Mommy’s Birthday

Yesterday was Mommy’s birthday!

We celebrated with her at our usual joint and ate till our stomachs burst! Gosh, I really have been eating like nobody’s business these days. *guilty grin*

We were running a bit late and then too busy eating so I didn’t even take pictures of the glorious food.

Ooh and the best part were the pressies, hee hee, among them were bird’s nest, chocolates, a book on crochet and two packets of facial masks from France! Haha, she was so happy!!

This birthday cake is courtesy from the restaurant where we had our celebration.

Thank you so much pretty lady boss!! *BIG HUG*


Chocolate cake, yummy yummy!!!


I actually thought the spiderman and mashimaro were sugar, so I took them up and started licking them, until I realise they’re too hard to be edible. Everyone around the table had a good laugh! Too bad the camera was with me, so no one snapped the hilarious moment!

35 responses to “Mommy’s Birthday

  1. joanne youu are cute !!!
    hehes …

  2. hi joanne jie jie,
    your mum must be very happy on that day.. on my mum’s birthday, we did not celebrate cos i think she’s busy then i did not get a chance to celebrate with her.. haha your mum must be very happy to have a great daughter like you.. i gtg.. byebye joanne jie jie.. keep in touch..


  3. dooohh..

    my father’s bday is on monday

    dan, kel and sonja’s dad bday are also in october

    happy birthday to everyone
    happy birthday to everyone
    happy birthday to adults
    happy birthday to everyone

    lols. i know im lame -.=

  4. hahas.

    my uncle’s birthday’s on the 8th!

    plan on giving him a watch cause he’s often losing it. muahaha, no offence tho.

    we’ll most probably be celebrating at amk hub or maybe at their house. then maybe jan, jexter and my other cousins would have motivation to study later!

  5. haha happi bday to yr mum!

  6. Wow cool! Haha joanne nevermind la eat as much as u can because being able to eat good food is a blessing! =) Singapore is a food paradise and we get to eat good food from time to time haha,u got go to true yoga regularly mah,so u don’t have to worry about being fat hahas! XD


  7. Joanne! Next time must reply my comments leh k?

  8. alamak,miss the chance to tok to u having tution juz now (cries)…

  9. hello joanne . your mum yesterday birthday she must be very happy right ?……have u such a great daughter !=) my mummy birthday is on 11nov me and my eldest sister plan to celebrate at home and i make muffin for my mummy i want to give my mummy a surprise ! hehe ,gtg

  10. help me wish ur mummy happy bday..hehe..the cake is cute..i bought a similar cake for my fren for her 22nd bday too..hehe

  11. Happy birthday to your mummy!! =D

    The cake looked so cute! 🙂

  12. 幸福的妈妈~幸福的女儿~~~~~



  13. My mum’s bdae also falls on this mth… Will be celebrating it with her next Sat… =P

  14. hi joanne …

    wahaha ..
    u r so cute and funny ..

    well u always got your own way to tickle us ..

    lol .. 😆

    everytime read yr blog .. i can laugh ..

    prob yr blog is my laughing medicine ..

    yeah .. jus came back ..

    today my parents went to celebrate my birthday ..
    actuali my birthday is nt today but dis year celebrating earlier .. coz my examz clash with my birthday ..

    same here~~ … i oso ate alot today ..
    reali kinda indulge .. travel frm place to place to eat… ate pasta, chocolate fondue, japanese dessert …haha .. i oso eat too much le .. 😳

    Glad that u had a nice weekend 😉

  15. well…

    next time i c any figurine of spiderman and mashimaro …

    it will remind me of your antics… haha 😛

  16. too bad ..

    u didnt take the picture of da scene at that time ..

    i bet it will be veri interesting!! 8)

  17. On first sight, it is hard to tell whether the Spiderman and Mashimaro were sweets or chocolates. Some Bdae cakes actually have such cute things on them, but they are actually edible sweets/chocolates. HeeHee, at least you lick them first. For me, I might gobble them without thinking 🙂

    Mmm, btw, this cake looks a bit funny…..Is it filled with white cream on all its sides? What are those black black specks on the cake?

  18. wow…the cake looks so delicious and cute!
    luckily u didn’t bite the toys?…LoL=p

  19. the cake look very delicious. where can i buy the cake.

