Starting Anew


My iBook has served me for over 4 years, and I must say, it has done a very good job. Except for one accident a few years back, when someone tripped over my wire and sent my entire laptop crashing to the floor, I never had any hardware problems with it. But age is catching up with it, and I’ve overloaded it with so many pictures and junk, I don’t know where to start clearing. So I got myself an iMac (above pic), which is much cheaper than the Macbooks. So there, now I’m starting with a brand new computer, and a brand new blog that is more organised (hopefully) and easily navigable.

But starting anew doesn’t always come easy.

I’m currently reading Jodi Picoult’s “Nineteen Minutes” and I get very disturbed with every page. She is a compelling fiction writer, and the story is about a high school killing. She writes from the perspective of the victims, the victims’ parents, the detective, the young shooter, his parents, his representing lawyer and the emotional journey of each character is one that is very real, and unfortunately dismal.

When an incident that is as extensive as a high school shooting takes place, all fingers point at the shooter and his parents. But nobody feels sorry for the boy for his act of vengeance against a lifetime of hurt. It’s hard to forgive him, but as I’m led into his inner world, I begin to understand why he did what he did, and realise that it’s a catastrophe in the making. Not that what he did was right. I sympathise with his parents who struggle to identify how they have brought him up wrong; I feel the emptiness of losing a loved one; I see the desperate attempt of a parent trying to connect with her child; I empathise with the detective who has so much evidence to plough through in order to answer to everyone. It really amazes me how when I close the book before I sleep at night, my heart is soaked with sadness and despair.

I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it’s a book that has taught me many emotional lessons:

When tragedy strikes, mulling in sorrow actually reigns in the pain that otherwise would strike out viciously with each step towards starting anew

19 responses to “Starting Anew

  1. had always love the way u write. now i still do.

    emotional turmoils are hard to handle but it just make a person stronger everytime they stand through it. =)

    haha ur heart soaked with sadness n depair because u put urself into the shoes of the person u’r reading abt. it’s a good thing u know. hee..

    性情之人啊。。 真像我。。 呵呵

  2. ibook is nice to use! the school that i currently working at are all using ibook and imac.

    i’m also planning to change my lappy to ibook too. haha

    That book seems like a nice book wor. Shall go down to kino or borders one day to have a look =]

  3. hi joanne…could you tell me your email address?mabye you can email me sonething so tt i will know your email address? haha thanks.your new blog is cool….i love both your new and old blog! =) take care kay?

  4. hi joanne,from ur dob i can see that your character is someone usually dun like to sit still one,u are usually introvert,value principles and often think of the greater good.your disadvantage is lack of staying power with any endeavour.

  5. I read that book and I love every minute of it. I actually was bullied in school for a period of time back in primary school, so this topic was close to my heart.

    I’m not very fond of Mac…I love my Fujitsu laptop more. xD

  6. Nice to see your blog. will come back here frequently…

  7. haha! my whole house is full of macs. there is only one acer laptop…hehe… there are 5 macs 1 is spoilt.

  8. interesting review of the book. now i feel like reading it! Jodi Picoult’s books have always been rather thought provoking – like her other one, My Sister’s Keeper. check it out, a very nice story.

  9. 薇秀你好
    看了你演的九層糕 漸漸認識妳
    很好看喔 還有讓愛自郵

  10. hello! i always like ur acting ! VRY NICE !
    espicially crying part … jia you!
    hope u can act on more TV shows !:)

  11. joanne jie hello!
    i love jodi picoult too!!
    my favourites are: my sister’s keeper amd plain truth, but i haven read the one u r toking about, will try and grab it somday! hahas…

  12. hi joanne jie!i like Jodi Picoult too
    i’ve onli read my sister’s keeper
    i think i might grab ur recommended book someday!
    and can i have ur e-mail? if not, then never mind

  13. i realized joanne wont reply to her fans comments.sigh

  14. haha, why do you want me email? :p

  15. JP:did u still contact with the ‘ah lian’ jack -clean after the show?

  16. cos i want to email you something…i won’t tell anyone without your permission kay? pretty pretty please?

  17. the sister’s keeper and keeping faith by Jodi Picoult are some very nice books as well. 🙂

  18. hi joanne jie! im a big fan of u… all the shows u act in all vry nice… jiayou!~~ o ya… a=n i love ur blog!

  19. I think Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult’s a great book. You should go read that too {:

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