I’m a Glutton


I’ve been a glutton today! *oops*
Had a banana mango crumble at PS Cafe, followed by dinner at Magaritas, which was yummilicious. So yummy I dug into the food before even snapping a photo to tempt you! And my favourite bit was dessert at Ben & Jerrys. Cherry Garcia and New York Chocolate Fudge Chunk double scoop ice-cream with extra fudge and rainbow sprinkly stuff.

What an indulgence!

Now to end a perfect day, I’m going to crash in bed. Got to film out in the sea tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

43 responses to “I’m a Glutton

  1. Yup! B&J! And it’s only $2.50 a pint in US!

  2. hi joanne ..

    good morning ..

    wow wow wow …
    so many mouthwatering food …
    (make me drool)..

    nw abit hungry le ..haha

    not bad all these indulgence can help to spice up your life =).. hehe

  3. ICE CREAM!!!! my fave! hahaha!

    Ben & Jerrys ice cream are nice!!

    Have you been to the ben & jerrys at demsepy hill? the atmosphere over there are so lovely! 🙂

  4. That is nothing. Once in a while to indulge and reward yourself, it is in fact a good medicine for stress. Of course, cannot do this everyday lah, or else first the wallet will grow thin, second our body will grow wide. 🙂

    I am also a fan of chocolates and ice-cream too! For me, desserts I like it sweet. Not very healthy right?

  5. Hi joanne,i learn a bit of fortune telling.i think in 2008 you will meet ur bf and green is ur favourable color.

  6. i hope tagging work this time

  7. yes…congratulation to me for tagging sucessfully…

    mr bean shop is quite nice

  8. I luv Ben & Jerrys’ New York Chocolate Fudge Chunk too! So yummilicious! Have u tried the oatmeal one b4? It’s very nice too… =)

  9. hey joanne,reading ur blog entry makes me hungry and craving for ice-cream.i’m now fasting but i can imagine how nice it taste..Haha..It really makes me drool!! =))

  10. i ate it on Sunday 😀

  11. wow ……… ice -cream yummy! yummy! the ice-cream nw make me hungry ,i nw having my math revision sian so i decided to come your wordpress for awhile .gtg bye

  12. hi joanne ..

    hw yr shooting in the sea?

    btw which seaside you go to? got meet any 猛男… haha =)

  13. WOW
    thats a REAL big meal 🙂
    my fav oart was he ICE CREAM
    hahas ice ream is delicious!

  14. Hi Joanne jie!

    Yup, agree ice cream is nice =) Having my psle this week… today(3rd oct) is english paper =D Wish me luck! xD Pls reply mii email when u’re free! Long to hear from uu, and meiling jie… Hehe! We’ve been smsing likee crazzy!! Haha, we sms until ard 11pm plus right meiling jie? Jiayous worxx joanne jie! Love u all!

    Kim :]]

  15. hello joanne
    good lucky for tml film
    be careful ok and take care

  16. ben & jerry de cookie smth de v nice.. haha cant remember the name. =p

    miss ya 🙂

  17. Good luck always.Have fun filming!

  18. hi joanne ..

    hw was yr shooting in the sea?

    got take any pics? hehe =)

  19. Pretty Joanne 🙂

  20. hi joanne ..

    btw its getting late le ..

    i goin to slp le ..

    gd nitez .. sweet dreams ..

    u oso … do slp early kz.. =)

  21. Justin (aka Ah wang ge)

    Hey Joanne,

    How are you? Finally have the time to read ur blog. Browse thru some entries and a particular entry wet my eyes. No need eye drop for my dry contact, not bad ar… save money. 😛

    At least u r able to warm Mical’s heart during his last days. I believed that he is up in another watching over his family and you now.

    Remember the dream i told you? Haha~ Ur hairstyle is somewad like now… just that it is longer.

    Anyway, glad that u had a wonderful day… All the best for ur filming tomolo… another sunkiss day for u. 🙂

    Take care.