  20. hi joanne!
    hahahas, how can the spiderman and mashimaro be sugar??
    u very cute eh XD
    hahas, celebrating ur mummy’s birthday reminds mi of the scene in bao bei fu nu bing where u were celebrating po po’s birthday…episode 10 if i remember correctly, i cant seem to get bao bei fu nu bing out of my head
    lolx, heehee, i can imagine…joanne licking a plastic spiderman and mashimaro…so cute XD
    but very paiseh leh…
    hahahas, but got once i tot that the decoration on my birthday cake was chocolate and i put the whole thing into my mouth…same la, lolx, oso super paiseh…
    hmm…cant wait for ur new show!!!
    my mummy is never free to celebrate her birthday, she is always worrying for us…
    haiz…if i ur mummy i happy, cos u so tie xin!
    heehee, joking joking
    joanne ar… take cares and jia you kayys?

  21. but frankly speaking usually the figurines on the cake are made of sugar or some form of edible stuffs… if i sure put the whole piece into mouth and start chewing (*i do not have a big mouth thou :D) hahaha… but think the pics will turn out very well if they manage to capture you biting the Spidey and Mashimaro!

  22. oh..err..joanne..the last comment i typed..sorry i type wrongly;D
    Hahas..lols..i didnt know i type ‘region’
    ..urm..okay..I meant what’s ur religion..spelling..correct?? spelling got problem..hahas..maybe..english PSLE over
    So..i dont really revise my english now..hahas..err..let me check the
    And..say ‘happy birthday’ to ur mum on my behalf..hahas..
    And..urm..u got brother/sister??how many..and blas..
    Love ya always,

  23. You are so filial (: Celebrate your mom’s birthday despite of your busy work ? haha. Sugared spider man & marshimaro. LOL. People do have funny moments. I also remembered when i was young, i tried to eat the figurines also xD

  24. rachel (aka rachael)

    hahas..dunno if i shld put my name as ‘rachael’ or ‘rachel’..
    In school,i use ‘rachel’..less letter to write too;D
    Err..joanne tell u something that is quite surprising to
    me..u know,my mum NEVER watches tv..but when i was like
    watching tv,there was this advertisement of ‘baobeifunubing’
    And when she saw u..she was like’eh,rachel..bai weixiu(err..ur chinese name) leh.i must see thiis show’
    ..urmm..i guess she doesnt know u are called joanne..then,she was like
    so addicted to that show..hahas..she actually dont let me see de..coz’ got PSLe
    But..she too engrossed in that show that she didnt even know i was beside her.. belief she acted in that way;p
    Urm..see..even my mum also fan of u;Dlol..
    Love ya always,

  25. Hii joanne.. found ur blog today.. found ur blog really interesting..
    First time i saw u filming, u look gorgeous..
    u like mickey mouse? i love it too!! haha…
    still waiting for ur new show.. jia you wor.. n_n

  26. err..hi..i typed something ALOT of times..
    But dunno why gone seems like i’m typing a million times..somemore..veryvery long de..nvm..maybe becoz’ of my phone..i use my phone to access internet so SUPER laggy de..err..okay okay..i will type AGAIN..err..for the last comment (eh,no how to say..)ah nvm la..i typed a question wrongly..urm..joanne what i mean was what is ur religion..urm..spelling correct??like buddist,christian,taosim or what..(urm..if there are any spelling errorrs..sorry..i really ‘sot’ already)wait let me check the dictionary for the word religion..urm..yupps..correct..hahas..maybe english PSLE never relly go and revise..and i use alot of singlish=.=”oh and..urm..err..Oh!and do you have brother/sister?? many..i curious;D
    And got alot of things to say..but kinds forgotten..hahas..will say here when i
    Love ya always,

  27. hello!!!
    my mom’s birthday also falls on this month!!hehex!!

    with loves,

  28. you are so cute when you were actting de show “bao bei fu nu bing” jiayou!!

  29. Hi, joanne
    U buy for ur mom birthdae cake so nice n cut.
    U r a veri beautiful n cute =D

  30. Happy belated birthday to Joanne’s Ma Ma!!! May you stay healthy and pretty 🙂

  31. hi! any idea where i can get that cake from? really interested! 🙂

  32. Hi Shin,

    Sorry i have no idea cos’ the lady boss bought it. 🙂


  33. Happy Belated Birthday to your mum.The cakes look really delicious.Anway what did you bought for your mum?My mum birthday is coming too and i have no idea what to buy for her.

  34. to Joanne


  35. Require:

    Can u help me that i want to found a big soft toy (mashimaro) for my girl friend.

    Pls reply… Thanks!!

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