Make Up Unit or Gaming Centre?

It was a long wait at MediaCorp make-up unit last night and we (Jan, Ian, Chris and I) turned the place with bright lights and mirrors, into a “LAN gaming centre”. Jan was really sweet to let me play House Of The Dead 3 on his laptop and even watch half of Korean movie,
“200 pound beauty”. Yes, that was how long the wait was…


Ian, with a very nice computer. I don’t know what game that is, but I find racing games never fun without the simulator! *heehee*


Jan and Chris, fighting the king in the last chapter of House of The Dead 3. See how tiny the mouse was, they had to almost smash the keys to win the game. Haha!


The king…


Do I look like a cat? Last night’s scene was me running away from the 3 of them. So I crouched underneath a staircase to hide. But of course I got caught and almost got beaten up, until my brother (Li Nanxing) came to save the day!

24 responses to “Make Up Unit or Gaming Centre?

  1. U looked so kawaii in that pic! Hehe! =P

  2. oh is it tiring crouching there………………..

  3. hahas. the last picture is way cute! x))

  4. First to comment,nice pics this is the scene for the show Path Of Gold is it@!!!!cool

  5. 😀 first!

    200 pound beauty! my ALL TIME FAVOURITE korean movie 🙂

    lols… so cute chiobuu :X hide under stairs… :]]

  6. 哈哈,都是英文的一些东西,我真的有点难懂,所以真得很羡慕你们新加坡人,英文华文样样通!!

  7. Hello Joanne Jie Jie,
    You like cute when crouching down.This is the sence of ‘Golden Path’ right?Take good care of yourself!
    Yours Sincerely,
    PSLE Student

  8. ahahas, joanne jiejie, u very funny leh, crouch under the staircase oso got mood to take picture…lol, lucky u never get beaten, later u got ba lu gu again…hehehe! btw, i love racing games with stimulator too! racing is so fun la! lol
    take care! good nighty!

  9. just can’t wait for the show to start!!you look great in the pic. wah so fun can play games.i heard the 200 pound beauty is a good show!!tc.. =))

  10. Wow, his laptop sure is fun >.<

    That racing game looks great haha. Jia you for ur drama !!! Looking forward to it very very much ! ^^

  11. wahx! 英雄救美!hahax!! joking ah!! lolx..cute leii.u.. really look like a cutie cat! lolx..!!!hahax…!!do taekcare!! and dun gaming till too late ah!!

    with loves,

  12. u r so cute Joanne! =) Must take care hor!~ Stay beautiful and happy always!!!!!!!! =)

  13. haha ..

    joanne wow u veri cute ..

    nice pose ..

    wow at nite still gt shooting ..

    u muz b veri tired ystd for da long wait and shooting bah

    btw so hw yr shooting so far?

    Wish u all da best =)

    Hope yr shooting will be a success
    (juz lik Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing) .. hehe

  14. hi joanne ..

    btw hw u find da show “200 pound beauty”?

    nice? ..

    heard it was a veri nice show =)

  15. ha ha joanne jiejie… ou look cute when crouching down… ou still can take picture… luck you get beaten up in the show not real life if not you will get many ba lu kus this time.. take care…=)

  16. you look good in like father like son, i love the show very much

  17. 白小姐,






  18. Lol, mediacorp allows people to play LAN computer games? This is the first time I have heard it. I remember back in my JC days, we all tried to play computer games in the school compound, only to be chided by a stern principal.

    HeeHee anyone notice the reflection of the laptop LCD screen in the first pic? I was trying to figure out who the player was.

    Anyway, jia you too for your new drama series, looking forward to watch it. Wonder when it will be aired on Ch8?

  19. hey… hahaha you do resemble a little cat in some ways =)

    how’s everything on your side? haven’t been seeing you around except for that day lah but I was in a mad rush to settle some stuffs so I ran super fast. hahaha..

    take care! =) by the way, 200 pound beauty rocks! and if you are free, catch the rat movie too. haha.

  20. Hi xiaozxyz, pardon me, hope you don’t get offended, I just wanna help make a correction. The series you are saying is “Like Father, Like Daughter”, not “Like Father, Like Son”.

  21. chErmAinE ;D [[ aHgOu ]]


    just realised i was not first and i go put i first comment :X paisehh siahh

  22. hi florence,


  23. alicia-student {mediacorp extras}

    hi joanne jiejie,
    i seen lots of your shows and all your shows looks great.. and you act very well.. next time, if i have the chance to film a drama with you, i will learn more from you de.. still got 4 more days exam.. hope to see you soon.. byebye


  24. MUAHAHAHA!!! THANKS JOANNE! don have my face =PP only my hair and my laptop!! THANKSS =P haha.. nice pics anyways..

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