  22. hi joanne …

    seem like you are nt in spore … isit?

    juz gt a feeling you go 海外 to do yr shooting …

    haha … =)

  23. wa seh… joanne jiejie, i jealous of u…u eat so much nice stuff still never get fat…i wan be like u… ooPS sori, i forgot u exercise and i dont…no time ma….heehee… lol, i got ben & jerry’s coupon… cos of children’s day, although i not children liao… heehee
    anyways, i having my last exam tmr, its geography…
    haiz…. wish me luck kayys?
    heehee, take cares!

    P.s i almost wrote ‘although i NO children liao’

  24. i wan go sea too 😀

    bluch. im gonna fail my maths PSLE larhhs

  25. hi joanne[:
    hahas. long tym nvr come here liao. only noe tt my o lvl is like in THIS MONTH!!! omg. how how? 😦 hope to get good grades.;) wow. u r great man. managed to blog so often. hahas. [: tc aR. drink more water esp when filimg is a v hectic work. and.. i love ice cream!!!! [; hahas

  26. Hehe..me too..i taking PSLE..lols..maths paper is SuPER hard..lols..hiaz..wish everyone here who is taking PSLE good luck:Dbetter study le!!byes

  27. yeah agree w meiling..should try havin ben&jerry’s ice cream at dempsey hill…wat a lovely environment to hang out =)

  28. Hey joanna !nice to meet you !i wanted to ask you some questions about the show ‘ bao bei fu nu bing ‘ In that show , you acted as a gangster girl. Can you really ride a motorbike , play the drums and skating ? Please do tell me! I would love to know !

  29. Hey Justin!!

    Haha, yes I still remember those days. Most memorable because that was the first show I had crazy working hours, morning shift followed by overnight shoot followed by morning shift, then overnight shoot again then morning shift again…it went on for like 3 days. I was “zombified”.

    You’re very sweet to be so encouraging all these years, even though we haven’t met in a long time. If u’re coming back to act soon, must tell me okie? Stay in touch. 🙂


  30. Hey Meiling & Rina,

    That was exactly where I had B&J. And then kenna bitten by mosquitoes on both my ankles like mad! I scratch until skin tear..:( Haha, nice ambience but not nice mozzies! 😦


  31. Leo,
    Aiya, industry secret leh..
    Haha, Chun Chun is supposed to be wonder woman, but Joanne is not. So I had a stunt double for all the above. Thanks to them, and the production and post production crew, who manage to make it look so seamless. 😉 Now shhh..don’t tell. :p


  32. joe_crystl14

    Look out for new post later~! 🙂

  33. yeah .. sure ..

    nob prob .. =)

  34. hi joanne ..

    btw u like ice cream alot isit?

    2day happen da variety show on HDB 太太2… they recommend a place which sell a kind of special ice-cream which u can choose a few ingredients like nuts and fruits to go with yr ice cream .. ..

    da shop name is gold rock .. (at Holland Village).. hav u been dere b4?…

    next time shall we go dere and enjoy? hehe ..

  35. to joanne ..

    yeah .. cant wait for your next post ..

    always full of surprises and interesting stories ..


  36. LOL, at first I innocently thought only certain highly dangerous acts need a stunt double, now I was wrong. I heard that some of the dangerous actions of Jackie Chan movies were done by stunt double, although most of the highly exciting actions were really done by himself for he wants to be a real action star. I never know skating and riding motorbikes can also use stunt doubles. HeeHee Shhh…I won’t tell anybody.

  37. I just had ben & jerry today too!
    and it was nice=]

  38. haha..u r juz like me..the mosquito love us coz our blood is sweet =)

  39. YES! that place is awesome! The swings outside are lovely! and it really a great place to chit chat and hang wif friends!!! =D

    Hahaha. ur blood too sweet la, always kena mosquitoes bites here and there. hahaha.

    Poor thing la. Next time you wear full gear go there. cover yourself up then they can’t bit. =p

  40. Hello! I took pictures with you today at Heeren today! I wore red top with black tank top over. 🙂 You are sooooo pretty! Ohmyg. 😀

    -5th oct 2007

  41. i love zhiti! she is my maid! yea!!!!:) Joanne peh is my mum.

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