Photo Shoot

This picture was taken by my PA at a shoot I did the other day. Looks easy, but I actually had to use my (non-existent) ab strength to hold the pose. Tough la but at least I can train my abs too! Haha!

I received this bouquet of sunflowers at the end of the shoot. So all that pain in the abs was worth it! Haha! I was so thrilled because sunflowers always makes me happy. Don’t they look like they’re smiling at you?

One response to “Photo Shoot

  1. Hey, thought you might want more photos taken by myself during the shoot…

    First shoot:

    Second shoot:

    and yes, we were all marvelously admiring your patience and ab-prowess doing the shoot. thanks 🙂

    too bad we don’t get to work again this year.

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