Singapore Changi Airport

Heavily pregnant in the drama “A Path Of Gold”

I love our airport!

We were filming one short scene at Terminal 2 yesterday and I come to appreciate how bright and clean and orderly our airport is.

Whenever I travel, I realise there is so much to do inside the departure hall, my only gripe is not having enough time to do so before the plane takes off. Not that I’ve been anywhere recently, and neither do I have the impulse to travel at the moment.

As much as we’ve got a beautiful airport, it’s a place I don’t always feel very good about. Whether I’m there to travel, to send someone off or to pick someone home, the emotional turbulence I have to go through each time doesn’t make me like being there.

I’m the sort of the person who wants to travel, but when I know I’m going to be leaving home, I start to lose all excitement. That is not to say I don’t enjoy my trips, but I guess maybe our airport is too homely, it makes leaving difficult.

If I’m there to send someone off, needless to say, this person means a lot to me. And usually it also signifies absence for an extended period of time. Parting is painful and on days like that, the airport always seems colder than usual.

When someone is coming back, the wait at the arrival hall always makes me dizzy with anticipation. I’m happy the person is coming back, yet sometimes the dynamics are a little awkward, because it’s been too long since we last met.

So you see, while I am proud of our airport, its facilities and infrastructure, it is also a place that stirs up a concoction of feelings I don’t derive anywhere else.

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