It’s 2008!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I’d like to share this video with all of you to start the new year on a positive note.

It was awfully quiet as I made my way home last night, after a sumptuous dinner of Mexican food. At the Hong Kong Cafe where I sat with my friend till the clock struck twelve, no one around us jumped up with joy, or toasted or cheered to the arrival of a brand new year.

It’s like any other day.

It is just another day, just as what a good friend of mine would say. He feels that New Year celebrations reek of commercialism, that is why he never makes a deal out of it. To him, it’s merely a skip of the digits, just like the numbers on the clock, the numbers from lottery, the numbers on the stock index. Life goes on.

True, but still I’m all excited about the new year. Perhaps it’s an excuse to start anew, and to focus on what lies ahead. That’s why I’ve set myself a new year resolution to de-clutter my life. I have the urge to trash, organise and clear some space at home, because I think the environment that we live in will affect the sort of aura that surrounds us too. It’s not superstition, it’s more like a psychological encouragement that if I can be free from all these material possessions, I can be free in spirit. There is too much negative energy in the world. Everyday in the news, there are bound to be (at some point) disasters, accidents, political turmoil, murders, suicides, family disputes, legal tussles and so on.

I’m really looking forward to 2008, where I can lead a life that is undisturbed and at peace. 🙂

What are your new year resolutions?

36 responses to “It’s 2008!

  1. Hello Joanne Jie Jie,

    The year has almost gone but made us strong.

    The path was long, but we walked with a song. there were fears ‘n’ tears ‘n’ cheers, as we travelled the year.

    we know GOD doesn’t require us to “Be the Best” He just wants us to “Do our Best” and He will take care of the rest!

    Wishing u happy memories of the last year & have a great journey ahead in 2008


  2. hello

    happy new year 2008
    hope this year will be a better year for all of us
    stay pretty

  3. Happen to come to ur blog by chance.

    Happy new year to u.

    May God bless ya and ur career in 2008!!

  4. happy new year!!
    hope the rest of the yr 2008 will be a blast for u!=)

  5. My new year resolution is to have a better year than 2007. Treat everyone better. Spend more time with my family and loved one 🙂

    I was talking to my friend yesterday when the clock struck 12am about my new year resolutions and he immediately told me his.. “my new year resolution is not to trust Jackson.” we had hell of a good laugh… well, we were all fooling around…

    but seriously, world peace is the most we hope for.. if there’s world peace, there will be stability.. think of the soaring petrol prices, the political turmoils… kidnapping of other nations tourists and holding them to some ransom.. *complete madness* and last but not least… let 2008 be free of natural disasters.. no more tsunami, no more boats capsizing..

    last but not least, I hope Joanne will have a wonderful year ahead and may you able to clear up your living environment to clear the negative ‘qi’… 🙂


  6. hello joanne

    u sure update your blog often


    happy new year!

  7. Hi Joanne,

    First of all, I wanna wish you a Happy New Year 🙂 Hope to see more of your performances in 2008 hehe…even my gf is jealous sometimes whenever I change the channels to watch 黄金路.

    Well, as for my New Year resolutions, I just hope to finish my part time degree with better grades and to also continue to put in effort in my job. Hopefully the costs of living will go down soon, because the prices of stuff now is really crazy.

    Hope your wish for peace will come true 🙂

  8. Hi Joanne,

    It’s another brand new yr once again… As we head into the new yr together, i juz wanna wish u a fantastic and beautiful yr ahead! May u and all ur loved ones stay happy and healthy always! =)

    Lots of luv,

  9. Greetings !

    Wish you have a wonderful and fruitful new year.

    sincerely yours,


  10. Happy New Year to you! [:
    Really love your appearance in the Path Of Gold! :]

  11. Joanne, I Agreed with what Alicia,

    we know GOD doesn’t require us to “Be the Best” He just wants us to “Do our Best” and He will take care of the rest!

    So, Joanne, I sincerely hope u will live Happy for 2008 & let GOD choice the beautiful path & life for u..

    Happy New Yrs.

    Pls dun forget wat i told u, hope to see u soon..

    Take Care.

    Always there for u;

  12. Hihi Joanne,

    My resolutions would be to cut down on tidbits and fastfood and to exercise more often. Oh ya! And to buy fewer clothes and shoes since my wardrobes already bursting but of course there’s another purpose – to save more money to that I can get to travel to another country.

