Sesame Street

Sesame Street was pretty much part of my childhood. These were my favourite characters!
Don’t the songs just make you happy?

8 responses to “Sesame Street

  1. Hohoho! I’m here! =D

    Nice bloggy you have! Love it yeah! =D

    Sesame street used to be a cartoon which i watched almost everyday during my childhood. I loves almost every characters. Cute!!! haha

  2. SERIOUSLY, what a nice and sexay banner you have there.
    done by your nice and sexay bro.

  3. I luv elmo… Heh! =) Anyway, nice blog! =P

  4. do u want an elmo next time i see u? or cookie monster? dont tell me u want that trash bin? lolz..

  5. very nice banner sia. hope to see more of your shows joanne ^^

  6. the banner very nice ^^. hope to see more of your shows soon.

  7. hi joanne..nice banner pic u hv..i ms ur role as chun chun… =)

  8. Cool banner =D

    I will continue to support you foreverhhh!!!! Appear more on tv please. I can’t wait to see your shows again. =)

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