X’mas Album Shoot

Yay, this year I’m involved in the Christmas album! I’d be singing “Merry Christmas Everyone” with Jade, Felicia and Fiona (hee hee, double J double F). Last night was the photo shoot for the cover sleeve. I don’t know why it’s not with the other girls, but of course I’m not complaining either. *grins*


Nat & I
Nat is supposed to be my X’mas present


I had to put on this elaborate headpiece and Desmond is the dude behind the look.

This is Fion. The creative make-up artist. 🙂 Both of them started styling the artistes involved since afternoon. I was the last female artiste of the day, so Desmond wasn’t so stressed, can see him smiling!


Styling finito…


Nicole, the stylist for the Christmas album. She has to find outfits for all the artistes involved in the shoot and discuss with the hair and make-up stylists the sort of image to give us. Mind-racking job!! Thank you Nicole!! *muaks*


Ting Ting, stylist assistant at variety wardrobe. They work long hours, have to pick up after us, do the paperwork so as to make sure everything is in order and we wear the clothes (instead of having the clothes wear us, hee hee). Your silent presence is our source of support! Thanks a bunch!


No need to plant a star on top of the Christmas tree. My headpiece works too!


We still prefer spontaneous shots.


Ho ho ho…

44 responses to “X’mas Album Shoot

  1. tsktsk. haha here the blog entries no time stated. boo. =)

    cant wait to hear u sing.. woohoo.. hehe..

  2. wow! will be looking forward to the album! hohohoho!

  3. Wah! can’t wait for the album wor! =D hohohohoho~!!!

    P/s: joanne pls ignore the previous comment. delete wor. thanks ya!!! =]

  4. Yay. Hope to see you on TV soon ^.^

  5. woah nice hairstyle in the pics..i love the 4th pic..=)

  6. Eeek. Wah you smart ahhh change to WordPress ^^ Now people can’t spam you already, and have to wait for your approval of their comments. So smart =D I also wanna change to WordPress soon.

    Can you tell me how to move the posts from blogspot to WordPress? I seriously don’t know. Thanks lots.

  7. check it out yoz! u look cool man! hahaz, rarely see the wild side out you, btw, u look taller than Nat, making the pics very weird leh…haha, but joanne-jie! i will support you de!

  8. nice hair. should put the pics bigger next time.
    easier to view.

  9. hello joanne. [: first tym leave a comment. hahas. ehm.jy in ur show!! i love ur show “bao bei fu nu bing” it v cute. ^^ hahas. mind if u add me in msn? hahas. if u r free. [:
    jyjy!!! hahas. my idol 4eva!!!

  10. heyHEY!

    you look totally pretty! hahas. x))
    looking forward to hearing u sing gal.

  11. I was wondering how you gonna reply to my previous comment regarding the moving of posts from blogspot to wordpress which I asked.

    You can add me at bleaghx90@hotmail.com . Don’t worry, I’m a 17 f hahaha and I’m not so childish as to give your email to anyone. xD hope to chat with you on msn soon!

    With <3,

  12. your new layout is sooo awesome!

  13. Dear joanne jie,

    Please check ur email and reply mee!! Please please please! Its been a long time since i have heard from you… =D And your pics are nice =D Reply me okkays? Longing to hear from you…~!! Please replyy! ❤ Stay happy and reply my emails…!! Cheers!

    Kim :]]

  14. To Jiamin,
    Go to “Manage” and then “Import”. Just key in your username and wordpress will do the rest. 🙂 Hope it works. @–xoxo, joanne

  15. One word to describe ur look for the xmas album: Fabulous! Haha! =)

  16. haha Jobulous =x

  17. Oh yes, I’m sorry but the size of the pictures are fixed for now cos’ they’re thumbnails. If I put full size they’ll be way too big. Let me try out what’s the ideal full size I should edit my pictures to next time. Aiya, don’t buy too high m.p camera next time liao…Hee..

  18. hello joanne! hahax!! wow.. looking forward to hear the christmas song!! hahax!! jyjy and do takecare of urself=)

    with love,

  19. change ur cam setting? shld be able to make it smaller when taking pic..

