Dive Lesson 1

Today Nat and I went down to Raffles Country Club for our first dive lesson. Or rather snorkeling lesson. We had to familiarise with breathing through the tube, swimming with fins, nose dive into the bottom of the pool, hold our breath, clear water from the tube and boat jump. This is all training for a scene we have to do in our upcoming drama.

It was quite uncomfortable initially because all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe through my nose (breathed in water instead), and I kept swallowing water that entered through the tube. *yuck* Then I had to nose dive to the bottom of the pool but because I’m quite buoyant, I needed to wear a weight belt so I would sink. At the bottom, my ears hurt quite a bit at the beginning but after a while, once I got the hang of it, the whole stint was quite fun! It’s quite amazing swimming with fins, cos’ I can move so fast!

Actually, my favourite part was the boat jump! I love the SPLASH feeling and I couldn’t stop giggling once I hit the water, so much so that instead of diving deep into the pool, I spit and splatter up onto the surface. *haha* That was fun!!!

Goofing around…

Nat, Sherwin (our cute instructor) and Me

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