Bonia Launch

Hellooo all…
I know a lot of you couldn’t come to the event cos’ it was too last minute, but it’s okay. I’m happy to know you were all rooting for me in your heart! *big hug* Thank you thank you!!! *cheers*

Today was the launch of the new Bonia outlet at OG Orchard Point. Michelle and I were given the opportunity to design the kind of bags we would like and today’s event also saw us unveiling the 4 designs we came up with.

Designing was very fun and exciting for me because I never thought I would ever get the chance to do that. What’s more, it’s my first time, and I’m not a very arty-farty person, so it was a bit challenging. But the designer at Bonia was very helpful and supportive, so I just don’t think too much la! I ended up keeping my designs simple and classic. I really hope they will sell very well so Bonia will get us to design again for the next season or something!!

Mich and I with our designs

During the interview

After programme briefing

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