Pink Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa


I’m so amazed at how intelligent dolphins are. Although they’re sea mammels, somehow there’s something quite human in their eyes, so much so that, when I see the dolphins doing stunts, I wondered what’s going through their heads. Does it hurt for them to jump out of the water and perform a spin? Do they feel tired having to roll around, or wave their fins at the audience?

Believe it or not, I’m actually quite shy in a bikini. Doing a studio photo shoot is fine because I’m in a confined area and can take cover. But it’ll be quite silly to wear a robe at the beach, so I’m glad I have the life jacket to take away some of that “bareness”. I’m quite sad because I’m the only one who is decked out in swim wear but don’t get to touch the dolphins!

I’m sun-kissed from all day filming at the Pink Dolphin Lagoon.
I don’t look “chao tar” in this picture, but I am already!!! *sobsob*

One response to “Pink Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa

  1. Wow…So sexy. Wish i could bd like u.

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