Happy Halloween!

最近在电视上看到Tourism Careers 的广告,我好喜欢哦!整个 storyboard 很扣人,而且我特别喜欢广告里把一些我们平时都看成很平凡的旅游职业,拍的很精彩。你们看了吗?

说到旅游,有很多关心我的朋友感叹我没时间和他们约会,一直马不停蹄的工作,还问我难道不想出国散心吗?哎哟,很抱歉,如果忽略了你们是我不好,只是最近的工作量增加了不少,所以有点像在准备考试一样,每晚都开着灯,喝着咖啡,在埋头看剧本看到深夜。除了消化角色,了解剧情,我也在研究怎么融入角色,所以得参考一些别人的表演。这些都已经花了不少时间,所以 sorry 没有时间出门或上网!

问我想不想出国,我还真的没有这个欲望。我想很多人觉得我这样一部接一部的拍很累,可是这就是我的工作啊,我没戏拍,被逼放假的话才真的要担心!坦白说,看我的一些朋友在其他行业里,工作量也不比我少。他们也是很卖力的工作,周末回到家也得工作,整天都在赶deadline, 还要给向老板,客户,同事作交代,所得承受的压力更多更重。他们才值得去放假休息。



16 responses to “不要放假

  1. hi Joanne!
    yupp! must 把握机会! Find the best in yourself! (direct chinese translation…so abit no sense…lol)
    You seem to be still VERY busy even after you finish filming 黄金路…wads the next movie you are filming?O, and btw, hy you never put any photos of the filming of 黄金路? like wad you did for bbfnb!
    hahas, you no time arhs?
    I also very long never go overseas ler…hais, abit sian of being in singapore throughout the whole 2years leh…i miss going out…
    heh hehs…anyway, Joanne, must jia you kayys?

  2. O, before i forget…

  3. joanne!! miss ya lots. hurhurr.. dont tired urself okays. and… hmm check mails. hahaha =p

    loves, takecare k!

  4. Hi Joanne


  5. Happy belated Halloween!! 😀

  6. hey joanne…in your previous post you mentioned about starting a new drama…is that the one you mentioned going to auditions for? if it is, congrats!

  7. Hi Joanne jie jie… i love travelling too. i had been to man places b4 but can’t really remember cos tt was when i was quite young……wat is the new show tt you are filming???and i have sent you an email..=)

  8. wat is elvin ngs blog? do you know?pls reply asap…thanks

  9. hihi Joanne,
    I celebrated halloween with my frenzs yesterday night,going to terrance houses to ‘Trick Or Treat’ and got
    many sweets!!I was dressed as a pontinak,dress in white with make up all over my faxe,haha!!Dun stress yourself k,drink lots of water,BYE:) !!!

  10. 孤单小精灵


  11. o.o i went for the tourism careers talk!!! haha…my school brougt us there.

  12. Hi Joanne,

    busy busy you lately… but all seems good for you I guess… with the increased work load, it will certainly do you good in your career for the foreseeable future…

    I am pretty busy lately too.. hahaha.. working non stop practically 18 to 20 hours lately and seldom have any time to rest much as I wanted to… and guess what tomorrow I’m starting work at 5am in the morning.. LOL

    but all is good for me and I feel happy too.. actually as long as you are willing to adopt another view on how you see your work load or if you are happy in whatever you do, you will not realise that you’ve been very very tied down with work until when people start to tell you 🙂 hopes all go well for you k gal? will come in here to see your recent updates and progress ba… year is coming to an end… rush rush rush all the way!

    regards, jacks0n

  13. hi joanne.i am veron!i left a comment for you on your previous post.i hope you can add mie in msn at
    if not,its alrite!i was so happy that u are in the top 10 list this wk,after watching the star prelude.u look gorgeous at temasek jc.no,i wacnt there.catch u frm tv.
    wondering if u will appear on the show,star prelude n participate in the games n stuff…=)
    all the best n take care!=)

  14. hohoho. hi joanne. [= didnt noe halloween tt day. hahah. hear my fren say it but i duno. hahah

  15. will you be going for any roadshows?

  16. You should blog more in English 😦

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