A Life Of Hope

I was sorting out my folders and found this old picture, taken maybe about 2 or 3 years ago I can’t remember. This is the cast of 《活下去》and we were gathered to take a poster picture for the drama.

I remembered when I was doing this drama, I almost never ever meet Hanwei and Ping Hui because their storyline was completely different from Elvin and mine. So it’s strange that even though we’re on the same drama, we don’t ever meet on set, and the only time we do meet is when we come together to do a poster picture. *haha*

That’s the way drama is sometimes.
Those were the days…

2 responses to “A Life Of Hope

  1. i just happen to watch this show on 9 june 2009, wow nice show =)

  2. dear joanne,
    this picture was 4 years ago

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