    Joanne, what’s your favourite country among all that you’ve been to? I think the most memorable one would be Africa? Since you went there all by yourself haha.. Any country which you would like to visit but have not?

    Hope that the year 2008 will be a very blessed one for you and more important, would be that you’d feel blessed too. *I’ve come to realize that being in a blessed situation is different from actually feeling blessed and appreciating one’s life*

    Best Regards,

  13. Hi joanne,

    Guess you have fun on your new year eve 😀

    Hope you have a great year ahead. More new shows to act.. Become more and more pretty each day =D

    Wishing you a very happy new year…

    I enjoy watching ur shows on channel 8 currently. “Huang Jin Lu” is nice…

    Do take care and drink more water, yea?


  14. Hi Joanne,

    I was trying to search for Collagen Pearl Powder from Watson, Guardain and other medical hall, but either they only have pearl powder or Collagen power, dun have Collagen Pearl Powder, can you kindly let me know you get it from where or may be the brand. Thanks

  15. hihi Joanne,
    Hope my year would be better,cause my class most of the girls are malay,4 chinese including me and the rest are all malays..ahh so hard to make friends like tat.take care and god bless,dreink lots of water:)

  16. ie know this came a little too late..

    HAPPY belated NEW YEAR!! 😀

    wishing you all the best and jiayouhhs!

    its me, yeahh me,

  17. Mei Ying Joanne

    Happy New Year to u! 🙂

    My new year resolutions, hope that my career & love life will be good. Hehe. Friends around me will be happy always! 😛

  18. Do u believe in Feng shui ,Joanne?

  19. I have made many New year resolutions, some realistic, some unrealistic. That is just me, where last time my thoughts are very childish and immature even at the young adult age 25s. My resolutions can be as long as a shopping list, but I never make an effort to realize them, especially those resolutions that are deem realistic for me. Last time, I just thought of play, play, and no more. Even though I am studying in the university, where I am lucky to get in because of my good A Level results, I never cherish the times to pass the modules. I just think of playing. Now thinking back, I really regretted my actions. I have wasted 2 and a half years of my youth and life.

    But life still goes on for me. I know the past mistakes cannot be undone, since I cannot turn back time. But I can sift through the lessons and values I need to put into my thoughts, and learn from my mistakes, not to make them again. Hopefully, I can live my life to the fullest from now on, and not waste any more time. I need to quickly get out of the university, get the degree, and start to work to improve my financial situation. I dun yearn to be rich, but at least I must have some decent savings to clear my study debts, and live my life happily. 🙂

    That is the reason why I never make any New Year resolutions for 2008. I only make some realistic goals to achieve in the next 4-6 months, that is to score well for my semester 3 exams, and live a healthy and active life (exercise more). Those unrealistic resoltutions, I just keep it off my mind to prevent myself from getting distracted. I have a bad habit of dreaming the ideal and unrealistic dreams, like Prince Charming and Princess Cinderalla living happily ever after.

  20. Hi Joanne
    Happy New Year.

  21. hi joanne! happy new year! do u feel stress when you are in Teremasek secondary? I am only secondary 1 this year and i am starting to feel stress because that gan eng seng school teachers are too strict! I feeling stress even the teachers haven’t even started to give us home work! can u tell me wat to do? pls reply!

  22. HELLO Joanne! 😀
    scare me you know, when i heard the song as i came to ur blog… hahahas.

    happy new year too 😀
    & i’m having school now.
    it was quite alright.
    have a nice 2008 (:


  23. ya!! new year!! sigh.. haha!! finally a new start!! and for me, i think is going well!! ya.. just dat i leaving singapore.. so sad huh!!

  24. hey joanne!! haha.. ya.. is pretty great that the 2008 for me is good? what about you?? juz wondering!!.. and pls dun mind me using lotz of short form

  25. O-zaki shimizutoro

    Hi joanne, your shows like nice. i quite likes it, may i know your next shows in channel8 around April. Can you tell me the Shows title please. i really very interested the shows title….

