Bonia @ KL

I had the privilege of being invited to KL for Bonia and it was indeed an eye opener. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

By the time we arrived at Mandarin Hotel, it was nearly 1 pm and I was starving! I ordered room service and I was so surprised the food came served on a trolley. The waiter took the food out from this little “fridge” (except it keeps the food warm) attached below the table and lay it out so nicely in front of me. As you can see I had a sumptuous meal of half a dozen chicken satay, wanton noodle and teh tarik! Yummy! You won’t believe it, but I wiped up most of it!

Wanton Noodle with duck meat…*drools*




This is me, all ready for the press conference.


I’ve never been so overwhelmed by reporters and photographers! The entire room was filled with reporters and photographers, and the reporters actually fielded questions from the floor. Most of the time back here, reporters would sit with us individually for interviews. After the Q&A was photo-taking and I must admit I was a little taken aback by the cameras, cos’ not used to seeing so many photographers. The bright flashes made me a little dizzy. Thankfully I wasn’t wearing too high heels!


Back in the hotel room, I had the honour of having Dennis from our make-up unit do my hair for the fashion show in the night.


The local stars, all dressed up, ready for the night’s event! We called Gurmit, “Bossly”. Cos’ don’t we look like Charlie’s Angels?


Haha, I felt like a super star autographing next to my name on this massive backdrop!


The show was very impressive! After the catwalk, we were posing for the cameras. There’s Gurmit, me, Michelle, Kelly Lin (from Taiwan), Nnadia Chan, Tavia Yeung Yi, Kevin Cheng Kar Wing (from Hong Kong)


A group picture (not wide enough to accomodate all) 😦

The following day at the shop’s opening at Pavilion Shopping Centre. Here’s a picture with big boss Mr Chiang.


And a picture with the the lovely Nnadia.


And of course, the people behind Bonia, not including Mei (3rd from left), who was there to look after all of us! Thank you so much for doing what you did, especially that night at the party! Muaks!

38 responses to “Bonia @ KL

  1. After soooooooo long ur hair can finally style until so glam. U must be very happy~ 🙂

  2. Hih Joannei! U looked gorgeous in the white outfit. I really love the sleeves 😉 Oh ya, and the room service food really looked yummilicious too!~ *drool*

    Regarding your previous entry, I guess having to tolerate hypocrites is part and parcel of worklife though I can imagine in your line of work, it’s much worst. Unlike school life, which is in a way less competitive (I’m the same age as you btw and haven’t been working that long). One just has to be careful. Be pleasant enough to people but be careful not to get carried away and pour out your heart to people. That’s when you’re most vulnerable. But I believe you’ve a strong enough character to adapt to stardom :).

  3. glad that u updated your blog…
    the dresses that u wore are really very nice!
    I guess u must have enjoyed a lot for this trip…
    wonder if u are still very busy like before…
    anyway…take care okie=]

  4. hihi Joanne,
    Went to the car boot sale,i saw ur of ur black dress had been sold.Too bad u did not go,wanted to see u.Did u had a great time at KL..:)

  5. hi joanne..

    After seeing your previous posts, I realised that you have been busy lately..

    btw no matter hw busy you are, must take care and get enough rest .. dun fall sick ..

    jia you!! .. think the greatest gift you can get from your hard work, will be the recognition and satisfaction that you have gotten from your career..Guess that the reason why you 不放假..

    anyway ya ..
    do take care =).. All the Best!!

    Lotsa of Luv .. hehe 🙂

  6. u are best

  7. 真可惜你逗留的时间不长。

  8. you look so pretty! tavia and kevin cheung are my favourite tvb stars!

    i saw this article on the net

    Yun added that MediaCorp actress Joanne Peh was also offered the chance to focus on a film career but she declined because she didn’t feel “ready”.

    is this true?

  9. hmm all those stuff and food sure look wonderful !
    hope u enjoyed yrself on that day 😀
    hmmm …
    huang jing lu is coming out soon cant wait to watch it (:
    hope u wont wear yourself out that often !


  10. hey joanne nice make-up n hairdo & i luv the satay soooo much yummy yum yum hahaa all the best take care (^_^)

  11. Hey Joanne,

    U r not the “feifei” i used to know le. So gorgeous and femine! I like the dress u wore for that night, exposing ur sexy back! hehe…

    U really motivated me with your hardwork u put in.

    With your schedule, i m impressed that U still look so stunning. Any tips? LOL

    All the best ya.

  12. man, you’re dam pretty cann?

    nice to see you update again. though you’ve been very very very very very very very very very very busy, its great to see you endlessly updating your fans on your events (: thanks!

    will be in beijing next week tho. sorry if i couldnt make it to the star awards T.T but don’t worry, you get my voteS!

    love ya loads!



    P/S my god ‘mi tu’ producer is so FIERCE!!! Yesterday i had a whole day of filming with that producer of ‘Mi tu’ he scream and shout many times!!!Hope u didn’t suffer much from him.Hahas will get to see u if i go for mi tu filming! =) I am working part time as a cashier now btw.See u soon!!!Because of work,i cant attend this event and that event but more importantly STAR AWARD and 25 year one i confirm will go! =)

  14. wow u are a lovly and yr out fits fits u too ^^ hope tht u do enjoy yr trip ^^ er..can u add mii in msn thx thx

  15. Opps wrong,that producer is not mi tu one,i know mi tu the male and female producer is very fierce lah.

  16. hi joanne, u look so so so so so pretty!!!

    glad dat u all (singapore artistes) can attend Bonia’s opening! and u can see so many stars too!! shows dat singapore is improving!!!

