Cars and Such

I think this car is cute! I’d probably want to drive it for fun, but I doubt it’s practical for me because I have far too many things to store. But then again, the advice I got the last time I bought my current car was that a small car may have less space, but that will prevent me from over-cluttering it.

True true.

I used to like driving performance cars because I actually enjoy driving and with a good car, you really appreciate what it can do. Couple of years back, I went for a BMW advanced driving course, that taught things like proper driving posture, defensive driving, over-steering, under-steering etc etc. It was only at the race course in Malaysia, that I could ram the accelerator of the BMW 330i without worrying about crashing or getting caught. The 330i is a very stable car and the way it hugs the road when you corner makes it all the more exciting to go fast. Ok, I admit, speeding is thrilling and I love it! Moreover, that sense of thrill can’t be replicated anywhere else. Hmm, then again, I take it back. Maybe on deathly roller coasters too, because I remembered that feeling the last time I went to Cape Town and attempted “suicide”. But that’s another story for another time.

The thing is, sitting on a roller coaster, you’re not in control, unlike driving. That’s why it’s adrenalin rush from fear versus adrenalin rush from excitement. I’d choose the latter. Let me reaffirm my stand, I enjoy the drive very much, but I do not advocating speeding.

Now for me, practicality overrides desire, that’s why I sold my dear Alfie and switched to something more economical. I still want to test performance cars if I’m privileged enough to be invited, but in the meantime, I’m perfectly happy with what I have.

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