Blessed Birthday

Thanks to everyone who sent me sweet birthday wishes on the tagboard! I am truly blessed to have many good friends, colleagues and fans who remembered my birthday and made it special with their thoughtfulness.

I had a busy (but fun!) week, filled with celebrations with different groups of people, including the wrap party for the drama that I just finished filming (爱。特别的你). It’s the first time I’m having such a major birthday celebration. Last year, I spent my birthday alone, stranded in Cape Town because I missed my flight home on the 24th. I remembered I took a bus to the beach, bought some Nandos chicken and had a picnic cum tanning session. I’m so glad this year, I’m home, spending my days in the company of people I love.

Haha! Of course got lotsa pressies!! I love them all!!! I will post pictures of my stash soon, as soon as I get my room sorted out from the wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes and cards.

Tomorrow is imaging day for my new drama role, so I better go sleep soon.
More pictures will come. 🙂

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