    Bonia bags look so so so nice… make me wanna get one also =P anw, Path of Gold is showing!!! yeappies!! jiayou JOANNE!!

    Angelia 🙂

  17. hello update ur blog liao..okok..err..did you cut ur hair?lol..very nice hair style in the second last picture:)

  18. Hi Joanne!

    how are you feeling? think better right? haha.. you look so gorgeous eh.. I was wondering what project were you on when you headed to KL with Michelle.. should have realised that it was for Bonia as both of you were the ambassadors! haha..

    the whole event seems to be like some mega gala event hor? lol.. anyway do take care.. nothing much to advise.. and my stomach is not well.. lately the weather is very unstable.. wind also very big.. ride bike almost like want to be blown off due to the strong cross wind.. drive car safer 🙂 everyone do take care and rest well.. year 2007 is coming to an end.. cheers


  19. melissa-miss j0anne

    wah..j0anne jiiee…so long me nvr come here so happy u can update quite fast lerx…so happy eh..know last time u very busy till no time come online..we fans will understand de okok…hmmmm..wad u have grown prettier mans..and yeapps…ur hair is nice…finaly can style up…nice..must be very happy yeahs..hahhhaa…anyway me now in hawaii ehh…its tuesday here in the morning 2.50am lia0x..whilst singap0re is 8.55pm tues night le…hmmmm..miss many ppl mans..bouht sumthing for u..don’t know u like not!!hmmmm…anyway will be leaving hawaii for lake tahoe on thurs morning( hawaii day)….er,,….lake tahoe is very cold winter…will be there to either to ski or to snowboard…hmmmm…thought i have been skiing every yr though…hmmmm….anyway k la..shall write u email instead do check ur email yahs..i got mani mroe to tell ya..take care jiiex….


  20. hi joanne,

    i think u really look great for the bonia events…


  21. Wow, got chance to stand side by side with TVB actors and actress, it has been my dream. Joanne, you are sooo lucky. Nnadia Chan and Kevin Cheng!

  22. Heyo Justin!

    Haha, thanks for your compliments, it’s the makeup and hair by Dennis la! The wonders of cosmetics! Really..:)


  23. Lucky Melissa in Hawaii,

    Hope u’re having loads of fun! Be safe and eat! Hehe!


  24. Hey Rachel,

    I don’t know what you mean by cut my hair, I did trim it, but if you meant cut it short then I must have had you fooled! If you notice my pictures, u’ll see 3 different hair styles! 🙂

  25. how come ur blog become chinese?? o.O

  26. OMG. That dennis dude is a genius. Your hair had such a great volume when its bunned up. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous…and you look a little like Nnadia’s sister in the pictures. There’s some resemblance 🙂

  27. hi joanne


  28. sorry,是第4张!!

  29. melissa-miss j0anne

    eh..j0anne tks…yeapps having fun here…but somehow still missss h0me! miss u to0!! BLEAH…hmmm…anyway do rememeber check y0ur email okie?? tks…miss yahx..h0pe t0 see yahx so0n!

    miss yahx!!


  30. melissa-miss j0anne

    eh..j0anne jiie tks…yeapps having fun here…but somehow still missss h0me! miss u to0!! BLEAH…hmmm…anyway do rememeber check y0ur email okie?? tks…miss yahx..h0pe t0 see yahx so0n!

    miss yahx!!


  31. hi joanne,

    Finally u are here to update yr blog again……..u look pretty in tat hairstyle:))

    The show whereby u r in the act will be showing in air real soon…so happy to be able to c u in the show…

    Hope u all the best in life and for yr career…

    Do take gd care of yrself……..Drink lots of water when u take heaty food….Hope u will get “many many many”awards for the dec “star award’..Surely u will….haha…:))

    All the best



  32. Hope u will c my msg ……..Do tc kays…….

    Always here to support u!!!:))JIA YOU!!!!

  33. at last u updated.Wow you really look really pretty and i like your hair!!the food really looks delicious.guess you had a lot of fun take care ya.. =))

  34. Mmm, makeup? Nice. That reminds me of a TVB serial where Nnadia Chan and Kevin Cheng act in, where Kevin Cheng character teaches Nnadia Chan how to do a proper makeup, to meet her prospective in-laws in a high-class ballroom social setting. Very very mafan, so many steps involved, and the order of procedures are very stringent too. How lucky I am a guy, heehee, no offence Joanne. 🙂

  35. hi joanne! can i ask u where did u get ur white blouse in the 12th picture? the one u posed with Nnadia? it’s so nice!!!! mind letting me know which brand is dat? thanks! =)

  36. Hi joanne, you look really glam in your outfits. =D
    just want to ask if you took pics with kevin cheng?
    sorry to ask you that.

    Not to forget to wish you all the best on the coming star awards 2007. Good luck!! Jia you!! =DDD

  37. d3viil xiiao derr love joanne

    joanne, why nevere replay mii wan siiak… haha.. lols.. anyway, take ur tiime… lols.. take care lots… Miss ur act lots too… Bye:) ❤

  38. hey joanne-jie. i love ur eye makeup~! u got put eyeliner rite?very nice.i love eyeliner too,just tat i dono how to put it exactly.haha. takecares^^

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