Changing Taste in Music

Recently I’m into J-pop and K-drama. Ok, maybe I’m a bit slow, considering the fever is sort of dying down, hmm, or is it still going on? Well I’m not so sure anymore, maybe cos’ I’ve been too out of touch with the latest trends. Whatever it is, I didn’t used to understand all that craze over J-pop or J-fashion, but guess what, I bought Namie Amuro’s new album and absolutely loved it. She’s been around for a long time, but somehow her style never struck a chord with me, until today.

Her music sort of has a big band feel to it, especially “Hide and Seek” which has the sounds of trumpets and drums. Never mind I don’t understand Japanese, I’m equally drawn into the tune and rhythm. That’s why they say music transcends all boundaries.

If you ask me what sort of music I listen to, I can’t name you a specific genre, because my taste changes depending on my mood. For a while I was into New Age stuff, like Tony O’ Connor (sounds of rainforest, sea waves etc), then I liked jazz (Michael Buble, Rod Stewart), then classical fusion (Bond, Maksim), then french music, (Janet Siddel) then one genre I’m not so sure what it’s called but I shall just name it contemporary (High Society, Pink Martini), then lounge music, then “tango-like” music, and now, any sort of music that has a unique twang to it. That’s why I love JJ’s new song 《杀手》because I love the sounds of the gu-zheng and guitar mix, as well as one of his other songs that has er hu accompaniment. It’s surprisingly refreshing !

I’m totally for fusion, because it’s creative and the combinations are countless.

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