Sungei Road flea market

It’s sooo hot these days. The other day we were filming at Sungei Road flea market, and I was so amazed at how the old vendors can bear with the heat and glare from the sun, setting up small little stalls to sell second-hand items. I didn’t see anything I like, more because it was too hot to shop, and it got a bit crowded towards the evening. I remembered my classmate in Uni once did a photo-story here, and she was very “lucky” because the day she came, there was a raid, so she managed to get some very interesting interviews from the vendors and exciting pictures. Since then, I told myself I must come and take a look, but never did.

Haha, now my wish came true. Well, I suppose for that day, the only interesting thing that happened was probably me running after my daddy, weaving in between the stalls, while the camera stayed hidden somewhere so the people walking around will react naturally to us pushing past them. Heehee…

One response to “Sungei Road flea market

  1. I used to live at Sungei Road till age 12.
    Sometimes, I still returned to walk around the area even though my house was no longer there!
    Maybe to refresh my childhood memories…

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