    : )

  26. Hi happy, should I say… I do believe in it, but I’m not too into it. No harm hearing another perspective!

    🙂 Joanne

  27. Hi Jolly,

    You are only as stressed as you let yourself be. Take everything as a challenge. Trust me, in time to come, you will look back and appreciate all those tough times the teachers gave you.

    When I was in Primary 6, I had an English teacher who was very strict and fierce with all of us. She was simply appalled at our standard of English and would not hesitate to make us realise how ignorant we are and how much we need to learn in order to sufficiently cope with PSLE. We were terrified of her, but 12 years down the road, when I returned to my primary school the other night, she was one teacher I am deeply grateful to. For without the stress from her, I wouldn’t be able to feel so at ease with the language now.

    You’d probably think it’s easy for me to say now that I’ve been there and done that, so the only thing I can tell you is to hang in there, and try to treat everything that comes your way positively. It’s ok if you don’t know, or take longer to understand. To me learning is about helping yourself, not about whether you are a better or faster learner compared to your peers.

    Treasure school life and when the going gets tough, just drop a message here!

    Good luck,
    Joanne 🙂

  28. Hey zhi wei,

    Check out my Dec 29th entry “The Truth” 🙂


  29. hello!=)
    how have u been? dont tired urself out okays! hugs. must rest well=p

  30. hey joanne,

    did u stay in hall in ntu? i didn’t cos i thought i wun like but i regretted! uni is quite hard to make close friends cos u keep changing classes.. and end up seeing different people each sem, jus for that class. if there is a chance to stay now, i would.!! still in year 2 thou haha

  31. Hi Joanne,

    Happy New Year 2008!

    I am in NUS today planning my study schedules, planning my next May to Jul holiday student internship and applying for upgrade of tuition fee loan (because I am really broke, and I want to really complete my degree. I hate giving up, and this time I won’t waste any more time.) Tell you the truth, I feel very stressed planning all the things that affect my life, because I am afraid I “cock” up again in my time management, and then feel unhappy and not motivated to study again. I am afraid, really afraid. But I tell myself to think positive, and instill some courage to face the challenges ahead of me. All my bad habits are my past, and I should change myself better for my future.

    Anyway, feeling stressed aside, as I alight at the Kent Ridge bus terminal and walk up to the NUS bus stop nearby to transfer the free in-campus feeder bus, I was surprised to see the Mediacorps team there right at the bus stop! I was dumbfounded, and nearly bumped into the limelight of the camera, had I not been alert and stop in time! I was feeling very sleepy at the early hours of the morning, and worse of all I only have had 5 hours of sleep. Haha, and at first I couldn’t recognized the actors and actresses. But on closer scrutiny, I recognized Elvin Ng! Ah Elvin Ng, he is so handsome that the first person I recognize is him! How I wish I can make friends with him, and also with you too! I am not sure if you are there in NUS shooting certain scenes, because I was damn sleepy that time as I walked towards the bus stop, and boarded my bus. 🙂

    Best Regards, 🙂
    Wishing you a best New Year 2008 ahead!
    Yoke Peng

  32. I see.i an feng shui apprentice now.hehe

  33. hi joanne jie !
    i always find it so sad that every time i comment its always after you reply others BOOOO!
    haha glad to see at mediacorp again you ook very tired and worn out do take care of yourself! hope to see you soon an again 😀

  34. Hi Joanne,

    Got ur link while I was searching for something, read ur entry on the New Year.
    I find it ironic that MC passed on. I was quite sadden by this sudden lost. Indeed life is very unpredictable.

    Ur video is actually from The Secret DVD. I had tried the technics described inside as I have read the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and the DVD as well. I find it kind of encouraging but somehow things about vibrational feelings etc is quite hard to believe.

    You can get the book at bookshops or libraries.

    pardon the digress, back to MC king. I have seen him for a long time on TV since ‘Xiao Ren Wu De xin shen’, indeed we will miss him.



  35. O-zaki Shimizutoro

    Hi Joanne, i know already, that shows is in channel8. may asked you how to make your faces very clean at all times wherever you go.

    do you have any shows that is shoot in singapore
    e.g : Orchard or somewhere.

    please tell me, i want to see your firming venue.

  36. yo Joanne!I’m so proud of u..ur thots,ur fluency,ur writing…so glad
    that u’re from vjc!!!=)

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