  20. Use the following code and u can adjust the size of the pic according to ur liking…

    the link of the pic = right click on the pic u’ve uploaded and copy paste the link… then amend the width and the height…

    Hope that helps! =)

  21. weird the codes dun seem to appear… i’ll email u bah… sorry for flooding…

  22. so im number 23 visit your new blog..haha

  23. Hi Joanne,i not a fan of u and i dun like to watch your shows last time,but after watching your acting in your lastest drama ‘bao bei fu nu bing’,i like this show a lot and your acting.Your acting improves a lot.I oso like to see ur blog too.I think you have a new fan now.

  24. Oh ya, if the pics too small u can click on it to view them bigger. sorry for the inconvenience la. because i upload them directly on word press instead of using an external image host, that’s why the size is fixed at the thumbnail. hee..

  25. hihi gal! my first visit to your blog! (i’m trying to destress from freaking out over not getting my script right…:() 😀 let me guess…the green dress you’re wearing is from gucci…right? very nice! you look gorgeous in the photos. looking forward to hear your x’mas song!! 🙂 cheerios~

  26. JP:may i know when is ur dob?

  27. joanne put video on your blog will be better

  28. hey jeneen, i don’t think it’s gucci though. aiyo, it’s a group song la, won’t hear much also. heehee, jiayou for your competition! finals i hope i can go support u at tvt!:)

  29. 25 April :p

  30. sorry i dun know how old r u now?u born in which yr?i 29 liao.uncle

  31. joanne, u Aries? or Taurus?

  32. Joanne, glad to heard that u singing for Christmas album.. can’t wait to heard ur album..^_6

  33. Request : Can you delete the 3rd comment which I have made? (Comment 11)

    I don’t want anyone else to know my email except you :p Thanks a lot, and don’t approve this comment too.

  34. hiix joanne jie..

    nice to meet u.. my first time here!!! i’m onli the age of 14…so if i say anything wrong pls dun be angry.X(
    umm i was wonderin if u can add me in msn?
    sori if i ask too much..
    plus i waitin for ur new show “path of gold” i tink forgot wat the show title..
    realli hope to see it soon..
    wonder if u can tell me when will it be show on TV?
    thx alot..
    and also the new christmas album too..

    [Sigin Off]
    [Take Care
    Ps: jia you jia you!^^

  35. hello joanne jie!
    can you add mi in msn pls?
    cos i wan ask you some questions…in private
    relax la, i not paediophile or something, just a fan la
    n i promise that if u are willing to add mi i will not giv ur email to any1 at all…kayy? plsplspls
    i really wan to ask you some stuff!!

  36. Hey Joanne,

    U did realli well in Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing. Will be lookin forward to your new show ‘Huang Jin Lu’ aka ‘Path of Gold’ as well as the Christmas album 😀

  37. JOANNE ROCKS! =) MY FIRST TIME HERE WORS! =) MUST JIA YOU K! =) Joanne I can’t come here often now,my O levels is in around 3 weeks time,must study hard! =) Hope u understand haha. =) STAY HAPPY ALWAYS!

  38. Wow i am looking forward man! =) Haha i believe it will be a fantastic one! =) Joanne u definitely look beautiful in all the pose! =) haha cool man!

  39. hiies joanne jie my 1st time here also…=)
    hope ur getting more and more shows cos ur acting has onli a word to describe…FANTASTIC!!!
    aniway i gtg will be coming on soon ADIOS =)

  40. hello joanne ..

    wow .. great …

    yeah !! ..
    i will definitely buy dis album when it is out ..
    btw u will be siniging in Chinese or English ..
    coz if gt christmas carols in Chinese oso nt a bad idea ..

    coz when i saw u singing at bao bei fu nu bing ..
    i find dat u have a very nice and sweet voice ..

    btw u will be siniging in Chinese or English ..
    coz if gt christmas carols in Chinese oso nt a bad idea ..hehe

    Yeah!! .. i will support u all da the way =)

  41. hello
    1st time here
    i really like your shows, especially <> its super nice!!
    Add me in msn??? If u dun mind la
    im your new fan… haha your shows rock!!

  42. joanne can we be friends nice to meet u i am new to acting

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