While waiting for my car to be serviced yesterday, I went for a little test drive of the new Suzuki Grand Vitara 2W Drive. Love the big, spacious interior! I’ve always liked SUVs actually, and I almost bought the 4W Drive (that was before the 2W Drive came out) when I was contemplating between that and my current one, which was cheaper. In the end I chose the cheaper one because I was persuaded by a dear friend that by the time I pay up the bank loan for the Grand Vitara, I would have actually paid more than $100K for a vehicle. Imagine how much I can save every month if I chose the cheaper option? So after doing a bit of calculation, I decided to rein in my desires and be economical instead.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t drool when I see big cars.

The thing with the one I test drove yesterday is that, it is big and macho, and very comfortable, but it doesn’t feel very sturdy. Because it’s a big car, and the centre of gravity is higher, so it’s much easier for the car to flip too. Dangerous!

That’s why I always get torn between SUVs and performance cars. Performance cars on the other hand feel very much stronger and safer, so it’s not only a luxury to drive, you feel protected too. Then of course you pay more for all that.

Sigh, I reckon the best option is a performance SUV.
Like the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GL class or the BMW X5.


I shall dream on lah.

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