Long Day

Xiaoman got promoted!!!
No lah, I wasn’t busy saving lives today. *heehee*
It’s how we have to dress in order to visit someone in the ICU. Part of my new drama.
Honestly, I can’t imagine how doctors put on the mask and talk to patients, nurses, family members, fellow colleagues, because I kept choking on my own breath! And I don’t like the smell of rubber gloves on my hands…ewww…

Some of you commented that I looked bothered at the roadshow today. Thank you for your concern, ok, I confess, I was very tired. My day started at 5am this morning and I only slept at about 1am. Then at the hospital, it was a typical crying scene. So if I didn’t look my best, it’s due purely to fatigue. Nonetheless, it was good to see everyone and my apologies if I didn’t manage to sign for and shake hands with everyone, cos’ the venue was too congested and I was quite disoriented. Hope we’ll get another chance to some other time.

Now time to sleep. Another long day tomorrow.

P.S. A big hug to all who came for me today! Love ya!

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