Stepping Out

Hello! I’m so sorry for missing in action! Didn’t mean to leave you all in the lurch. 😦 We’ve been filming in the studio all week, and I really haven’t found time to rest well, eat well and sleep well. Finally managed to get a day off today and just had a nice milky shower, so yummy!

And oh! I’ve got presents from Hong Kong! From a beloved friend! Thank you, muaks!

Delicious! Though I still like the ones I bake myself :p Heehee!

Mini Blythe Doll in Minnie Costume.
Isn’t she adorable?!?

Another Blythe doll

The beginning of this week week was fraught with a lot of emotional unpleasantries, which eased out as the week wore on. I don’t lament that these occurrences take place because more often than not, they unlock complex emotions within me that I never knew existed. And this, I reckon, is particularly helpful when I have to portray the emotions of the characters I play.

Post turbulence was the period I gave myself to reflect on certain random ideas. I came to realise that I’ve been so caught up with the pace of life and the responsibilities thrust upon me that it sometimes stresses me out unnecessarily. I form higher expectations of myself, sometimes based on what others want, all in the attempt to play the perfect role at home, at work and in my social circle.

Truth is, I’ll never be.

Not that I’ve given up trying to be a better person, but first I got to get the direction right. I haven’t got the perfect answer, but there has always been a beacon beckoning me, only I might have lost sight of it occasionally. I believe it’s time to abandon my course and steer towards the unwavering light.

I am truly grateful that I am blessed to have people who love me enough to bother.

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