Getting Started

Finally, the blog is up, but there’s only one entry! *oops* Sorry, I have been busy filming my new drama so I didn’t have time to update any decent entries. I’m hoping to post more pictures, otherwise it’d be so boring to read me write and write and write…•heehee•

Nowadays, I take most pictures with my phone and because I’m using a 5-year-old Mac iBook (which doesn’t have Bluetooth function), I can’t transfer the pictures over. I have been looking for this adapter thing but I think they’re phasing it out cos’ all the new Apple computers have them inbuilt. 😦 I don’t really want to spend money buying a new computer, but mine is seriously getting outdated. No Bluetooth, no DVD-burner plus my battery is dead (it drains out in like 10 minutes).

Aiyo, maybe it’s time to change..hmm…

I’m actually not a very IT person…all the technical configurations and what-not are so confusing, that’s why I don’t keep up with the latest, newest, fastest gadgets. But cannot be 井底蛙 so better start hoping and learning!

2 responses to “Getting Started

  1. When I started my own blog, I almost spent an entire day posting only a few words and got lost into a new world!Hee hee..
    Since I’m doing a back reading on your blog…
    Your blog as I’m reading now on 30 June 2008 has really improved and it’s getting more and more interesting!

  2. Hi Joanne, At the first place, when u join Media Corp , I don’t too u too well. Whenever I see u on TV, I started to know your name:) Sorry for coming to your blog. There are a lot things to write in your blog:)
    sorry about that!!
    Regards: Debbie Wee 🙂

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