I Want New Template!

I know I know, my blog is very standard and boring…
Sorry sorry, I really want to find some nice template and give this blog a new look so you all won’t get sick of reading me write. :p

But right now I’m really too preoccupied with filming my new drama, and I really need all the concentration, cos’ this time round got to make sure there’s some improvement in my acting.


3 responses to “I Want New Template!

  1. Now it’s beautiful! 🙂

  2. Hi Joanne, Your blog looks so beautiful. Don’t stress yourself. Yes u should change once in a while whenever u are free 🙂 U should add nice design to your blog, put music to your blog or add interesting flash and click enter to your blog. That is my idea. U should consider:) Since this is your blog, so it is up to u to decide.
    Cheers: Debbie Wee 🙂

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