I find this picture very funny. It’s like I kenna whack by so many guys and you see one man at the bottom right hand corner, obviously not helping. *haha* He is actually the martial arts choreographer. What he does is he will teach us how to fight, where to punch/kick, how to punch/kick and if there’s anything that requires falling from a height, or a stunt that is potentially dangerous, he will replace the actor.

Kenna kick in the backside by Vincent. He is the small leader of this gang who actually belongs to another bigger gang that has a sub-head, that has a bigger head, who has deep conflict with my “po po” and daddy. Complicated secret society stuff but the point is, everytime we see each other, sure fight.*abish*
Me trying to do a Uma Thurman in Kill Bill impersonation. *heehee*
Daddy and I…:)

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