開心喔!
    哈~(…) 恩!我相信你說的那一段…
    斌輝就說為何知道不前幾天找他拍 今天很狼狽勒…哈!

    吳彥祖像劉凱威嗎?…我覺得吳是Man型男 劉則是紳士型男…
    說到銘順…我覺得他與大陸一位演員 于波 很像!

    對了!自從電影【突然發財】後 就沒有看過你演出電影
    薇秀有考慮 若有相關電影邀約 會否再拍攝電影呢?


  84. 很久以前香港有位演员叫徐少强的,不知薇秀你认识否?他演过一部很著名的戏–天蚕变,我觉得他比吴彦祖更像斌辉,呵呵!徐少强也是个性格演员,可惜后期多演奸角,形象不免受损,这点也跟斌辉很像!

  85. HI , JOANNE.

    我也觉得他们俩很像. 之前也在斌辉大哥的博客里提过.

    在你BLOG里看到这篇文章后,看来我的感觉是没有错滴. 嘻嘻……

  86. so addicted to Tay Ping Hui d =)

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