My Pet Pig

I’ve got a virtual pet! Yay! Check out my right column.

I was sitting in the meeting room (filming location) today and thought of a poem I used to write about Gladys the Cow. And then somehow Hermès the Pig came into my head. It’s weird how I came up with the name, but I sort of liked the irony of it.

Since I can’t own a real pet pig, here’s a virtual one to satisfy my desire!

Haha, I love it!

24 responses to “My Pet Pig

  1. hi joanne,

    what have you been busy with lately?

    my exam is round the corner, can i ask you for some studying tips? how did you studied for your exams in the past? i tried studying but nothing seems to go into my head. =/ i think i’m gonna flunk it. memorising isn’t the best way either. ):

    hope for your reply soon okies? and good luck for star awards! hope you will win! (:

  2. I’ve read about people adopting pigs as pets. I think it’s possible too, in Singapore. (:

  3. Hello Joanne…

    and newcomer….

    Hermès 😀

    Heh. Hope u had a wonderful day joanne!! 😀

  4. your pet is so cute!
    i like pigs too…haha
    they are really cute animals…
    i think the name u gave it is cool too….

  5. nice pig there.. we are born in the year of pig.. cheers j0anne!

  6. hihi Joanne,
    The pig is so cute,i fed it…Rest well,bye:)

  7. share the poem with us!

  8. branded pig…thats cute!

  9. hihi…!! im amanda i know u dunno mi … but i like your acting alot…(= hahas… i’m only 13 this year …


  10. LOL!!a unique and cute name!!

  11. (:

  12. cute sia!

  13. hi joanne

    你的小猪好有趣哦,我还喂它吃了一粒苹果!!呵呵 :)

  14. i’m a pig too… lol… so is fann wong and bryan wong… i like both of them too… -sniggers- but i like u the most…

  15. hi joanne jie!! may i kapo for a while? how old are you this year? i am just curious!

  16. Really cute pig. My sister also likes cute things too, and she buys a lot of furry cute soft toys for her bed.

    Tomorrow, 黄金路 is showing, but I dun have chance to watch it tomolo and Wed, because of my part-time work. Thinking of recording, but suddenly realize I dun have video player, or DVD recorder. Sad. Cannot watch the 1st and 2nd episode. :(((

  17. Hi Joanne

    All the best for the star award. Your performance are getting better already. 3 cheers for u….. take care . n ur cute little piggy is also very adorable….

  18. hi joanne jie jie,

    good luck for the starawards coming soon next sunday. all the best to you.

    love and wishes,

  19. hii hehe i gonna support uuu

  20. hehe i feed ur pig a apple

  21. hi joanne jie, that pig is very cute sia.. and the name u give that pig also very nice……but I think that name abit weird . wish u all the best in yr StarAward this coming Sunday! TC .

    Best of Wish


  22. Pardon my noobness, how da ya feed the cute pig?

  23. Hi Jolly,

    Eh, your question very a sensitive…Hee Do ya know girl’s age are secrets… Hee. but can guess lah.

  24. hi joanne ..

    haha .. your vitual pig so cute ..

    hmm … a nice and unique name u have gave it to…

    Cheerz .. 🙂

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