Rekindling Music

When I was much younger, my mom made me learn piano. At that time I dreaded every Sunday because attending that 1 hour of piano lesson was torturous! I sucked at theory and didn’t really care what quavers and crotchets were, so I quited by the time I was Grade 3.

Over the years, I continued to play some Clayderman pieces on my own but have lots of trouble reading the notes that go beyond the 5 staff lines. Now, I somewhat regret not having made it that far, because music can be very therapeutic, especially when I don’t have the energy left at the end of the day for any other recreation.

This is a picture of me rekindling my interest in playing the piano. My co-star is supposed to be a very good pianist and this teacher is there to help him, but I decided to steal some time off while waiting to hit the keys a bit. 🙂

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